The Capacity Of Having: The Highest And Most Important Capacities Of All

buddha had the capacity of having, the capacity of allowingThis article will leave you disbelieving that I know you at all… after all you think you know yourself.

But if you allow me to crack the dense bubble you live in, just a little bit, and show you how exercising this capacity will change your life to the better, maybe, and just maybe, you will allow me to get the work done with you…

Why would you resist? Because we all think of having stuff, having love, having capacities, having everything, but we have no idea what having is. But having is possessing, and not doing… and therein lies the mischief.

In working out for myself why people would not want the high vibration capacities of the DNA upgrade, I have come to an interesting observation.

The common mindset of people (at least from the cultures I know) is that if something is there, if they take notice of it, they have to do something with it. Most importantly they need to fix it.

If that weren’t the case, it would not hit hard reading the paragraph from Cryptonomicon from Neal Stephenson:

Bare-chested, camouflage-painted, trench knife in hand, Colt .45 stuck in the waistband of his khaki trousers, Bobby Shaftoe moves like a cloud of mist through the jungle. He stops when he can get a clear view of the Nip Army truck, framed between the hairy, cluttered trunks of a couple of date palms. A skirmish line of ants crawls over the skin of his sandaled foot. He ignores them.

If ignoring the ants biting his foot were any normal thing, he would not have written that.

mahayana-bodhisattvaOur capacity of simply having what we have, the hand we are dealt, is nonexistent for the most part… instead we have the urge to fix it, release it, kill it, eat it, consume it, delete it, or interact with it in any odd ways.

So, simply said, your life is run by all the things that you could just have, but can’t leave the f… alone.

Scratching, answering, fixing, lying about it, covering it up, feeling bad about it, shame, guilt, revenge… and there was your life. Fully and wholly spent with what could be left alone, instead of living a life of growth, creativity, or blissful engagement of what you choose to engage with.

So, how is this connected to the capacities of love, caring, compassion?

Feelings are not exempt from this compulsion to do something with. I have used my experience training empaths to realize that the compulsion is stronger than the desire for life. It takes over, and takes your life with it.

When you suddenly are capable of feeling love, caring, compassion, but aren’t able to leave them alone, you think you must do something with them, like give, and hug, like sacrifice yourself.


The new capacities are not your new dictators, like the itch you must scratch!

resisting the urge to scratch an itchThe capacity to have (and leave it alone!) is a fundamental capacity that if you don’t have that you will not want the other higher capacities, no matter how attractive they sound. 1

With this new capacity, you can have your “to do” list, but you will never hurry, because you know that “what there is to do today is what you do today”~Werner Erhard. You will allow yourself the time to understand stuff, to go deep, to learn new things, to get present, to be where you are, to love when your loved one is around, instead of when you are apart… This new capacity will elevate you from a yearning machine to a full-fledged human being.

Strong people can love, care, and be compassionate, because loving, caring, and being compassionate doesn’t require of you to put other people’s interest above yours or above the interest of the species, maybe even humanity.

You can choose when to act and when not to act. You will be able to have your capacities, but not be compelled to act on societal demands on your time, resources, and person.

You will be finally free.

Of course the activators and the HOE help in exploring and practicing this capacity: it tempers the greed, the urge, the yearning, the longing, the rage, the strong urge to do something about what you should just simply have: sexual tension, feelings, emotions, relationships, work, schedule, obligations, commitments, dreams, etc. And the best is the Sleepy Time, because it goes back to the birth of this compulsion to do something, and puts it to rest to the degree that you assimilate this wonderful activator.

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  1. The capacity of having could also be called the capacity to “allowing it to be” and maybe it communicates better, but that name is also limiting it, so I choose to include it only in the footnotes. Up till today only one person was born every 500-1500 years able to develop this capacity, like Buddha, like the Bodhisattva… very difficult capacity to develop, and it is even difficult to activate. But when you do, the world becomes sunshiny…

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

1 thought on “The Capacity Of Having: The Highest And Most Important Capacities Of All”

  1. Sophie, wonderful stuff. I have been practicing this a little in the past few days. I have a lot of aversion to it, but I know it’s a place to start. I see this as a form of meditation. To just be with things as they are, to be willing to look and see, but not react. And then choose. Not easy.

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