Will I refuse to sell The Sight capacity to you?

Life cannot change unless what you see changes. And what you see won’t change unless you have The Sight capacity.

Here is an interesting illustration: Warren Buffet started out trading in tiny stocks. Until his new friend then partner, Charlie Munger suggested that the risk is the same with bigger stocks, he never traded bigger stocks.

But it was Charlie Munger who saw that. Charlie Munger has The Sight capacity open.

Warren Buffet doesn’t have The Sight capacity open.

When you look at his life, now it makes sense why he never changed his lifestyle, even though he could. In his view, in his world, nothing changed. He is the same penny stock guy he ever was. Doing different doesn’t change what you see, only seeing different, with The Sight capacity does.

Same with Sam Walton. He didn’t have The Sight capacity open.

So you can do big things, good things without The Sight capacity.

But if your track record doesn’t show it, then you probably won’t.

Those two guys, Warren Buffet and Sam Walton didn’t see themselves the way you see them. How do I know? They worked their butts off… do you? They studied, observed, learned from the best… do you?

They started small and grew it. Consistently. Nothing dramatic. Just more of the same.

Stacking up good, like a staircase.

Most people don’t do anything well, anything completely, thoroughly, before they jump to the next thing or give up. For these people, the overwhelming majority of humanity, a complete overhaul of the self is required if they want to become achievers, producers, worth a damn.

And the self won’t change until you see different. Not that someone shows you different, explains you different, no. When you see something different on your own. And that never happens without The Sight capacity.

Until then everything new will be viewed through the old lens, and won’t make a difference.

When you look at a person, you can’t see what they see. You can’t see that they see differently from you, that they look at the world differently from you.

Some of my students want to know their friends better, so they ask and pay for their friends’ starting point measurement.

They are almost always dumbfounded at all the things, all the ways they didn’t see them.

You really can’t see people. You can only see yourself in them, and if you don’t have The Sight capacity, what you see is always false…

One of my students is self-deprecating… meaning: she sees herself substandard, less than. She has been very popular, because that allows the others to feel bigger than they are… I am curiously looking what will happen now that her eyes have opened up with The Sight, her intelligence and self-esteem is growing… will she be able to see her friends, warts and all? and accept them as they are…

Other people in my programs are the opposite: they fancy themselves bigger than they are, in fact miles bigger, so they talk down at people… and are not popular.

Thus far none of my conceited students have been able to keep on The Sight capacity…in spite of my daily efforts to re-activate it for them.

The biggest barrier for the Sight’s activation is lack of humility.

In this work, where I attempt to restore the Original Design embedded in your DNA, we define humility as the inverse of your about-me number. The about-me number shows how much you relate everything to you… so much so that you, maybe, can’t see anything else, anything unrelated… and you think everything has something to do with you, mean about you.

You have one more day to participate in this special deal where I activate The Sight capacity, daily, for you, hoping that eventually you get the hang of it how to look in a way that triggers needing The Sight capacity.

Not easy, and it looks to me, that unless you have other capacities already open, for whatever reason, you are not able to even comprehend what it is like to actually look

In this past Saturday’s workshop one participant said: intentionality is the key.

I would even add to it: putting power into looking, attempting to penetrate that which is covering what you are not seeing.

Between you and me, lots and lots of beauty, details, and fascinating truth is covered with a thick fog for most people. This is the reason that 99% of police detectives arrest the wrong guy, or never find their guy… they don’t look with intention.

  • This is the reason that 97% of people who try to connect to Source, don’t know if they are connecting or not… they don’t know how to look.
  • This is the reason you can’t tell whether you are being conned or not into buying something.
  • And the reason you can’t tell if some supplement, energy, methodology is working for you or not
  • This is the reason you go deep into the rabbit hole in a project, and not notice that you are on the wrong track
  • This is the reason you don’t like to read… you are reading the surface stuff, and for the most part that is useless and even boring… or just simply titillating… worthless.

If you don’t know if you have any spiritual capacities open beyond the one everyone seem to have, order your Starting Point Measurements here

And if you are ready to order to have The Sight capacity activated, here is the link to go to that page

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