You don’t actually create your own reality with your thoughts

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Yesterday I had one of the rare one-on-one calls, and the client said: “You create your own reality”

You’ve heard me say: truth repeated is a lie… and most of the time I don’t know how to explain why it is… but this is one of the times when I can.

You see, reality is the same no matter who is looking at it. What you create is not reality. What you create is your vantage point. Your attitude. The context inside which you look at reality.

But not reality.

So what really changing is is the occurrence.

Occurrence is a technical term for reality plus what you say about it.

You may have observed women having a glow when they get pregnant, or when they are in love.

They interact with reality as if it were a gift.

Or men when they get lucky the night before. There is sh*teating grin on their face. You can burn their toast and they don’t mind.

We all have a default attitude. Attitude is a result of words, so what you say about everything is your attitude.

We mostly hide it, and cover it up with something more politically correct, but that doesn’t change the fact that the words we add to reality to create an occurrence is our default attitude… unless.

Unless we learn to change our default attitude.

Here are a few examples of mine:

  • The other day I asked Source if it is possible to melt fat with energy. I got a clear yes. Can I call the energy down? Yes. Shall I call it with “melt fat”? Yes.

So first I tried my belly, but it will take too long, so I opted for that fatty tumor on my left arm that was created by a Tetanus shot. I felt no effect of the shot, thanks to the body’s immediate reaction to bury the toxins into that fatty tumor. Now I know had it not reacted fast, that toxin would have killed me.

So I did the ‘melt fat’ energy on my lump on my arm for a few minutes, maybe five? Next day I woke up dizzy, nauseous, and could barely talk.

I looked up the symptoms of the tetanus shot, and I had most of them. I spent the day in bed. By Monday I was fine.

Last night I did another three minutes… today I am wobbly, nauseous, have a headache, so there is still toxin there. I am taking it slow.

Now, about the attitude: It took me a few minutes to pinpoint the cause of the discomfort. YOU, I bet, would have gone to the Emergency Room… at least most of you.

I instead celebrated that I wasn’t killed 33 years ago, and that I am not getting killed now: I can release the trapped toxins little by little, and I have the luxury to spend the day in bed.

  • Another story: one of my clients has developed a tumor in their pancreas over time… The first signs of a pancreas disease is a loss of smell and taste. and nausea.

The pancreas is where the digestive juices come from to digest carbohydrates, also the juices that turn the stomach not acidic… if I understand the physiology correctly.

If you have a problem with your pancreas, you’ll definitely experience nausea… (If your pancreas health measure is 1, you are having a serious trouble with your pancreas)

Why loss of taste and smell? I don’t know. But you’ll notice that you don’t enjoy simple foods, you need to eat strong tastes, like sugar… And sugar is what caused the trouble to begin with.

The worse something is for you the more you crave it, the more addicted you are to it.

It is definitely true for sugar, the sweet taste, even if it is a sweetener, and bread, cookies, pasta. Even fruit. Mine were milk and fruits. Both have lots of sugar.

OK, by the time I looked for it, her tumor was the size of a golf ball… and she couldn’t eat, and was losing weight. Just remember Steve Jobs… skin and bones as he gave his last commencement speech.

I decided to give her the Big Bundle directly… remotely, of course. I found that directly it is 30 times more powerful than with the audio.

When I started, muscle test said It would take 14 long sessions. But then, at the same time, she started to use my pancreas healing method

Go to step 2
And the synergy of the two energies decimated the time it is taking to get rid of the tumor.

By tomorrow she’ll be tumor free… If she can keep up the attitude of: I need to take care of my health. If it is to be it is up to me. It would have cost her a thousand bucks had I charge her… which I didn’t.

My attitude? I could have been pissed that I can’t take all the credit. It would be my default attitude, by the way… But I am happy, and I am also relieved that I don’t have to invest another bunch of healing session… and she can be well.

So as you may see, I didn’t change reality by my changing my attitude… reality is what reality is, but my mood is spectacular…

By the way, if the number of requests is any indication, this lockdown has been effecting people very badly, and this expresses itself in a sudden rise of real health problems, tumors, mainly. Some I can help, some I cannot. Then I recommend that they go the traditional way… mostly the knife.

Performing self-healing regularly with the Source energies is a great way to delay or stop the development of something nasty inside.

Reality is reality… and you can change it with energies, not with thought.

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