I am getting flak from Source

If you don ‘t know what flak is… flak is strong anti aircraft fire…

Why? It seems that I have fallen into standards and ideals mode…

What is that? you ask… It is where the person entertains how things, people, themselves SHOULD BE, should do, should have.

I have been harping… I am a harpy (a rapacious monster described as having a woman’s head and body and a bird’s wings and claws or depicted as a bird of prey with a woman’s face) when it comes to being well read, observant, and intelligent. To the degree, that this morning I asked Source if it is worth training people who are not like I say they should be. But Source says: it is.

This is the problem with the standards and ideals attitude: they want to deal with only ‘deserving’ people…

The other problem most have is that they themselves don’t match their standards and ideals… they are fully sh*t… Am I too? Source says no… but that doesn’t make me much better.

Last night I stayed up past my usual bedtime to watch and listen to MY teacher, Ben Settle, who was doing a livestream on how to handle this global epidemic.

I learned two things I want to pass onto you:

1. play to win, instead of playing to not lose

2. morale is everything now… keep up the morale

Now, if you are smart you look at this situation we all find ourselves in as an opportunity.

When the tide recedes we’ll find out who was swimming naked…

  • If you are a weak person, you’ll use this to justify your weakness.
  • If you are a selfish person, you’ll use it to be even more selfish.
  • If you are a bravado… who, me afraid? person… you’ll do bravado at your and others’ expense
  • If you are lazy, you’ll use it as a long vacation.

But you have freedom in how to look at it. The best way to look at it as an opportunity.

If you have a family and they are at home and you don’t like your job, you’ll slack off, and play hooky, and won’t get anything done. If you are a weakling: install a lock, and if that is not enough, rent a small office somewhere… not working will mess you up. Do you think clients will stay with you, pay you, if you don’t do their work? Really?

This situation likely will last many months… can you survive that long without working?

If you have extra time, use it to educated yourself, do all the things you didn’t have time, you claimed. Learn a new skill, learn a new business, learn to sell, learn to write, learn to speak. Read.

Quit social media, quit watching TV, videos, b.s.

And encourage the people around you to do the same, or their attitude will pull you down… the crab bucket effect. Become a person of substance and power instead of a flimsy ninny, and a weakling.

  • Use the time to get your energy water system going.
  • Use the time to practice looking at things and narrating them from the sideways view
  • Use the time to get well… to easy into your new food list
  • Use the time to learn to cook if you haven’t

Don’t use the time to gossip, to search for stuff about the epidemic, it will do you no good.

And if you do that, don’t be surprised that your deserving factor is so low… you are not deserving.

Re-listen my audios, re-listen the 67 steps if you have it, come out of this period of time more than you were when it started.

Don’t be a ninny.

One of my favorite stories is about the old man who prepared and sold fish and chips and did so well that he could send his son to University.

After a few years recession came, but the old man didn’t notice it, he now had more than one location, and his business was booming.

His son graduated, came home and was surprised to find his father still making his fish and chips… Dad, don’t you know, there is a recession… you should close all your locations but one, and pull back. Stop advertising, and stop promoting your business… that is what you do in recession.

And the father, being respectful of his son’s education, obeyed, and soon he was out of business.

In down economy, in times of hardship the smart person wins because most people become stupid. Emotions up… intelligence down, says the saying, show all the experiments.

Breathe, calm down, and look at the opportunity you have.

Grow yourself. And look at this situation as an opportunity. What opportunity? It is different for everyone…

For me it is an opportunity of sharing… of not being on a pedestal, but being there with you in the midst of this.

If there is enough interest, I’ll resume my once famous Open Mic on Wednesdays, so you can come in and get some encouragement, answers, advice, and a sense of community: you are not alone.

And if you are a Playground participant: you may want to double up on your studies, and maybe even your partner calls.

Some people are making great strides… why not you?

And more than anything: practice ‘opinionating’ from the sideways view… It is refreshing, and it keeps your Driftwood capacity open and in good shape.

One of my students shared with me that he saw that in Star Trek: The Next Generation there were a lot of sideways view, given the different cultures the crew encountered and interacted with.

Getting a different view of things is the best thing that can happen to your life… and to humanity as a whole.

To connect with me, sign up to my Wednesday Open Mic… and ask your questions.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

4 thoughts on “I am getting flak from Source”

  1. Yes, this I learned from you when I had one on one coaching with you before…And it struck me yesterday that this is the best time to start growing and learning…to get my systems right…it’s the winter season of what Joe Salatin says in the 67 steps…By the way I’ve started reading the book you shared with me.
    This is also the best time to practice the driftwood capacity…I have the opportunity these days to practice it more and more and really use it…most of my clients are getting problems in their business and I call them or they call me for advice and strategizing what they can do, what they can eliminate and adapt to this new situation….I am also finding out that the principles of 67 steps are popping up when I am looking…

  2. yes. the work you did years ago was doing what is difficult when it was easy… and today it serves you well. Your clients now benefit from the ‘useless, purposeless’ knowledge that you gained two-three years ago.

    Congratulations. You are one of the two people who kept the capacity on… you and your partner.

  3. This is a great time for me to practice homeschooling, since I have thought about that before anyway. I had already lined up some resources and now we can try out different methods without any pressure. I have a little less time for myself, but a lot of “have to’s” disappeared. A good way to see some things that have been running my life, like appointments and pressure from school. With less contact to others I also feel less judged. Who cares how my hair looks or how active my son is. Despite having a bit more on my plate at the first glance I am starting to relax.

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