You’re more afraid of sharks, than of living a humdrum life

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One of the weakest parts and vulnerable functions of the human body is the part that processes carbohydrates… the pancreas.

Our diet, mostly carbs, sweets, juices, sweet beverages, candy, cakes, cookies, cow’s milk destroy our cells ability to allow sugars to be used… so they need to be dumped in fat… or they are poison… destroying the liver as well.

I have had several clients, interestingly mostly Europeans, who are pre-diabetic… and yet were unwilling to stop, unwilling to completely stop eating carbs, even though they didn’t feel well.

Diabetes is a killer… and yet you are more afraid of sharks, and the Big Foot than of killing yourself with diabetes.

In your health measurements, it is the pancreas number that clues you in.

My pancreas has been at 1% for decades. I destroyed it while I was young and reckless.

Diabetes is not the only thing you are not afraid of…

You are not afraid of living an empty, aimless, joyless life.

Interestingly, both diabetes and joyless life is caused by chasing immediate gratification, addiction of momentary pleasures.

People are trying to ‘save time’ by eating ‘instant’ or near-instant food, for what? to get to what? what is so urgent and important, and can’t wait that most people call throwing a steak on the griddle cooking?

Going nowhere real fast.

In yesterday’s Talk to me webinar we talked about the twinkle in your eyes… that you were born with but lost. The capacity of enjoyment.

Some people, not all, got in touch with what they used to love to do, but replaced it with something else that was making more money, or oohs and ahs from others… but gave them, gives them no enjoyment.

Anything you do for a reason, for an agenda, for something BEYOND the doing, gives you no enjoyment.

If you train for a race… if you play for the reward… if you coach for the money… if you teach your child to be considered a good mother… if you give gifts to be looked at a somebody… you get no enjoyment, and often not even what you did the activity for.

The same is with reading.

Unless the only thing that is driving the reading is curiosity, wanting to know, reading is not enjoyed. I have books that I bought because they sounded useful, but haven’t read, and probably won’t read…

I even have a book called Resonate, that suddenly I am interested in.

Because, when I was asked what guides ME and what could guide YOU in choosing what to go deep into, I said: what resonates.

As an empath I have a lopsided ‘feeler’… I can only feel your negative emotions. So I cannot tell you when you resonate, because resonating feels good. But thank god, I have muscle testing, and muscle testing I trust.

Things may sound good to you, but Source says ‘no’.

One of my students used to be very physical… not so much any more.

When we looked what gave him a twinkle in his eyes, i.e. enjoyment, he said: training his horses. But when he looked, he had an agenda. Same with boxing: he won more often than not… but he did it for the winning, he did it for the accolades.

But we found running… he run for running’s sake, and he enjoyed it. And, of course, he was good at it.

That leads us to a secret that you have been missing:

Enjoyment, curiosity, come AFTER you went deep enough into something, not before.

Everyone wants to know what is their life’s purpose, what is their passion… They want to find it so they can follow it.

But it is the horse and the cart issue: the horse is the doing, and the cart is the passion.

Everything that becomes a passion was hard in the beginning. Everything!

I am dyslexic. I was an avid reader as a child, went to the library every week, and took out as many books as they were willing to lend.

I read when I could, and I read under the covers with a flashlight.

But in the beginning it was really hard… and I read slowly. But as I got deeper into the books, into reading, it was easier, and I loved it.

  • Today my favorite thing is to read.
  • My second favorite thing is to talk, talk to Source, find things out… deep stuff.
  • My third favorite thing is to make edible things that are fabulous. My latest ‘edible’ is nut fudge made in my nut butter machine… chocolaty, gooey, and of course made with Saccharine… not sugar.

It’s not so much the making as the experimenting that excites me…

  • Writing articles… or course.

As you can see, I spend most of my time doing things I really enjoy.

How about you?

If you want to become a ‘person’ who can drive their own life, you need to develop a few activities that you do for yourself, for the fun of it, for the enjoyment of it, not for other people, not for the accolades, the acknowledgment, the money, the fame and the fortune.

If you don’t then no matter what I teach in my ‘Start Driving Your Own Life’ workshop, you won’t be driving your own life. What other people think about you, say about you, what they say is important will drive your life, not you.

I fixed the page since yesterday… so it points to the correct course, and you can register if you think this is for you.

Look if it resonates with you.

Check out the Start Driving Your Own Life course

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

1 thought on “You’re more afraid of sharks, than of living a humdrum life”

  1. I admit I used to judge drug addicts that went to rehab and then fell back. But I have done the same with sugar and it made me ill. I start to be grateful for the pain, because it’s a better motivator to say no to sugar than just the possibility of diabetes.
    Relapsing to emptiness is harder to avoid, because it feels comfortable and familiar. I need more experiences of taking power and responsibility, so hopefully emptiness will feel uncomfortable some day. Like I notice the difference now between eating well and eating crap.

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