Will the Soul in you cry when it’s time to die, or is it going sigh a sigh of relief that the boredom is ending?

the immortal soulI have been pondering what is the Soul’s attitude, the Soul’s relationship to dying.

After all the Soul is immortal, at least relative to the physical body. But what does it mean? How does it feel? What does the Soul think about that? And does the Soul come back and know it has been here before? And how does it relate to the new body, if that is how it work?

Great questions, no answers until this morning.

A you may know, I live like a hermit, but I don’t spend my time watching my navel, and stay in my mind, as you would expect a hermit to do. No, I have found a great way to experience life while I still stay in seclusion.

I read, and I watch movies, nowadays especially hundreds of episodes of TV shows that measure yes on the muscle test.

What I am looking for is answers to the questions I didn’t think to ask, emotions, insight into humans in general.

immortal soul in different bodiesAt the moment I am watching Doctor Who made by the BBC. I am around episode 80 or so.

The series is centered around the adventures of Time Lord, who, for our purposes in this article, is an immortal soul regenerating itself in a new body every few years.

The episode that opened my eyes to this interpretation and the learning that can be had, is the episode where the Time Lord is preparing to die, and travels to say good bye to all the humans he loved. He is grieving. He is wailing: “But I could do so much more!”
passing from one body to the otherI spent hours switching vantage points to view the moment from:

  1. the human being, the actor, whose role is ending. I can really get the grief: as audience I will miss him, and I can’t believe that I will love him in the new body as I loved him in this one.
  2. The Time Lord who, in spite of being 906 years old and remembering everything, whether it happened while in this dying body, or the previous ones, feels like this is real dying, the end of the road, and experiences regret. Strong regret, and strong yearning.
  3. The Immortal Soul not aware of its own immortality, not wanting to go and move to another body while the current “life” doesn’t feel finished, complete, accomplished, and fulfilled.

Which means that as long as you are alive, your soul wants you, the body, to do what it makes the soul finished, complete, fulfilled. It also shows, that the Self, the sense of Self is tied to the Soul intimately. And that sense of Self is lost and needs to be re-invented every lifetime… and you, the body-mind part of the Person is going to have a lot to say about it, maybe more than the Soul itself.

regenerationQuestion: would you choose, as a Soul, to live in your body? Live your life? The frequently limited, boring, miserable life? Will the Soul in you cry when it’s time to die, or is it going sigh a sigh of relief that the boredom is ending? Will you have accomplished what the Soul wanted to accomplish in this lifetime, aka Soul Correction?

These are the most important questions I would recommend that you ask yourself, and then, if the answer is No, then start learning ways to liberate the limited, boring, miserable Self, to unchain it, by participating with it in ways that makes the Soul love this life, love to live in your body, and find fulfillment.

It is never too late: the Soul is able to live a full life in one second flat?

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

4 thoughts on “Will the Soul in you cry when it’s time to die, or is it going sigh a sigh of relief that the boredom is ending?”

  1. Sophie,
    I love this question. I will use it as a point of inquiry, and as a way to consider the context of my life. At this point, mine is not the most interesting life to have beamed down into. But here I am, still full of possibilities. I hope to finish what I started 49 years ago, and have my journey be be worthy and worthwhile one. Clearly it is a gift.

  2. This was a powerful article to bring me back to what is important, and last night I used the words you suggested for recommitting myself to doing my souls’ bidding. I feel that I got a response, but can I ask you if my soul believed me (or keep trying? )

  3. Dear Anonymous (I know who you are, of course…),
    Every relationship is based of communication. Just like in a love-relationship it would not be enough to have one conversation and then never talk to the person again… it would not be enough to maintain a relationship! it is not enough to have one conversation with soul, or call the subsequent conversation “trying”… saying it like this, it sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?

    So, just keep communicating, and telling the truth when you fall of the wagon, and celebrate, together, your successes. It is a relationship! Don’t forget it. Much like your relationship with your son… forever.

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