How Do I Hear What Source Says? I Want To Hear What Is Offered To Me!

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Dear Sophie, all day I am very aware of the tangerine and I reach to connect – I was going to ask you how I address the source, how do I hear? (you know after so much cultural garbage, many people like me are deaf) , can I learn to set aside what i want to hear and hear what is offered to me?

I could just answer with a simple “yes” but there are important things to teach on this occasion:

Let me start with an admission: My middle name should be “20/20 hindsight.”

Why? because only in hindsight I can be sure of what works and how, what doesn’t.

Here is my story: I have had a sore right leg since 1998, that’s 12 years. I have seen four different chiropractors, got massages, supplements, back braces, you name it. No results.

I’ve tried to use The Healing Codes for it. No results. Not what I expected. The pain continued and got even stronger.

Asked Source to fix it… no result, the pain stayed.

Then I wrote the Universal Power Booster article, so I took out my Healing Codes manual and tested the code for bone/muscle issues, called Self-Control. As in self-discipline, being a self-starter… you know the stuff so many of us lack… at least I do, in some areas of my life.

drop your crutches and walk After I did the code once, I said to myself that it didn’t work, because it didn’t reduce the pain. But, somehow, I found myself in the street, walking down and around the hill I live on, and dragging myself up to the top of it. It used to take me 12 minutes, this time it was 25, but I did it.

I hadn’t done this for two or three years. I decided that it didn’t work, and it hurt too much, but again I found myself in the street, walking down the hill again… WTF… who is calling the shot here? Surely not me.

My computer was doing some house-cleaning, so I had to just sit here, idly. To pass the time I started to do the Code again. Of course I added connection to Source, the power booster.

As I was doing it, it hit me. Holly Cow! Doing that particular code activated a request to Source to do away with the slothiness in that area. Here are the mindset characteristic of people with muscle/bone pain: “I can’t do it. I’m not capable. Others should do it for me. It’s not fair.” And let me add: “I don’t have the discipline…”

Do you see how this thing works? You have something on your mind that you’d hope to change. It looks hopeless. You connect, and Source sends you the energy/light to fix that aspect of you.

Isn’t that better than getting words of guidance? Instead of words of advice, I got something to grab my hand and get me out of the house, and walk!

Although words are nice, most of the time we need energy before we can get the words… and what directs the energy is you noticing where you need it.

If you are having a hard time noticing where you need help, your friends will tell you readily: they can see it instantly. All my friends have been encouraging me to walk… to no avail. 2

It wasn’t easy for me to see that I was living out of “I can’t.” for me it wasn’t an attitude, it was the truth… except that with a little energy infusion from Source, here I am, walking.


Before you’d want your communication to be words with Source, you want let Source know where you need help. Why is that? Is Source not able to figure it out without you telling it? No! It is because you have free will, and the light is not forthcoming without you asking for it, and asking for it for a specific reason.

You will need seed-level strengthening. You need your Life-Force to be strengthened. Ask for that.

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  1. A lot of my "clients" would never think to start with what I suggest that they start with: we are kind of invisible to ourselves.
  2. A lot of my “clients” would never think to start with what I suggest that they start with: we are kind of invisible to ourselves.

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