How to eat just before fall and winter? And why…

me: The food lists this month feel different… Are you changing your mind about a lot of foods?
Source: yes
me: because of the results you see?
Source: yes

Pay attention to your food list. Read the underlying intention, read the suggestion, read the instructions in it. I am going to help you here a little…

It is late August. It will be winter soon. Source is telling you to use the little time available to stock up on fresh. Raw. Vitamin C. Fresh herbs. Fresh scallion, chives, spinach, kale, and don’t fill yourself with winter food… you’ll get enough of that in the winter.

You’ll have all those in the grocery store throughout winter, you say? Source knows that. But for those fresh stuff to remain fresh, the food industry has to spray them with the chemical that is both toxic and will make you hungry. And likely the Vitamin C also dies in the process.

Source is looking out for you to eat the way the species thrived… eat seasonally AND according to your DNA.

In this batch of food lists I just did in the past three days, there were only two fruits that showed up: papaya and grapefruit.

Papaya? you probably don’t digest your proteins too well.

Grapefruit? you are probably too acidic.

Source connects to you, and your organs. If you have an exhausted pancreas, it will not suggest sweet or starchy stuff… even though your DNA could handle it, but your pancreas is diseased or close to it.

If your arteries are clogged, it will refrain from suggesting artery clogging food as well.

Your spices: you’ll probably see only herbs that are available fresh. Get them fresh, not in a bottle or a jar… they contain the vitamins and the minerals ‘normal’ foods don’t. You only need a little bit, the rare earth minerals Joel Wallach from Youngevity pushes.

Imagine yourself living in the wild always looking for edible things to collect. You would not restrict yourself to your meager and boring, taste-centered diet, you would eat everything edible, at least a little bit of everything…

Imagine that there are no grocery stores and no imported foods, out of season, from other continents.

You would eat differently and you would be healthier, sharper, calmer, and more fit for life.

I read in the Genghis Khan series that he found, as a child, a wild bee nest and ate the honey… and still remembered it as an adult. It was an event.

That, like Genghis Khan’s, should be your relationship to sweet stuff… Really. Including fruits. Today fruits are twice as sweet as they were just 30 years ago… they can kill your pancreas.

Read your teas section… It’s not an accident that nations that drink different teas are healthier than other nations that go for the pills.

What else?

If your food list is getting more and more restrictive, it indicates that you are not keeping the previous food list, or you are only eating the version of the foods that come in a package or from restaurants. Or only a few items on your food list… and you are not getting well.

You are killing yourself by killing your organs.

There is a jump in pancreatic cancer and ovarian cancer. Worldwide.

The cause of both is in what you eat. Not what you don’t eat, but what you eat.

Too much sugar, too many foods that were sprayed with toxins that make it look better, last longer… i.e. you are not eating fresh food.

  • Cow’s milk and milk products.
  • Coffee is also treated with that same chemical.
  • Organic only refers to how it’s grown, not how it’s treated after it is harvested or killed. Organic often has more toxins ON it than non-organic.
  • Coffee and tea, also cacao dehydrate you

Don’t be duped by labels.

Stay well or get well. And if some of your numbers in your health measurements is 1, contact me to see if what is killing your organ is curable.

Maybe it is… or maybe it’s gone too far. It is a matter of ‘size’. And the earlier you start the more chances you have that your body can help you to overcome it. If I can help, I will. If you choose the ‘let’s see what the doctors say’, then don’t come to me. Doctors see with instruments… and catch what is killing you at a stage where it can cost you a million bucks to get better, if at all.

You still have till tonight to take advantage of the discount on your food list.

Whoever you are: please send me a current large picture of yourself. It is amazing how many people direct me to 10-20 years old pictures!

And if you haven’t, get your health measurements. It will make more sense why you are told to eat what you are told to eat and why you are asked not to eat what you are asked not to eat by the list.

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