Raising your vibration happens through doing things that you wouldn’t do without the intention to raise your vibration

manage your inner conflictsRaising your vibration happens through doing things that you wouldn’t do without the intention to raise your vibration.

Coaching is making you do what you need to do, but don’t want to, that will get you what you desire.

Often any deviation from the normal, the accepted, the habitual, the regular, the easy, the socially acceptable is all you need to open up and allow you to glimpse at dormant capacities. Or alternatively see your need for capacities that you don’t have but could start to desire.

This is exactly what I did to be the pioneer and the guinea pig of the grand DNA upgrade. It took me 27 years, because I was the first. It will take you less time, but you need to work at it. It is not given to you, you need to earn it, just like one digs out gold, one grows their food, one brings up a child. A lot of work, and the results are never promised. So unless you fall in love with the process, you will hate it, you will stop, and you won’t get what you thought desired.

Persistence will be needed. The capacity for persistence is universal, even the 81% has it. If it is not active in you, you may want to start with activating that.

Persistence is the ability to stay the course even when it looks hopeless, even when no one agrees, even when it is hard.

Persistence is coupled with the atrophied (thanks to Christianity and the so called “Law of Attraction” misguiding information) capacity and willingness to work for what you want.

Enroll an ally on this journey: the Ego

your team, the soul, the ego, the mind, the subconscious, the will, the awarenessBefore you start experimenting, before you start any self-improvement project, before you start anything out of the ordinary, please have a heart-to-heart with your ego. Your ego is the staff in the enterprise called YOU, whose job is to keep you safe. The ego’s interpretation for “safe” is “unchanged”. You need to promise the ego that you will not change abruptly, that you will pause often to check if you are still safe.

If you don’t do this (talking to the ego) the ego will stop you cold on your track and won’t allow you to change, and will have you undo all the changes you have made.

So before you embark on a new activator, a new project, you need to get the ego’s cooperation.

If you want to learn how to talk to ego on a live call, or get the recordings if you can’t make the call, you can sign up for a free call. It’s a one-time event. If you are not signed up, I will SELL the recordings to people who weren’t signed up. So sign up even if you can’t make the event. The event is scheduled to be November 15, 2013 at 4 pm EST, that is NY time. 1 pm PST. There is no

How to talk to your ego, how to keep the agreement alive, so you can move forward in your life?

move forward in your life?… This is a webinar where I teach you who is on your team (the aspects of you), that can be treated most effectively if you consider them your staff, people with individual needs and interests that would love to experience, finally, your leadership and your management, so you can truly become a team.

And if you need energetic support, surprisingly the Cure Procrastination Avatar State Audio is a perfect match for this capacity, persistence and willingness to work for what you want.

Here is a gutted excerpt from Rob Brezsny’s Pronoia, the antidote for paranoia book:

Experiments and exercises

  1. Take inventory of the extent to which your “No” reflex dominates your life. Notice for 24 hours (even in your dreams) how often you say or think:
    “That’s not right.”
    “I don’t like them.”
    “I don’t agree with that.”
    “They don’t like me.”
    “That should be different from what it is.”Then retrain yourself to say “YES” at least 51 percent of the time. Start the transformation by saying “YES” aloud 22 times right now.
  2. Late at night when there’s no traffic, stride down the middle of an empty road that by day is crawling with cars. Dance, careen, and sing songs that fill you with pleasurable emotions. Splay your arms triumphantly as you extemporize prayers in which you make extravagant demands and promises. Give pet names to the trees you pass, declare your admiration for the workers who made the road, and celebrate your sovereignty over a territory that usually belongs to heavy machines and their operators.
  3. What causes happiness? Brainstorm about it. Map out the foundations of your personal science of joy. Get serious about defining what makes you feel good. To get you started, I’ll name some experiences that might rouse your gratification: engaging in sensual pleasure; seeking the truth; being kind and moral; contemplating the meaning of life; escaping your routine; purging pent-up emotions. Do any of these work for you? Name at least ten more.
  4. In response to our culture’s ever-rising levels of noise and frenzy, rites of purification have become more popular. Many people now recognize the value of taking periodic retreats. Withdrawing from their usual compulsions, they go on fasts, avoid mass media, practice celibacy, or even abstain from speaking. While we applaud cleansing ceremonies like this, we recommend balancing them with periodic outbreaks of an equal and opposite custom: the Bliss Blitz.During this celebration, you tune out the numbing banality of the daily grind. But instead of shrinking into asceticism, you indulge in uninhibited explorations of joy, release, and expansion. Turning away from the mildly stimulating distractions you seek out when you’re bored or worried, you become inexhaustibly resourceful as you search for unsurpassable sources of cathartic pleasure. Try it for a day or a week: the Bliss Blitz.
  5. When many people talk about their childhoods, they emphasize the alienating, traumatic experiences they had, and fail to report the good times. This seems dishonest — a testament to the popularity of cynicism rather than a reflection of objective truth.I don’t mean to downplay the way your early encounters with pain demoralized your spirit. But as you reconnoiter the promise of pronoia, it’s crucial for you to extol the gifts you were given in your early years: all the helpful encounters, kind teachings, and simple acts of grace that helped you bloom.

    In Homer’s epic tale *The Odyssey,* he described nepenthe, a mythical drug that induced the forgetfulness of pain and trouble. I’d like to imagine, in contrast, a potion that stirs up memories of delight, serenity, and fulfillment. Fantasize that you have taken such a tonic. Spend an hour or two remembering the glorious moments from your past.


your ego can shoot off all your aspirations if it thinks it is not safeSo just to recap, before you can even dream about the capacities of the DNA upgrade, it’s a mighty good idea to get better at the basic capacities that you had before that date.

The two tools I am offering here are the free webinar and the Cure Procrastination Avatar State Activator.

It works best combined.

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2 thoughts on “Raising your vibration happens through doing things that you wouldn’t do without the intention to raise your vibration”

  1. You say: Coaching is making you do what you need to do, but don’t want to, that will get you what you desire.

    …and in my experience, your coaching, your ‘trimtabbing’, brought me to the point where I realized that I have choice(s) in every moment: which way to go, to make a move or not, to get up or not, to eat or not, to do anything or nothing… In every little bit of thing, there’s “to be or to be not”, yes or no… and everything is a choice. And if and when you make it, then you become clear that YOU DO HAVE desire… So it as easy as just to say to yourself: make the choice and go for it, find it and you are done… Almost. There is a lot to do afterwards but you stepped across the line and now you are on the other side where you know the what and how… which is much, much easier to deal with
    Thank you, Sophie

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