9/11. Their Goal is To Keep You From Your Personal Power

fear 9/11. Their Goal is To Keep You From Your Personal Power

Who are the “they” in the title? You’ll find out!

It is a day before the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and we could tally up what it has cost us, taxpayers, citizens.

cost of airport security past 9/11 Just the airport security cost us 40 billion dollars in 10 years. That is what shows up officially as the cost. But let us look what else has been the cost:

  • Cost #1: the 40 billion on the additional airport security
  • Cost #2: Many Americans see waiting in lines, taking off their shoes, and other security measures as necessary evils. According to a survey by the consulting service Resource Systems Group Inc., that adds another 80 billion dollars, calculating a man-hour at $31 average.
  • Cost #3: Whatever money the war is costing us, and the lives of people. I have a client who is a professional soldier. He says that the soldiers know that the war is not for us, people, it is to fatten the wallets of the companies that manufacture poor quality and high priced equipment for the war.

    I asked him if he could imagine that the elected officials would ever stop this madness. He said no. He said that these are the same companies that finance the campaign budget of the people that are elected, so they can’t change anything.

  • Cost #4: Obesity, and stress related diseases are a hidden cost. People’s mindset has changed from “this is a great world to live in” to “this is a dangerous world to live in”
  • Cost #5: “There are people that are like us and there are people who are not like us.” Where did you hear that before? Wasn’t it Hitler who said that? The lip service about “we are one” is getting louder. It is to hide that deep inside we are more separate than we have ever been.
  • Cost #6: The real cost is the result of the real purpose of this whole circus: keep you from your power.

bread and circus panem at cicenses You see, Roman emperors already said: the way to keep people happy is to give them bread and circus. They will not watch what you do, they will not question it, as long as they get their two basic needs met. They will not seek their own power, and they are puppets in our games. Like the pawn in chess… digs out the hot potato for us, while they get nothing and get killed.

And that is the state of the world, hasn’t changed much since the Romans, has it?

sheep People, you, are still sheep. Willingly, like a zombie.

Now, if you know me you know that I have an answer to the issues I bring up. So what kinds of answers could I bring?

  • Possible solution #1: Revolution. Like civil disobedience, like demonstrating, like petitions. Makes no difference, though I hear it is a lot of fun. An acquaintance of mine still recalls that civil disobedience as the only time he demonstrated any courage
  • Possible solution #2: Elect the other party… that is financed by the same fear machine, the same powers that be, the same people that employ the secret strategy of bread and circus.
  • Possible solution #3: This one is new. It’s supposed to be old, I have read a book on Jesus, and he already had this solution, just didn’t see it through.

    This solution is to empower the masses.

    The competition is fierce: as long as people can get bread and circus, they are not interested.

    I had to threaten my Pioneers with withdrawing my support unless they start accessing their power through connecting to Source.

    So far three of them accepted the challenge, and I am getting reports of the results. One is still in the game, i.e. I hope he will come around, six of them has dropped out of the game.

From these numbers you see

  1. Why Jesus resorted to preaching and a bombastic exit
  2. Why the other side is winning, hands down.

Is there any hope? Like the Planetary Shift they are harping about? The automatic shift… blah blah blah?

I think not.

I have seen in my conversations with the departing Pioneers, that the biggest enemy to connecting was planted by the gurus of the new age: they say you are already connected. Bull, I say.

When a few years ago my Kabbalah person told me that the Light is always there, all I need to do is connect, I got something really fundamental.

The moment you get that you are not connected, you have a choice. To connect or to not connect. I chose to connect. And every moment I am willing to entertain the idea that I am not connected, I can connect again.

The gurus live their own teachings: they live as if they were connected. Their vibration shows they aren’t. And then when there is an event, they whip up some magic and connect to the 4th plane, “the plane of fun and games and mysticalness, and entities and angels, and councils.” They are still not connected to Source. They are connected to a plane where you pay with your life. With your health.

Why do you think they do that, connect to a plane, when just as easily they could connect to Source, the source of life, health, happiness?

Two reasons again:

  1. They don’t know that they are not connected
  2. They like the exclusivity of their connection. After all connecting to the 4th plane is a complicated procedure, and only elevated individuals like themselves can do it… and so they repeat, on a smaller scale, the bread and circus strategy: they entertain, they give good feelings that will pass, they perform miraculous healings: they have all the power.

So, what is there to do if you think you are ready to access your own power?

  1. Declare that you are not connected. Much like alcoholics do in AA: their first step is to declare: I admit that I am powerless over alcohol. That immediately gives them the choice to activate their innate power. And so do you.
  2. connect to God through connecting to your Tangerine Spot

  3. Connect. Two stages: Tangerine Method puts you in a receiving mode connection, Tangerine plus Triange puts you in a two-way connection.

You have never had power, so it will be frightening and disorienting at first. But if the results of the four of us is any indication, the results are right there. The Life-Force starts to grow, the fighting spirit starts to awaken, and stuff that wasn’t doable gets done, OMG!

And the answer to the original question: who are the “they” that are trying to keep you from accessing your personal power…

The they is all the people that benefit from you being a sheep or a zombie.

In Orthodox Judaism the women were kept in darkness. In the history of Kabbalah, until a brave soul risked his life, Kabbalah was a privilege of orthodox rabbis over 40 years of age. The school system. The government, on all levels. The war-mongers, the money-mongers, the banks, the gurus, the medical establishment, the drug companies, even the chiropractors that tell you you need to come back 3 times a week forever, the churches, synagogs, mosques, the labor unions, most parents, most everyone.

This is why only individuals can escape the current paradigm where you are powerless.

You know when you are ready. If you are not sure, use the Tangerine Method to strengthen your Life-Force within you. Daily. A few seconds a day. It will begin the miracle.

And don’t be afraid: you can continue living in this society, except you will be free-er, your world will be yours, your power growing, every day.

This is how new futures are made. One person at a time. You.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

5 thoughts on “9/11. Their Goal is To Keep You From Your Personal Power”

  1. Hi Sophie! You're quite right it's the Holy Roman Empire engineering events business as usual for the past thousand years. But what is the tangerine method of connection? I don't get it…soss!

  2. It's explained in the post, https://www.yourvibration.com/tangerine-method-connect

    The essence of the tangerine method is that looking with your eyes in a certain direction puts you in the brain wave of Source … it's a lot like in a story I once read, a kidnapping story, where the guy, the kidnapper put the baby on the back seat of his car and wanted to keep and eye on him and drive at the same time. As he was continually jerking his head backwards, he hit on a “switch” that put him right to sleep. That's how they caught him.

    That eye movement in the Tangerine Method puts you straight in theta brain wave… that is the tangerine method.

    the tangerine spot is where the eye looks… read the post.

  3. Hi Sophie! what do u think about carl jung? i think he has connected to the source sometimes, i think he is a brilliant man as he walked his own path and at least ‘connected’ with the source once during a time where there were great chaos in the world and many sheeples and control systems. from his works, he talked about shadows and individuation process, as well as emphasis on ‘working on oneself’ to be whole. i think it aligns with what you are saying in some of the ‘soul correction’ articles. what do you think? thanks!

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