You Have A Want-List That Fills Three Pages. Surely You Have Enough Desire To Activate The Light! Right?

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what size is your vessel?
You have a want-list that fills three pages. Surely you have enough desire! Right?

If Your Vessel Is Not Big Enough Your Desire Is Not Big Enough, The Amount Of Light You Can Get Is Not Enough

If I asked you what size is your vessel, you would say it is big. Or maybe you would ask me how you can know the size of your vessel.

The vessel is the size of your desire.

Oh great, I have a big vessel. My want list is three pages long.

But when I look at you, you are not happy. You have nagging yearns. You have wants, but you don’t have desire.

Desire is an energy. Desire is similar to wants in that it needs to be filled often. But it operates on a different brain wave than wants.

Most of your wants, fulfilled, would give you pleasure for a short time, then it would be just how it is, or even the inevitable let-down, the low, the crash, the aftermath.

But desire fulfilled gives you lasting fulfillment, a sense of all-is-well with the world and with you, well-being, energy, the sense that you can conquer the world. Love, affinity, joy, satisfaction, self-love, self-esteem, the kind of feeling we mostly know from the first 3 days of being in love, if ever.

Which, of course, means that your vessel is small, and therefore, even if you connect and therefore receive light to fulfill it, it won’t be a whole lot, in the beginning.

What there is to do is to connect to Source, because frequent connection expands your vessel.

But what if it’s urgent for you to get light?

What if you are sick? What if you are at the end of your rope? What you are in a bad place. What if you need an emergency infusion of light?

I have an answer for you.

I’ve experienced it at Kabbalah holidays, I’ve experienced it at the Healing Codes weekends. The magic of a master opening the channel of light, and a crowd can experience and benefit from it.

But what about lasting light? Light that will stay with you? Light that you earned?

What if the crowd is also taught to open their own channel of light and get light at will? Brilliance at will? That would be even better, right?

What you do is gather a few people with a similar strong need and you get yourself someone with a strong connection to Source, and in an intensive course of 5-10 meetings in the course of a few short weeks you get all the education and all the Light support to last you for a lifetime. It is like a crash course in expanding your vessel. And with a big vessel you will get a lot of light.

With a big vessel you will get a lot of light

I’d love to put together a group like that.

I would be able to check people’s individual connection (I can do it because I am an empath, I can get into your body and feel and sense what you feel and sense, and tell from that what your missing step, what your misunderstanding might be, so you effectively open and expand your vessel so it can be filled with light.)

build yourself a big vessel that activates a lot of light and can hold a lot of light and blessings And because of my strong and wide-beam connection, and because of the specific tools I could download to your system, you would quickly have the tools and the knowledge to get all the light-infusion you need during the weeks of the program, or shortly following it.

I will do an introductory session on Tuesday September 27. Time and online venue will be determined. I’d like to set a time that is acceptable for all time zones.

You can come and experience magical light infusion. But beware: you will want more!

Please comment if you are interested in being on this introductory session, so I can get a sense of how many people I should plan for. Please comment below. And to make this more rewarding, two of those that comment I will do a private session with. Those two people will be picked randomly. Good luck.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

12 thoughts on “You Have A Want-List That Fills Three Pages. Surely You Have Enough Desire To Activate The Light! Right?”

  1. I Am willing and open to expand my vessel to the glory of the One, Source Creator. I Am grateful, appreciative, for all sources and resources to do just that. Blessings! <3

    A. M. D. G.

  2. Hi Sophie

    Thanks for offering this introduction on the 27th. I was in your marketing class last year and felt a real connection to you and when I got an email from you to check out this higher vibration site of yours and read a bit of your blog, I knew this was what I have been searching for.

    Though I am a Reiki master, I always felt there was more for me to discover. I believe this is it!

    Take care


  3. Hi Sophie: Very excited about the information provided on your blog. Would like to prepare myself and others to transform and ascend to reconnect with the Creator. Thank you.

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