Humans didn’t become the peak of evolution because they were weaklings, they had to be made weaklings. Updated

Humans didn’t become the peak of evolution because they are weaklings. Humans have a brain uniquely qualified for thinking, reasoning, choosing. For  95% of humanity not to know, or not want to use their brain for thinking, reasoning, choosing, they had to be made weaklings. Humans are meant to be highly adaptable supported by their disproportionately large brain. Individually. That big brain makes you human, that is your strongest point, and that is also what makes you vulnerable.

Each and every human alive today, regardless of their ethnicity, whether they can accept the DNA capacity activations or not, is able to be with a lot of adversity, that you, my dear reader, are not finding yourself capable of.

Everything seems to threaten your ordered little world, and it feels that if you can’t fix that threat, it will crack your world and you with it.

When I ask a student about this, either they say they are weak, or they say that they are strong, but their behavior belies a fundamental belief that they are weak, that they think they cannot deal with it.

This does not come from personal experience. Most of you have never experienced much that requires courage, or strength, or the capacity to make it through adverse circumstances. Beliefs are this are implanted, through centuries long conditioning.

If you believe you can’t, you won’t. If you believe you are weak, you’ll behave like a weakling.

If you believe you cannot decide, cannot answer, cannot choose, you’ll ask someone else to decide, answer, or choose for you. You simply refuse to use your big brain like a human, abdicate responsibility, and become not human.

The power of suggestion. Changing DNA is not easy, but changing what you believe about yourself is easy, really easy. Downward… Upward? It is a whole different issue… We’ll get to it later.

Learn How to Think Instead of What to Think

So how do they dumb you down? How do they do it? The people who benefit from you being weak, meek, and sheep-like, unable or unwilling to think?

Let’s just look what environmental influences grew you into who you are today, and what environmental influences keep you who you are today, shall we?

Influences that made you who you are today

  1. Being sheltered as a child. Like a seedling, overly protected, never develops into a strong plant, because it doesn’t need to. Street trees are a good example nowadays… their roots don’t go deep, and the first big wind uproots them. This wasn’t always this way! it is a new practice. Like printing on plastic bags that they are not toys… No trust, no personal responsibility. Reducing you to morons… and you accept it.
  2. Being controlled as a child, setting rules, boundaries, no adventure, no fighting, no dangerous places… The number of adults that never learned to swim is staggering!
  3. Don’t learn WHAT they teach. Learn to think. Learning to do things is something a monkey can do… Learn to think!Too early schooling: only one ability is prized: sitting still and knowing the answers. The thinkers, the adventurers, the fighters are called bad or stupid or ADD/ADHD and are medicated… the evolution of a whole species is stunted right there.
  4. Church, or temple: even your thoughts are declared sinful… you are guilty even if you think of doing what feels right to you. So you learn not to trust yourself, but more importantly, you learn that you are guilty. And guilty people can be shamed into anything! ANYTHING.
  5. Sex and hunger: you never learned to control your body and your lower inclinations, so you don’t think you can survive any lack, any deferred gratification in any area of your life, so you are inclined to believe any story that talks about instant: instant anything. Instant Healing, instant enlightenment, instant success, instant riches, instant love;, instant everything. You won’t go for anything not promising work or not giving instant results, so you become an instant anything junkie… but that doesn’t make you weak, only makes you an avoider of difficulties. A moocher. Or maybe a looter.
  6. TV shows etc. that show you what to strive for, what to dream about, what is cool, and in comparison: you aren’t. They teach you, indoctrinate you to always think about what you don’t have, what you want, what could be, and never be present to what you do have.When you look, you only see what you are not. What you have not. What you should be. What you should have. Not what you are. Not what you have. Haven “not” as your starting point, your life is about fixing… instant fixing, of course.Happiness is accepting what is.Acceptance doesn’t make you stuck. You cannot move unless you start with what is, your starting point, and you don’t know what it is until you look it square in the eye and say: OK. this is what is.That is the sentence of acceptance… simple, easy, nobody does it. Or nobody “normal”.You cannot fix what is… it is what it is. You can fight what is… and that renders you mentally ill… hm. That is what you have been doing, right?
  7. The seventh influencer is your “originating circle” i.e. the people who, by the frequency of the interaction, influence you. The people whom you are trying to influence, influence you back.I have a joke that illustrates that: The masochist begs the sadist: Beat me! Beat me! And the sadist answers: “no! ha-ha-ha”They, the masochist and the sadist in an everlasting embrace, neither is dominant, both are in a slavery to the other.When you want to change someone, as in a teaching/coaching relationship or in a marriage, you become a slave to them, your power is given over to them, and you depend on them for your happiness.Until, a few years ago, when I successfully divorced myself from the results (change) I was myself a slave to the thousands of people I coached, and I was always miserable.

Now, how do you divorce yourself from the environmental influences that keep you in slavery, feeling weak, and at the mercy of some miracle?

  1. Well, for one, you do it slowly. Gradually. Tread lightly. Don’t trigger the fear you are so consistently have been obeying. The Kaizen method is perfect for this.
  2. Do it smart: enroll your ego to work with you, or you’ll have a built in enemy, your own ego.The ego’s job is to keep you the same, after all you survived, you are still alive.Without having an intelligent conversation with the ego, where the ego actually gets that you are better off making some changes, the ego will never allow you to change.You can learn how to do that in my egowebinar replay… sign up to watch the video: it’s almost an hour long, sorry. After registration, you will need to confirm your email, so watch out for the confirmation email. No confirmation, no access. This is to fight off spammers, sorry.In all interaction when a higher and a lower element entangle, the lower element holds the upper hand. When you want to change someone to your higher vibration, they always pull you down.When the Soul and the Ego fight for moving you, it is always the Ego that wins.But you can enroll the ego with rational means to allow you to move. Be careful to be casual, nonchalant, and “flat” about it, passion tips off the ego, and you’ll fail to enroll it.
  3. And this leads us to the 8th influencer: all the teachings that circulate: desire, goal setting, passion, emotions, massive action, vision boards, mindmovies, and such happy horseshit. They all set you up for failure, for flash in the pan results, at best. And the desire trap at worst.

As you see, it is not instant, and it’s not easy.

Much like this: Divorcing a man and his family is relative easy: divorcing his influence is not.

I “divorced” a man and his family some 10 years ago, and I still have flashes of anger, hate come up from time to time, luckily not too often.

If you intend to raise your vibration, one of your most important, and never ceasing effort should be to remove yourself from the influencers above.

It won’t be enough, but it will make your other efforts, your use of the activators, your use of the coaching effective, your attempts to become someone who deserves to have a good life.

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