What if you’ve been wrong? What if I have been wrong? Get a different view…

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My downstairs neighbor is a healthcare worker, a private company making housecalls to old folks who can’t take care of themselves, but insist on living at home, instead of institutions.

About 10 days ago she suddenly started not going to work, and being really fearful… unfortunately as an empath I have to suffer through that with her.

One day she had some fever and stayed in bed… nothing since then. She is in good mood most of the day.

I have been asking Source to tell me who has the virus and who doesn’t, and Source has been inconsistent with that: that is a clear indication:

Source is saying: this is a stupid question… huh?

So I have been getting intensely curious…

This morning I opened an email from a doctor who I have subscribed to for the past maybe ten years or more.

He has a video series about the COVID 19 and I watched three of his five videos, and am changing my mind.

Source says: whatever he says is 100% true. Hm.

I will let you decide that for yourself. I am on Source’s side with this. If I were well enough, I would go shopping now… lol. Or dancing… lol.

It’s an invitation only site…


the videos are here


The doctor’s name is Rashid Buttar. Don’t buy anything. Whatever they say they measure I can do for $25… so don’t spend your money, especially at times like these… you’ll need it, so don’t…

Unless it’s an investment, don’t spend your money. Investment in yourself, in your health, in your growth, in something that pays dividends over time.

On another note: I have a hunch that cell hydration, liver cleansing, and bringing yourself up to a level on the essential nutrients will be key to experience what my downstairs neighbor experienced: you can sail through an infection, and you can now stop being afraid.

Now, getting your cell hydration up needs an investment and diligence. Liver cleansing needs an investment and diligence. And providing the essential nutrients that are missing need an investment and consistency…

But all is better than living in fear of dying.

I’ll continue reporting on this different view, that somehow feels right.

PS: one more thing: the most valuable thing you can invest today is your health measurements. I measure all I can think of to measure, so you can see if you have a weakened immune system, if your cell don’t produce energy, and if any of your organs need attention.

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