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I was on technical support for three hours this morning. Two delightful tech support people… and no results. The software that wasn’t working, kept on not working.

At some point after 3 hours, my virus protection software requested a machine startup. I restarted the PC, and guess what: the software started to work.

This used to be the case when I was still using Macintosh until some 14 years ago. Anything wrong repaired itself with a reboot.

Now, how is this connected to anything spiritual? Let me count the ways…

If you look at your life, or someone else’s life, life has been an almost uninterrupted story of…

…going downward…

No one has thought to reboot it.

In some ways, students of mine, especially the ones who by some twist of fate have had more access to me, or to my behind the scenes audios, the Sunday Rant, these students ask the kind of questions that inspire me to give answers that even surprise me.

Here is an example:

On my Sunday Rant yesterday I shared how I live my life… by principles.

here is what the student wrote:

A great call Sophie… I appreciate the teaching… I just realized after listening to the call that “I am a campaigner”, I just jump into things without knowing what it takes to produce results and without considering a process and without having the context… I play life randomly and with delusion… Not learning the foundations, trying to just learn the moves and than I get stuck.

A question regarding context. You said on the call that with Freecell you are learning the rules of reality… Is the contexts you create around your organizing principle?… For example, I’ve started mapping the processes in my business… Of course my normal attitude is just starting to do it from what I learned from the mindmapping webinar we had… and research how to create processes for your activities online and follow that… But I could make it a spiritual practice and start with creating a context for that right?

What am I missing?

Great question, worth answering.

Here is my answer:

here is how it is. Without disciplined processes in life, most of life is wasted.

Let’s say you have a potential to live a life: 100. wasted: 80%… so you can live a 20% life.

this is in everything: life force, health, time, joy, everything.

To become a person who can evolve, you need to remove the amount of wasted everything… through creating principles and processes… and then sticking with them like glue. with discipline and good cheer. The principles and the processes give you more life, more joy… though to the uninitiated they look like restrictions… baaaah.

And that is the context: loving the restrictions…

Freedom is recognizing your limitations…

Loving the restrictions means freedom… an incredibly empowering context.

Now, if this went right over your head: you are probably not alone.

What you consider freedom, what you consider a good life isn’t. Not even close.

And of course what you consider freedom is what society considers freedom.

But just look at the numbers: currently humanity’s average IQ is 70. Humanity’s average health number is 10%.

Which pretty much means that humanity lives at around 10% of its potential, ultimately because of the false concepts, like the prevailing concept of what is a good life, what is freedom.

If you live like others, you’ll have the life like others’.

I read about a dude whose real name I don’t know, but who is, in many regards, an example on how to stand out by living counter to the social norms.

On Twitter he is Doe Dobbs known as President Hotep Doobs… he also wrote a book Stop Being Poor, volume 1 and 2.

He wrote Black America, Inc.: A Trillion Dollar Nation

I bought all of his books and am enamored in the way the guy has set up his life.

What was your biggest challenge early in your journey?

Self doubt, for sure. I wasn’t as confident as I should have been, and it caused me to not take risks or push when things got rough. Entrepreneurs can pick up a bad habit of hopping from one project to the next because they didn’t see the previous one through. That comes from a lack of confidence and a lack of discipline, which honestly can’t live without each other in life and entrepreneurship.

How did you overcome your early challenges?

Stopped caring about what people think, especially the nagging voice in my OWN head. I put the blinders on and focused on one task at a time, despite whatever chaos is going on around me. Once I started believing in myself more, I got more things done, which made me believe in myself more, which made me get more things done. I’m sure you see what I’m getting at. (quoted from … and here is his link to the books

What he practiced, what he has lived, what has made him who he is today is the same principle I sent to my student…

But, and here is my computer software story and this meet: in order to use what he teaches, you need to reboot your life.

I don’t think you have the willpower to trimtab your way from disaster to the open seas… It is delusional to thing that just because you got some new ideas you’ll actually change your ways.

You are the leopard who likely won’t change your spots… unless. Unless you have already been on your way towards real freedom through living and loving restrictions, self-imposed, nature imposed and society imposed.

If your life is not a proof that you can do it… then you need to reboot your life.

If it were easy, everybody would be doing it.

To be successful with rebooting, you need to see where you are at. Where are you at? Financially, Physically, Mentally, Emotionally? Professionally.

Book an evaluation session, with me, to discuss how to start your rebooting. I recommend that you also buy the books I linked to above… and read them before your session.

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  1. Maybe that was what life wanted to teach me in the car when I was less then 3 years old…and it has been trying to teach me since than.. .that you are normal like everyone and life has restrictions…and there is where my freedom is….Thank you so much for this guidance Sophie .

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