Turning your life around on a dime… or how to become a winner in life

when nothing goes right, go leftIn this article I am going to illustrate a method of turning your life around, going from mundane, boring, safe, and probably unhappy, to a life that excites you, a life of adventure, and joy.

The example is real: I went through this just about an hour ago… so it is real and it’s fresh. Here you go:

I have been waking up every morning disappointed that I woke up. I have had the

“I only woke up in the morning because I didn’t die the night before”

This morning I sat on the edge of my bed, looking at this mood, curiously. The “I” that was watching, was sympathetic and compassionate to the miserable “I” that was sitting on the edge of the bed.

“But it makes no difference,” the miserable I said. “People are set in their ways, the dark side wins by numbers, and no matter what I do, it makes no difference… not really!” it continued its whining.

“OK, time to break out the big gun” the observer “I” said then, and then we both looked.

What game would be worth playing, that would transform this morning scenario into eager “I can’t wait to start my day” scenario?

We didn’t have to wait long for the game to emerge. No thinking, no forcing, it just popped out: “How about the game of being a winner?”

It’s a perfect game because it doesn’t have one big result and then you have to invent another one. What makes a winner is winning, just like what makes a leader is leading… it is not possible to fake. We will consider winning at this game if the results in real life match the criteria as winning.

Winning in business, winning in relationships, winning in health… perfect game. It will give us an opportunity to celebrate every win, big or small, and to celebrate, we’ll notice it all. We won’t be stingy like we have been: winning won’t be our natural state, winning will be our milestone, never taken for granted.

With Landmark Education’s wording, we would say it this way: “The possibility I am inventing for myself and for my life, is the possibility of being a winner.” We like that. Because it includes both the experience and the facts… the facts of actually winning.

So how do you win? Winning requires one to set the rules.

In golf you win if your ball goes into the little hole in the ground.

So, in my life, the rules will be: I will set my sight at something. If I accomplish it, it’s winning. if I fail to accomplish it, then it’s not winning.

I will pick my games carefully but yet boldly. The word “accomplish” indicates that the game must be not easy to win, and that I will need to apply myself, grow, learn, get clever, take risks… I like it. 1

So, today, November 25, 2013 I declare a new era for myself: the era of winning at the games I set for myself.

I already have a few games in mind… I can’t wait to begin.

Now, that is the good news. The bad news is, that the capacities this method require are advanced capacities, mostly the capacities that were included in the DNA upgrade on September 4. Integrity, responsibility, being with, allowing, seeing the big picture, directing your attention, etc.

I would like to include this in a coaching program but would hate to try to teach people that don’t have the capacities required. I am interested, after setting the “possibility for myself and for my life” in projects that I can win at…

If you’d be interested in being in a coaching program like that, to be helped in resetting the context of your life, to go from a default (unhappy) life to and invented life, then please find out if you have the capacities necessary, or if your soul is ready to desire them, if you don’t have the capacities yet.

A small donation is required for this service https://www.paypal.com

winning often means quitting what is unproductive, or not worth your time and lifeWinning often means quitting what is unproductive, or not worth your time and life. If you want to continue what you have been doing, continue being who you have been being, approval seeking, love seeking, or cowardly, this is not for you.

Thanksgiving week, Thanksgiving Day is the perfect time to look at your life, your desperate search to have something to grateful for, the same dinner, the same people, you could predict what will happen, who will say what, and, you will probably will feel more grief, sadness, shame, than gratitude (unless you are in my coaching program, then you may have something to be grateful for, proud of, if you did the work!).

When an occasion, like Thanksgiving Day gives you the opportunity to look at your life, that’s the perfect time to look if “is this all there is?” and choose to live an invented life, where this is not all there is, where you say what is all… and then you go for it.

I have the tools. If you are ready (if you are scared, then you are ready!) then I want to work with you.

I’ll do a free class next Wednesday. You can join me even if you are not ready: no obligation, just exploration.

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  1. I just had an insight: every time I can say to myself “I am proud of myself!” is a win. If you can replace one cup of coffee with a glass of water, because you’ve been wishing to do that… you can be proud of yourself.

    Remember that babies take their first steps and everybody is proud of them? You won’t fly before you learn to crawl, walk, walk fast, run, run fast… This is still like a 40-story building: one step, one floor at a time.

    Each stage the wins are harder to get, but each stage you’ll be ready.

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