Being guided is the weirdest of anything you can imagine

Just like the baby hippo is guided by the mother to where it doesn't want to go, guidance takes you places you didn't think you would goI remember, in the “Ultimate Leadership” course, being guided around land mines while my eyes were closed. The issue of trust, trusting my life to another human being was something I still have nightmares about today. The course was almost 10 years ago.

But in that exercise I knew the outcome, so I could keep it in my mind’s eye as “that’s what will be the result if all goes as planned.”

The guide can see... you can't... can you trust your guide? will it guide you to insane choices? poverty? crime? cruelty? or to the light?But being guided by Source is not like that, at all. First off, you don’t know what you are guided to see. No clue. No idea. And what you want doesn’t matter: you are guided to see what you need to see. All other decisions that come from what you see: they are up to you.

Most people have a fantasy that Source will hold your hand and take you to success, love, or whatever you want… wrong! This is not how it works at all. Every journey involves hundreds of big and small choices, and what to choose is up to you. You choose by what you are guided to see.

If what you see is not a surprise, then it is probably not guidance at all: it is just your mind is playing tricks with you.

Guided visualizations are bs… although very pleasant bs. They are not guidance at all, they are little trips designed by savvy entrepreneurs. In that pleasant space you will buy more of their stuff, after all they made you feel good. But you didn’t really go anywhere, and won’t: guaranteed. Not with that savvy entrepreneur’s help.

sometimes creatures guide youSo, let me illustrate how guidance works through my own experience:

I live in isolation, I live like a hermit. It’s a result of guidance, but that’s not what I want to talk about.

I am supposed to have the knowledge to teach humans self-determination and give them an opportunity to raise their vibration. I am asked to create energetic products that help with that: raising your vibration and self-determination.

I have no one to learn from: this has not been done, so I have to learn from where I can find it.

I am guided to read books and watch television series through Netflix subscription. I am listening for guidance, and then I verify the choices I am guided to with muscle testing while I am connected to Source. If the answer “watch this” is clear and strong yes, I watch it.

This guidance method started two years ago, and since then I have seen the many ways this is useful.

The first series taught me how to recognize guidance and its different forms.

Another series taught me how to recognize how normal humans make decisions, reactively, like adolescents.

Another series taught me where to look for clues, and that in order to produce results, I sometimes need to sound ridiculous, or crude, that way I can avoid propriety which is the way of enslavement.

Yet another series taught me how to make decisions and how to respect free will… this was the hardest.

And my current series, second viewing, is teaching me how to be well, how to be zen, in spite of all that is happening or not happening… how to be unattached and yet be on purpose, never losing sight of what I am up to. Amazing guidance.

Most of us don't notice that there are choices hundreds time a day, laundry or soap opera, chocolate or nuts... and thus we stay at the same place, never moving, never being guidedNow, what’s weird about this?

Well, what’s weird about this is that it comes without instructions. It comes without a name. You have to navigate it, use it, without knowing what it is supposed to do. Maddening, if you are into goals. Confusing if you try to do it with your mind. It keeps me on my toes with a very wide cone of vision, so I don’t miss anything.

But no matter how wide I keep my cone of vision, what I need to see is almost always what I can barely get a glimpse of from the corner of my eye…

Luckily for you, I am here to share my learnings with you, after all I am learning all this stuff so you can become a real human being… if that is the path you choose.

I put 70% of what you need in the articles, and about 30% into my coaching calls: the 30% that I don’t know how to teach to everybody.

Once the 30% gets clear or clearer to me, or people give me feedback that they are getting it, I attempt to teach it to a wider group of people, like I taught the method to enroll the ego to support you accomplishing your desires.

I am still waiting for a lot of guidance, like how to teach you to pull out of greed. I know how to do that with myself, but so far I have been utterly ineffective at teaching others to do the same.

In a weird way, I think my current guidance series may have useful clues: let’s hope. Because, if my feelers are not wrong, you all want abundance, abundance of love, appreciation, significance, money, success… some of it more than the others. And I want to teach you to get that, but as long as you are trapped with greed, I can’t promise you anything good… greed works against you.

PS: one thing is sure, unless you have done your work and have raised your vibration to at least 200 with my tools, you won’t be someone I want to work with on abundance. Even above 200 greed and its million manifestations will be hard to pin. Unless you have shown me that you are willing to do the work in a co-creation manner with the tools, you have ways to go before you are ready for abundance.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

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  1. “my current series, second viewing, is teaching me how to be well, how to be zen, in spite of all that is happening or not happening… how to be unattached and yet be on purpose, never losing sight of what I am up to”: Could you tell me what is that series? If it might help teach me “to be unattached and yet be on purpose” I would like to watch it. Thanks!

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