Past Life Regression and My Role In The Planetary Ascension

past life pavilion Past Life Regression 1 and My Role In The Planetary Ascension

In January 1988 I was thrown out from a 2-day course, called Living Powerfully. Truthfully, I was called on the phone the night before, by the leader, who told me that my money wasn’t good enough for them… I am sorry, That’s now what he said. He said that word got to him that I was suicidal, and therefore I am not allowed to do the course. But I am invited to assist, aka volunteer around the course.

The course was on January 2 and 3. I spend the day there. They taught there a simple process I really liked and since have used countless times.

A few days later I did a little soul searching, and I saw that I had this certainty, underneath it all, that I was on borrowed time.

I asked a neighbor of mine who I didn’t even know but he looked docile enough to do the job, if he would assist me to dig deep. He said yes. I trained him to listen to what I had to say with no emotion, no approval, no rejection, no response. Just hear it.

And when I stop talking for longer than a minute, ask: “OK, that’s great. And what happened?”

past life regression in theta state We started. Unbeknownst to me at the time, I put myself in the theta state and was in a trans-like state, a reverie.

I asked the original question “What happened?” Meaning what happened that my dominant experience of life is that I am on borrowed time.

I went through incident after incident, incidents that I remembered, then a shouting match between my parents while while I was in the womb, then an incident during the Second World War where I was executed for being a Jew by shooting me and others to death on the Danube shore in Budapest, then an incident somewhere in some jungle where I was a medicine woman and killed for that, and another one in a medieval town where I was burned on the stake for being a witch.

As you see I have a history rich in doing stuff that is not politically correct.

I read a chapter of Michael Moore’s new book, HERE COMES TROUBLE, about all the death threats he has received for his Oscar acceptance speech where he said that George Bush’s war wasn’t a good thing, or something like that.

It reminded me of all the fears and all the bad dreams I have had all my life about getting killed… for empowering people to become powerful, like they can become by connecting directly to Source.

I bet the powers-that-be won’t like that… lol.

Especially if I manage to empower a lot of people.

Would you help me with that? Tweet this post, share this post, let’s get the word out.

Let’s kick the bastards where it hurts most… in the balls, OK?

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  1. enjoy a movie clip in the Past Life Pavilion on youtube

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

4 thoughts on “Past Life Regression and My Role In The Planetary Ascension”

  1. Why, viewing life from a higher vibrational frequency (and associated perspective), should you entertain any thoughts of persecution (past lives or no) ?

  2. You gave some examples of persecution in your article (ill treatment and/or death inflicted by others due to a conflicting belief system).

    I don't question that persecution has occurred or that it isn't a force to be reckoned with (especially at lower thresholds of vibrational frequency).

    But, from a perspective of higher levels of consciousness, why grant such things your attention and energy ?

    Does not moving to a higher level separate you somewhat from such concerns, just as you separate the wheat from the chaff ?

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