We are all at the mercy of cancer… old age, etc. eventually

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I want to ‘muse’ about cancer a little bit more… not because it is my or anyone’s favorite topic, but because we are all at the mercy of cancer.

I will only say what I actually KNOW, I am not repeating anything I haven’t seen, experienced, checked with Source.

So this will be a really short article… And I know I am going to make a lot of people angry… So be it…

The question is not what causes cancer… cancer isn’t caused by anything, cancer is ever present in the body. Cancer cells are born all the time.

Cancer isn’t caused by anything

The problem begins when the cancers cells are not removed by the immune system. When your immune system is sluggish, or too busy working on some other issue that you caused, the cancer cells behave like mice when the cat is busy. Proliferate.

When the cancer cells manage to clump, the inside cells, the cells not on the surface of the clump, are not readily accessible for the immune system, and the cancer now can grow.

According to Dr. Schulze’s theory, all disease is caused by a diminished curculation or movement inside the body.

Mucus blocks or slows down movement of what is supposed to move. In the intestines, in the lymph system, in the bronchial tube, in the fellopian tubes. In the blood vessels. Wherever something is supposed to move… and isn’t.

Mucus can be cause by many things that threaten the integrity of the inside wall of a part of the body… inflammation.

Anything that can cause inflammation can also cause mucus and eventually cancer.

  • Sucrose, the sugar in all colored fruits and vegetables, for example.
  • Or gluten, a protein in grains.
  • Or incompletely digested protein due to overeating, improper food combining, or weak stomach acid.

Mucus and inflammation can also be caused by cooling parts of the body that don’t take it well, the urinary tract, the female organs…

And also overworking an organ by overeating something: eating something in quantities it is not meant to process.

And an irritant can be also the cause… like mites, the kind I have written about.

In looking what caused my cancer, I can see that my cancer was caused by insufficiently, only partially digested proteins, due to the weak stomach acid.

Looking at my student with the pancreatic cancer: a combination of fructose and undigested protein…

Fructose is in every food that you buy packaged, and in table sugar. Especially concentrated it is in corn syrup. The number of cancer cases, I bet, jumped, when high fructose corn syrup became the norm of the day.

Commercial production of corn syrup began in 1964

Recent findings: Fructose intake is associated with increased risk of pancreatic and small intestinal cancers, and possibly others. Fructose promotes flux through the pentose phosphate, which enhances protein synthesis and may indirectly increase tumor growth.

Of course, commercial interests prevent this knowledge from becoming public knowledge.

On secondary mistake I made just before I could identify the cancer in me was cooking with and drinking tea with red wine.

Red grapes, remember: colored fruit, have high percentage of fructose… while white wines don’t.

Interestingly, berries don’t have fructose… even though they have color. So it is not a hard and fast rule… the color, I mean.

Anyway, at this point, it seems that the Big Bundle can fight the cancer by keeping the brain and the immune system alert. How well it works, unfortunately, will depend on your brain health.

Brain health? Yeah.

If your brain is covered with plaque, and unfortunately most people’s are… then the brain is dumbed down. Not just intellectually, but in every way.

I am lucky, I started my Big Bundle last year in August, so my brain has been squeaky clean. Not so the brains of my students.

But no matter what, reducing and removing the fructose and/or the proteins from your diet, removing sitting on cold ground, walking barefoot on cold floor, not wearing warm enough socks… etc. can reduce your chances of cancer, and make your cancer grow slower or not at all.

I am not a doctor. I don’t pretend to be one.

I muscle test while I am connected to you and to Source.

My accuracy is 95%… my mistakes come from losing focus occasionally, not very frequently though.

The services I offer in this area are the health measurements, and the food and supplement lists.

To go deeper than that, to find the source of the troubles, I need a whole lot more time than it takes for me to muscle test those list.

The ‘cancer diet’, in my limited experience, is very tough to keep.

All fructose producing foods are eliminated. And if your stomach acid is not strong enough, even nuts are removed.

I am using the Leptoconnect capsules for two purposes: 1. to shed the unwanted bulge, 2. to be able to say no to the nuts… very hard for me.

If you want to have more control over what you eat, I highly recommend it: it seems to work brilliantly.

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PS: Ask me in email if it will work for you… also if you suspect that you have cancer, or if you know you have cancer, email me to test if my methodology would work for you.

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