The desire to lord over others vs. the desire to lord over oneself. Updated

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The biggest problem with humanity is the unwillingness to face the truth, face darkness, and that is the cause of humanity’s descent to darkness. False security, unsuspecting, childlike, sheep.

I am not a time traveler, so I can only use my faculties to know, to recognize, to think logically, to compare… to intuit the truth about the past and therefore the present.

My finding is that humans, whatever DNA group they belong to, would never have evolved to the peak of consciousness in the Universe, if they didn’t always have that tiny little bit of inner light setting them right in the last moment.

Through ages of slaughter, and hunger, and misery, and hope and dividedness, somehow they always found a way to survive and to grow.

According to findings, my fantasies (I call them fantasies because I have no proof positive that it actually happened, though a lot of facts point in the same direction) humanity has had four previous generations that were born, grew, and annihilated themselves or got annihilated.

We are generation five.

The different generations died out through wars, floods, dark ages, pestilence… just like the dinosaurs.

Except for a handful of dudes that survived, maybe by magic.

The generation these came from could be called priests, because they dabble in priestly stuff, like I do, just stronger, and evil. Inhabited the planet about 5,000 years ago.

If you have read the Anastasia series (The Ringing Cedars of Russia) you know about them. Anastasia his father are part of them.

That book, although a fiction in its storyline, is a history book in other aspects, like the priests. It is very possible that it was dictated or passed along by one of the priests. The priesthood is an oral tradition, passed along from one initiate to the next. The priests are secluded and don’t live among people, although visit “civilization” when they need to. They live in countries with large uninhabited wilderness areas, like Russia, like Canada. They communicate with each other telepathically, mainly. And they transmit vibrations of emotions to you, that suits their intents of the moment, mind control, hypnosis, puppet on a string.

What we know, and what I have experienced, they are not “better” people than the current generation, the only thing they have is their senses and therefore their “powers” are much more elevated, and their magic is more lethal. They don’t mind killing if they deem it necessary.

They definitely don’t have the 13 capacities of the last DNA upgrade, for them caring, love, compassion are signs of weakness in their world, invincible, striving for world dominance races don’t want sissy characteristics, and they don’t.

These priests are the movers and puppeteers of this world, albeit totally invisible unless you know energies, unless you are awake, aware, unless you are a person.

They are scheming, they are puppeteering the governments, big businesses, finance certain movies and books to distract you, and we, the unsuspecting general population are shown enemies that don’t exist, we become afraid of aliens, of dark spirits, or we believe in gods, spirit guides, entities, channeling, extraterrestrials, dimensions, reptilians, while they are preparing humanity for complete slavery.

This is the state of affairs and given the number of people that are even willing to engage in what wakes one up, I say that the history of humanity is coming to an end. Very soon.

I’ve read somewhere that a group of people can change the course of history, but there is no group. Not yet anyway.

The survivalist movement is all based on “desire to receive for the self alone”… each for themselves alone. In addition to that, and this is a new insight, the survivalist movement is fueled by fear, not a concern for humanity (it’s served well by commerce: big money, big-big money can be made from fear!). What survivalists do is buying stuff, ready made, that will run out, pockets of food, etc… and they never learned how to actually make stuff from raw ingredients.

I have been dealing with mice in my apartment. I live in a wooded area, and the field mice moves in when the weather gets inclement.

I have trapped many, but more are coming. I have been trying to buy mouse poison, no success… and I don’t have a car.

Today, something hit me: maybe I could learn how to make my own. Lo and behold, I typed into a search engine “how to make mouse poison at home” and found lots of easy, inexpensive ways.

This is the piece that is missing for today’s humanity: the ability to go back to times when we didn’t just take stuff off the shelf and used it, it wasn’t ready to eat or use, you had to add your work and recipe to it.

I talk to people: they can cook two or three dishes, and the ingredients for most of them will not be found in nature if you have to survive after a takeover by the “priests” and their zombie army.

So survival of the fittest suddenly has a new meaning: fittest is not necessarily only physical: can you make edible food from what you find in nature? Can you wash your clothes? Can you get rid of fleas or other pest carrying insects? Without having a store to go to…

I have a hunch that while the main issue for humans is still survival, the new DNA upgrade’s capacities will be dormant.

Today you can buy almost anything, but you can’t buy stuff that you are supposed to do yourself: love your life, put effort into all you do, pay attention, be self-aware, listen keenly, think and use critical judgment.

You can’t buy these and other fundamental skills, you can only learn them and use them.

At this point you are sitting duck for mind-takeover.

I am weeping for you.

One of the things I do on the coaching calls is devise devilish homeworks for each participant that activate their person-ness… quite devilish, if you ask me.

To sum it up: it is up to you whether humanity lives or dies. When you are only interested in you and your life and your pleasure and your comfort, you are secretly plotting the demise of all of humanity: because all the other humans are doing the same: depending on you, depending on others to wake up and save them.

You can only save yourself. The first step is to wake up. The first step is to get that there is nothing else but you, no one else but you. Can you count on yourself?

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “The desire to lord over others vs. the desire to lord over oneself. Updated”

  1. Sophie – Your articles are confronting, at times unpleasant, at times insulting. But they ring with truth. And your products and coaching (including the devilish homeworks) truly work. Since I started using your products and getting your coaching, my life has steadily gotten better. And the “better” isn’t going away like it did with so many other teachers/gurus I’ve studied. So if people feel like they want to run away when they read your articles, I recommend they stop, turn around, and give your products and coaching an honest try before they run. Because they, like me, may be very surprised by what can happen in their lives.

  2. thank you Kathryn. I don’t know what to do to shock at least a small band of humans awake… nice won’t work, pleasant won’t work, magic won’t work, maybe horror works… or not.

    Those that know they want to live with their eyes open find me, one or two a day, or a week… My stuff is not for public consumption: it is an unfamiliar flavor, not for the masses. Those that run: you know, let them run.

    If you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen… this kitchen is real, and is full of heat.

    The doors are open. You can take the heat, you have proved yourself and your mettle. It only takes a group of 20-30 to save the world.

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