Do you see more every day? Or you see the same old same old?

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Philosopher Miguel de Unamuno declared, “Everything that exalts and expands consciousness is good, while that which depresses and diminishes it is evil.” This idea will be intensely true for and applicable to you in the coming weeks. It will be your sacred duty—both to yourself and to those you care about—to enlarge your understanding of how the world works and to push your awareness to become more inclusive and empathic. What’s your vision of paradise-on-earth? Now is a good time to have fun imagining it.

I have started my Whole-Brain Training program.

I am starting with the mallet and the ball… but I am also taking more notes with cursive, and pay attention to, control my hand, so it is at least more legible.

I never had a pretty handwriting, but it was legible while I took notes until about five years ago, when I stopped going to seminars. So I find it hard to control my hand… interesting.

The rubber mallet and golf ball exercise is even harder.

I am starting sitting on my bed, so I don’t have to kill my back picking up the dropped ball all the time.

I started, three days ago, with just bounding the ball once… and catching it with my non-dominant hand. That hand and arm hurts: I broke my wrist two years ago, and it was set wrong… and it hurts and it is a lot clumsier than it used to be.

Today I was a lot more reliable catching the ball after it bounced, and was able to even bounce it twice and catch it a few times.

Skills, all kinds of skills start like this: with no skill at all.

I have no problem with that, I know this is how life works. A little baby can’t judge the distance of an object from his hands, and grabs air more often than what he meant to grab. He doesn’t think it is a problem… but when older kids, or adults don’t immediately take to what they want to do, they despair… and quit.

This is something that your TLB measures, your Twitchy Little Bastard score. Most people have a score of 1, on the scale of 1 to 100. No matter humanity is stuck, and when I look around, I don’t see anyone growing, anyone becoming, anyone becoming worth a damn… except some of my students.

Not all… at this point five of them.

One woman, slacker all her life, has been gently turning around to my utter amazement. It is like watching an orchid bloom… from nothing to full bloom. Nothing short of a miracle.

Her tool of awareness, her practice to keep The Sight active is making collages, on The Sight…

And that seemingly ordinary action has been producing a miracle.

Dear Sophie,
Another ‘The Sight’ Collage (attached).

Trying to keep it (the capacity) alive and kicking!

Someone asked why was l looking at them so weirdly…..because l was actually looking at their face. Sometimes I ask a question now and just look and listen. Just look and listen and give them space. Just present for them. Guess I really didn’t do that before.

I have been able to get a lot of small things done that were previously a struggle. Things feel easier. I think about what steps to do to achieve something. I also think of doing something and consider what the consequence will be when it is repeated over time, like in 5 or ten years.

I am actually doing things that l was too lazy or unmotivated to do previously. That feels good. I have ‘collage vision’ taking pictures of things I can use, looking through magazines, on line and in life. Looking for and finding things. Mostly searching.

Thank you.

She is right in what she shares. The Sight allows you to see the consequences of your actions, and you can that way decide to do something or do something else.

In me doing the Whole Brain Method practice, I am building a forever young person, who can and does grow every day.

Consistency is the key when you want to grow. Campaigns fizzle out, but even a tiny growth every day amounts to a whole lot.

Once I calculated that if someone reads for an hour a day, in a year it is worth a master degree’s worth in the topic… We are talking about 365 hours… That is an awful lot of time invested for an awful big result.

It takes a thousand tiny steps to turn any life around. Not any odd tiny steps though… steps that contribute to turning around…

The same woman writes:

Thank you for being patient with me and helping me to start looking.

I used to read magazines for ‘wisdom and growth’ LOL. Now I look….and say to myself ‘are you drinking energized water and are you eating from your food list? Are you doing your work? That’s your way to grow…’

Now I use magazines to look and happily rip out pictures. I don’t care about the articles, like before.

There’s this feeling that magazines are ‘mind stuff’ and low value, even a little creepy waste of time.

Otherwise, I am having lots of fun with the collaging. Eagerly waiting to get to the library when it reopens, to buy old magazines. It feels really good.
Thank you!

When I look at the main difference between people who were able to maintain and keep The Sight active, I see one major difference.

You need to remember that The Sight, fundamentally enables the person to see things that are hidden from their view. What kind of things? patterns for one. if you can see patterns, especially behavioral or thinking patterns that are hindering you or keeping you stuck, you can change them. You don’t have to, but you can.

If you can see the timeline of things haven’t happened but are likely to happen as a result of your doing or behavior… you can say, hell no, that future isn’t to my advantage, let me not go there.

You can say… And you either will or you won’t.

I had something happen to me that I saw it would, and I did nothing. And now I am bummed out… the ‘I told you so’ famous last words. I saw it and I did it anyway.

But at least you have a choice about that.

In my webinars I act as The Sight capacity would if you had it. I harshly, yeah, harshly point out what behavior, what thinking pattern is putting you in the predictable situations where you are not liked, you keep on losing… and if you continue not owning, not seeing it, you end up at the wrong end of the stick. The punishing stick.

It takes a thousand tiny changes to turn a person around, to turn your fortunes around, to make room for health, wealth, love and happiness.

Your soul correction is invisible to you. You are like some cuckoo birds who see nothing wrong with having smaller birds raise their young. But if a cuckoo bird were suddenly given ‘The Sight’ capacity, it would see the wrong of her ways, and would straighten out her actions…

Obviously this is just an analogy… there is nothing wrong with the cuckoo’s behavior, and there is nothing wrong with you dominating other people, dominating the conversation, cheating, faking, lying… it just doesn’t get you the life you want.

We are not here to fix ourselves, even if you thought so.

We are here to align ourselves with the Original Design of humans, so we can have a great life, a life we love and live powerfully.

Depending on your nature, you are either intrigued or you are turned off…

You came to my sight because you thought that I, like a god, can wave my magic wand, and change your life for you.

If your vibration is 100… you are the second kind. You are not willing to change yourself, and therefore your life cannot change.

I have noticed that during this never ending pandemic people who live together, start seeing each other’s dark side clearer, it is harder to hide, to fake, to make airs.

Use this opportunity to start seeing yourself, your dark side, and start the process of aligning yourself with the Light, with the Original Design.

My What’s the truth about you? workshops are excellent for that… but don’t expect result from getting a glimpse… It has never happened. The truth is like an onion… it has many layers, and they all need to peeled away to see it all. All layers are aspects of you, but until you see the whole picture, it is very seductive to remain the way you are.

And remember: every single person is born with a soul correction, with a dark side, Kabbalah calls the Opponent. The Opponent doesn’t want you to see it, the Opponent wants to win, and use your life.

Some soul corrections are nastier than others. Some rob you, others are robbers, thieves, vampires, rob others. Either way, your job is to fight the Evil Inclination, The Opponent, and become a human being.

Or not… your choice.

The next workshop is on Saturday July 11 at 4 pm New York time. Online. I recommend that you sign up to the three workshops special… you won’t regret it.

The truth will set you free… and in this case, there are no truer words. But only if you can see it, only if you embrace it as the truth, and only if you want to have a life you love and live it powerfully.

What’s the truth about you

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