What does your waistline have to do with The Sight capacity?

“Shrink your stomach” is the phrase I was searching in Google. Back in the years, after I graduated from architecture school, my boy friend said I was fat. So I slimmed myself down. I remember my stomach was so small, I could only eat half an apple in one go.

But google swears that you cannot shrink your stomach. WTF? 1

In this darn pandemic I packed on the pounds, especially because I was afraid to go out, even though I have re-started walking about a week ago, but I am still weak, and walking hurts. I guess I have lost my muscles being cooped up in the house for so long.

I bought this leptin thing (Lepto connect) capsules some time ago. The first week I lost 6 pounds, about 3 kilos, and then nothing.

I have been looking and looking. I am looking at what I eat, how I eat, changed them around and it has made no difference, the weight is stubbornly sticking to my bones.

So now I am looking at how much I eat at one sitting.

I have noticed that I am not keeping the rule of eating one fistful of food only in a meal… In fact I eat until I am full…

My body has been telling me this for quite some time, but I haven’t paid attention.

I have heartburn, acid reflux, all symptoms of having filled my stomach to the brim.

Without a change in behavior nothing is going to work.

Let me see, what I can see.

I have watched people eat, pigs eat, cows eat, cats eat, dogs eat…

What style of eating is most conducive to eating less?

Pigs, dogs eat until the food is gone from their dish.
Cows eat all day… and if there is no grass, they chew the crud. I am most like cows in my eating… But just look at cows! They are a mountain.

Cats, and I had cats for about 20 years, eat for about a minute, then stop and look around… but you can see on their eyes: they look inward. They are talking to their stomach… and they either stop eating or eat for another 30 seconds, and then they look again.

I think I am going to adapt the cats’ style and check in with my stomach…

I think I’ll have more benefits. I’ll drop the excess weight, and I’ll have no more heartburn and acid reflux.

Now, if you listened to the above, what I was doing is exercising The Sight capacity. I was looking. Looking with intention, looking with power.

Obviously I have had it on for a while now, like 72 years, so I have amassed visual information in all those years, and you have not been looking, not deeply, not really, so you are probably a beginner at this.

And yet, just looking at simple things like this, how different animals eat when the food is available, will help you keep The Sight capacity active, that is if it is being activated in the current campaign I am offering till midnight tonight.

If you don’t have The Sight capacity, you probably won’t see much, you won’t see interested, and you’ll have an opinion, a judgment about this, like you have about everything else.

Result: you do things and they don’t work. You ask for advice and follow it according to your best judgment, and that doesn’t work either. But you never just sit down and look until you find… and it may take a few weeks, like it has for me… But once I see it, I can now keep it and have that little corner of my life work for me.

You are never present. You are in your head, and your life passes you by.

Some interesting tidbit: my current forerunner in my courses started out with an about-me score of 90. Her about-me score is down to 30. She is a lot happier, and a whole lot smarter. And more than that: her life is more interesting, because a whole new world opened up for her: the world of seeing.

For now she is looking at patterns, mathematical mostly. She sees them everywhere.

Eventually she will graduate to seeing more and more of the world, a world that was always there, but she didn’t look.

If you don’t look, you won’t see… even if your Sight capacity is open.

The trigger is looking. And for looking you need to come out and play… you cannot stay in your cave all day. Your cave of mind, Plato’s cave, I mean.

You still have till midnight tonight to start this journey.

If you expect that I turn The Sight on and you’ll be able to keep it: think again.

It didn’t happen to any of my students this way. They all forgot to look… and guess what, the capacity dropped. Every capacity is energy-expensive for the body to carry, but The Sight capacity is the most energy-expensive of all… and energy-guzzler, like an SUV.

Why? It is a threshold capacity… the threshold of heaven.

My prediction is that most people won’t do what it takes to keep it alive for 14 straight days, so it can become permanent. It is a willingness issue… They could, but they won’t.

I’ll do my part, I’ll turn it on again for them every morning, but if history is any indication, they will willfully turn it off again.

One of my students wrote to me this morning:

…given my results with The Sight, I’ve evidently not had the willingness so something may be going on there where the payoff is weighted more heavily than the cost (of not having the Sight). Seeing my results in life show I am really really an average dude once I strip away the posturing. It pains to see how absolutely average.

He could become not average given what nature has given him, but his posturing, as he calls it, prevents him from admitting that he isn’t all that great… in fact he is average… and only growth will take him where by raw materials he ought to be.

This is the case with everyone I have ever encountered: their inflated self-image prevents them from doing what it takes to become a match to that inflated self-image.

I had this inflated self-image of very smart, maybe even a genius.

Only when I gave myself permission to be stupid, back in 1996, that I started to grow, and then it was a straight line.

Of course I had to mean it, and surprisingly I did. I am still stupid, but I am doing really brilliant things. And that feels good. No inflated self-image. I look at what I do… and feel proud.

The ‘normal’ is to establish a self-image of some superiority, while the results don’t match it, don’t come even close.

People would be better off judging themselves by their results… with no posturing. We would live in a better world with no pretense.

Imagine that!

Anyway, if you are one of those brave souls that are willing to look at the truth about themselves and make room for more, make room for the miraculous, you have till midnight tonight to take advantage of this special offer. I put in thousands of dollars worth of my time… and you put in $45.

I can’t and won’t promise that you will be keeping the capacity alive. I can only promise, and that I promise, to turn it on again and again every day.

The rest is up to you.

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  1. This is what I found:

    studies have shown that our stomach’s food storing abilities are connected to our eating habits. Meaning that the size of the stomach has nothing to do with the size of the person.

    When we eat, the nerves in our stomach walls send signals to our brain, saying that they’ve stretched to about 70% of their capacity. So, the larger the stomach, the longer it takes for your brain to register that you’re full.

    As we digest our food, our stomach goes back to its normal size and starts producing a hormone called ghrelin. This hormone tells our brain that we’re hungry again.

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