My my… my teacher’s predictions are coming true.

Please email me if you find a typo or something unclear. Thank you. Sophie

He has warned me, (not personally) that the big four, or however many they are, are eventually going to ban me, google, facebook, banking and email next…

Amazon didn’t ban me, it banned my products.

But recently I was booted off Facebook, and now, every email address that is connected to me and my business is refusing to forward the emails to my desktop… making it very cumbersome to do business.

My teacher and I match 70%. I didn’t say ‘fit’. I said ‘match’ or we are in essence the same or so similar, you can’t tell which one of us is speaking. Not necessarily the content… he would be mortified if what I say came out of HIS mouth… lol… and I would lose all my students and clients if what he says came out of my mouth.

We are similar in our how.

Most people I know are very dissimilar with me. To me? grammar anyone?

Last night I watched a sales presentation with famed guru Mark Joyner . In fact I stayed up past my bedtime.I.HATED.IT.

Several times I muscle tested to see if it is me, or if what he is saying, how he is saying it is low vibration, full or sh*t, or what?

The overall truth value was 12%. Hard hard hard hard hard hard sell…

Anything that is worth buying and sold hard attracts the people who like to get on a temporary high only to do nothing with their purchase. That was the flavor of Mark’s presentation.

His site has over a million members. He has probably 2-3-4 times more on his email list.

Most slackers… starters, impulse buyers or freebie seekers, and never finishers. The people I tell in my emails to unsubscribe… please. I am so f… ing nice, am I not?

My teacher and me practice repulsion marketing… repulse the people we don’t want, because they are never going to do what needs to be done so they can get the results my products can help you achieve.

On another note: a few of my students should learn THAT from me. Repulsion.

The students whose sister in law doesn’t agree with how she lives her life, denying her even the acknowledgment that she is a great cook.

Hey, I have a system that if the ‘phoner’ starts arguing, justifying, or any of the nasty stuff most everybody does, suddenly my other phone rings… and I excuse myself from the call.

You don’t want to be pulled into another person’s drama. Not at all, and not any.

One of my clients, upon doing the 67 steps, sent me her ‘takeaways’ from step 2 of the 67 steps. This step is all about adaptability… and in today’s environment those that don’t adapt are singling themselves out for annihilation: I am not exaggerating.

The program is $67 dollars, plus reporting to me, that almost assures that you are going to continue… for $7 a week. This one step, if you do it and start becoming a match to what it says, is worth your life.

  1. Success is life is not obtainable if you are not able to adapt to your circumstances and environment
  2. You need to be able to recognise signs that indicate that adaptation is required or adaptation will be required very soon
  3. Black and white (right wrong) thinking are the enemy of adaptability (eg. failure isn’t wrong and stop passing judgments, avoid extreme ideologies)
  4. Don’t take anything personally
  5. Adaptations need to take place at a reasonable speed (eg. Not hasty or as a result of overreacting, but also not taking unnecessarily long if the signs are there)
  6. A successful life is made of up of ‘experiments’, the outcomes are feedback to be acted upon
  7. Nothing is static
  8. Relationships are important, they need to be honest and mutually beneficial (which will mean adaptations over time including the possibility of ENDING the relationship)
  9. Need to think and act differently from the masses if I want my results to be different
  10. Ask questions
  11. Accept that there will be period of instability during adaptation
  12. Being adaptable doesn’t mean changing goals/ focus all the time for the sake of it (ie not based on and feedback from ‘experimenting’)

If you have the 67 steps, redo step 2… and start fashioning your mindset, your attitude, your behavior to match it.

Mark Joyner wants YOU to adapt…

…but his adaptation, by becoming so salesy, is the opposite I’d recommend. Salesy is not the way to attract the kind of people into your life you want there… as are justifying, explaining, pushing, forcing, coercing, dominating, trying to prove are really harmful.

Adaptation requires a clear head, coherence, reasonable health, and a lot of energy.

Almost all point in what this client gleaned from Step 2 are energy saving principles.

What are the masses doing right now?

They are waiting. They are fretting. And they are considering this period an extended vacation.

That is missing the opportunity that is the biggest in periods of adversity: to retool, to adapt, to grow.

If you are the ‘masses’ and are reading this article as part of your vacation… I recommend, no, I beg you to go away. Read someone else’s articles. Please.

Ok, what is there for sale?

Hm… let’s see.

Here is an example. Of Mark Joyner’s… very educational, and a perfect match of my experience of him last night.

The question is: would he be able to let go of forcing? It just happens that his soul correction, if I got his date of birth accurately, is “Building Bridges” where there is a big big big gap between what he thinks of himself, and reality, so he forces ‘reality’ to match his picture of himself… Doesn’t work… not at all.

If you are here because you want to be successful, and you don’t mind if you are miserable, then this is the wrong site, and I am the wrong teacher for you.

Mark Joyner is very successful, influential, maybe rich (I have no idea) but he is miserable…

Considering himself someone who can tell Life what to do and how to do it.

You want to be like him? Be my guest. But I can’t help you.

PS: If you want Mark Joyner’s take on how to thrive in this and the upcoming economy, email me and I’ll send you what you need: his book.

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