You can’t hurry learning, you can’t hurry growth

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One of the sins humanity is perpetrating and has been maybe forever is hurry.

Hurry puts you out of sync, out of harmony with Life. Hurry means you want something faster than it is.

While some things can be done faster without a price. You can run faster, but if your heart goes faster too, you’ll drop dead. You can throw a ball faster. You can make an engine faster. But most things move at the speed of the thing, and making them faster will have a price higher than the thing you want.

T Harv Eker, famed money man says that crap rains on you at the speed of crap… That was one of the most memorable moments of The Millionaire Mind Intensive I had the fortune to participate in back in maybe 2009? in Brooklyn, NY. Crap comes faster than good stuff… a lot faster. It takes a long time to build something and a moment to lose it.

Everything has its natural, innate speed, and if you want to make it faster, you have to pay the piper.

  • If you hurry crappin’… then the price is hemorrhoids… ugh. itchy.
  • If you hurry learning… the price is no learning.
  • If you hurry energizing your water… then it is non-energized water.

Everything takes however long it takes, and you need to keep up the effort… I hear you crying. You want to do something else, be somewhere else, and you are stuck with this thing… and you hate it.

The whole world wants to sell you faster, better, but no one considers Life, including you.

You want a business… yesterday. Higher vibration… yesterday. Everything. Love. Intimacy. Riches. Health.

One of the common fallacies I have to deal with when I coach people is their tendency to think that you can go straight for the jugular, you can jump to the last few steps, that you don’t have to pay the piper.

You want to have joy, passion, curiosity, happiness without paying the price.

The price of everything you want is time and effort. And anyone who sells you it’s not so, is lying.

There are no jumps, no instant results in reality.

The water needs to be heated to the boiling point to boil.

Whenever you set a goal, remember that that is how it works in reality.

Joy, passion, expertise, knowledge comes just like water boiling… AFTER investing the time and energy to bring the thing to its boiling point, the water boils.

I wield energies… And they are like heat… it takes time for them to cause anything. Energize the water, slice away cancer, cause stuff to move, connect your consciousness and your brain, counter your energy blockages… or activate a capacity in your DNA.

People who succeed with my programs are people who know this about life. People who have the patience and are willing to sustain activity until the stuff works.

The most common ‘sound’ is the sound of dropping the ball… And the ‘sound’ of disappointment.

What does it take to change your mind about how the world should be, how you should be, how the world should work?

I had an experiment recently that run for 59 days. I turned on the DNA capacity of The Sight for 20 people daily . Of those 20 8 people succeeded to keep it during the 59 days. Five more dropped once I stopped reminding them every day to keep the capacity active.

I am running another experiment now, I call it challenge, for energizing your water, and your cells.

Most of the people who are in it have bought the Water energizer audio years ago. At some point they even had it working, meaning, their water was fully energized, and their cell hydration was at the ideal 30% level.

And then they dropped the ball.

They went for some shiny object, something more exciting, something more instant. And because their brain cannot hold more than one idea at a time, they replaced one with a new one… i.e. they had to drop health for something more enticing.

With their hydration their vibration dropped as well, their brain’s thinking ability dropped, their health number dropped, their mood dropped, their effectiveness in life dropped.

They are back now… and re-starting.

But what is predictable?

What is predictable is that they will drop the ball as soon as the ‘challenge’ is over and they don’t get my daily feedback emails.


Because one of the human capacities that has atrophied is the ability to keep more than one thing in motion, to keep more than one plate spinning in life.

It is an ability, and it is a mindset.

For example, if you are a basketball player, you need to pay attention to how you dribble the ball, where the basket is, where the defensive opponents are, where is there an opening so you can throw the ball to someone who is free, etc.

So a good basketball player can hold 10 items in their brain. When they retire from basketball, that number drops to nothing, or next to nothing… because it is not a conscious ability people practice to keep in pristine shape.

Most people, in effect 99% of them can hold only one thing in their brains, can pay attention to only one thing and that is why they drop the ball when something different attracts their attention.

I call them one-track ponies.

If they were plate spinning artists, they would spin one plate, and then they would spin another, but never two at the same time.

I have been really interested in finding a program that can increase the number of plates you can spin, the number of items your brain can hold. After all in life and in business the most dangerous number is one.

I think I have found a program that you can use just minutes a day, you don’t have to go to a gym, you don’t have to hire a coach. It is the Whole Brain method… specifically the hammer exercise developed by Michael Lavery.

I am not saying that the memory exercises, or the mirror writing exercise, inside his program, are not useful, but they are not useful not without doing the hammer exercise.

Once the hammer exercise increased your ability to hold two-three things in your brain, you can add the writing, or the memory exercises… but if you add them early, you’ll drop the ball… literally.

I made practicing the hammers daily mandatory for my active students. But unfortunately they don’t do it… They can’t see the relevance… that is why I am writing this article.

How long does it take to increase your brain’s capacity to hold more things active, to spin more plates? At least three weeks, doing it daily… muscle test says.

But beware, unless you keep it up, the capacity will shut down… as all capacities do when they are not needed.

Wanting something is not the same as needing something. They may sound similar, but for the body, which works in harmony with Life, wanting and needing are very different.

When you need something, it is because you are using it, and to be able to do what you are doing, the capacity is needed… and the body knows.

This is the reason why people who dropped their The Sight capacity dropped it. They didn’t do activities that needed them the sight capacity.

I just re-measured the 20 people who were in The Sight experiment. Five more people dropped the capacity. Why? they forgot about the activities that were using it… which is equivalent with not spinning a plate and dropping it in plate spinning language.

Here is the link to the spreadsheet on google…

If you are serious about growing in life, it is mandatory that you do what it takes to increase your brain’s ability to hold more plates spinning than just the one you have been.

I do the same… At one time, when I was an architect, I could keep 14 plates spinning. When I was a magazine publisher, I could keep 10 plates spinning. Plates, for the most part, are projects.

I can now keep 6 projects in movement, And I can see that it takes me an effort now to not drop the ball… but I occasionally drop a plate here and there. I haven’t done the hammer exercise in a week… I have a good excuse, but that is not the point. I need to take it back on, and increase my capacity again. I need it.

I have taken on a few new projects, and unless I increase my capacity, it will be a waste of time, waste of money, and a waste of effort.

Someone who can hold many projects, aka plates spinning, can move, gracefully, from one plate to another throughout the day, instead of starting to play games, or get bored, or get too tired, or watch TV, or go to a social site, or eat, or whatever you do to take yourself out of life. Or whatever I do…

So picking up the hammers, even if it is just 10 minutes a day. Even if it is just 2-3 minutes at a time…

Productivity is a great buzz-word, everyone wants to get more done with hopefully less effort. Because we all have ambition, at least some ambition, and a whole lot more desire.

If you would like to increase your productivity in life by increasing the number of items your brain can hold at the same time, please click on the link below and follow the instructions on the next page.

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This program is only offered on my mobile app, Maven Show. You need a newish mobile phone… Iphone or android. I have an Iphone 8, and it is new enough.

You’ll get an automated email so you can be taken to the registration page where you can enter your country code + you phone number. If you enter it wrong… you won’t get access. If that happens, please contact me or technical support.

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