Are you stuck? What IS stuck?

What is stuck? Here are 15 ways of being stuck…

  • 1. stuck is when you can only see one way forward and you don’t like what you see
  • 2. stuck is when you have too many options and you are paralyzed by choice
  • 3. stuck is when you know what you want to do but can’t get started
  • 4. stuck is when you don’t know what to do and don’t know where to begin
  • 5. stuck is when you know things aren’t working and can’t step back to see why
  • 6. stuck is when you are doing something but not what really needs to be done
  • 7. stuck is when you know what needs to be done but you lose your nerve
  • 8. stuck is when you make a start but get lost along the way
  • 9. stuck is when you are waiting to be rescued and your superhero isn’t going to show up

  • 10. stuck is when you are doing it all on your own and you are exhausted
  • 11. stuck is when you have big dreams and you are too afraid to chase them
  • 12. stuck is when you don’t have dreams and you feel lost and empty
  • 13. stuck is when you are running flat out, and you have confused busyness with significance
  • 14. stuck is when you have secretly given up but you can’t get off the treadmill
  • 15. stuck is when you are not doing enough of the stuff that really matters to you

OK, if there are this many ways to feel stuck, then obviously this stuckness is a feeling, not necessarily a fact.

In reality there is no stuck. In reality you are doing what you are doing, and you are either moving or standing or doing jumping jacks… but you are never stuck.

I am not trying to diminish the significance of your complaint, far from it. I am trying to bring workability to it.

Except for version 13, we actually don’t know what you are doing while you say you are stuck. There, we see that you are busy… maybe even wicked busy. What the busyness produces though is up for grabs, it is up for interpretation.

So the first thing you want to get clear about is this: both what you are up to, what you say you are up to, what you’d like to accomplish is all in language… not in reality.

So if it is in language, there is a lot of malleability about it.

Which means: the first step is to look at your language. What you say publicly, what you say in your head.

The above 15 ways to ‘frame’ your situation, your complaint, will do a lot of good to help you get unstuck.

In the upcoming Seven Boulders workshop I’ll do my darned best to help you get unstuck.

Warning: this is the first time I am doing this webinar workshop, and I am going to do it, again and again, until the methodology works for everyone, to MY satisfaction.

Interestingly, all my webinars and workshops are loved by the participants. Really, that is what they say.

But I am looking at the success of a workshop not in your feelings, but in your results.

Are you doing what would be consistent with what you got out of the workshop?

So when I criticize other coaches and seminar companies, I am looking at the same place. Most people are happy and satisfied with the courses they take, and yet, my experience has been that most courses and workshops only produce very meager crop of actual results.

Even when the teacher and their methodology is pristine, and wonderfully effective, The highest I have ever measured was 7%.

My goal is to take this Seven Boulders method workshop to a 30% effectiveness.

You think that is not high, but the world is not as good as you think it is. There are three types of people: people who make things happen, people who watch things happen, and people who wonder what happened.

People who make things happen: 7%
People who observe what happens: 30%
People who don’t have a clue… who are not with it… 67%

Obviously the 67% can’t be trained or taught. And hopefully, some of the 30% can be turned into people who make things happen.

So my 30% target goal is actually VERY ambitions.

How do I know?

  • most people when they sign up and participate in a workshop, they never go back and re-listen. Honestly, I even don’t remember what we talked about the next day. So how could they?
  • When someone signs up to the 67 step coaching, they stop doing it after a few steps…
  • Most books people buy or get, don’t ever get read till the end. The enthusiasm has run out.

So I believe the number above are accurate.

If you have done your Starting Point Measurements already, you can register in today’s workshop.

If you haven’t… then please…

OK, here is the link to register in today’s workshop. The workshop is experimental, therefore free.Go to step 2 to register in the webinar

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