Talk back to me: why is my vibration so low? I meditate, I try to be heart-centered…

Here is an actual conversation in email, over time.

Me, after measuring the person’s vibration

Your vibration is 150.


Thank you Sophie. I think maybe I have been drinking too much wine lately. Would that affect it? I also have had a bit of sad news about a family member. I will consider the HOE when I have a better chance to look at the website later.

Am I ready for the DNA upgrade?


muscle test says that you are not ready for the DNA upgrade. you feel bad inside, and your vibration is still 150


Sophie, thank you for your info. I am confident that things will turn around for me

Another measurement. Me:

Your vibration is still 150

Person measured:

Hello Dear Sophie,

Here’s what my thoughts are about this. I do know that as a normal human being I feel anger from time to time. But I truly do not believe that this is where I live my life from. Perhaps you will say that I am in denial. Well, all I know is that as a sensitive human being I pick up sadness and other energies from those around me, and from the human race at large. We all do. I make a point to connect with life, All That Is, through my heart every day. I am not always conscious of living from my heart – it must be very rare for any human to do so all of the time. I make my best effort to be aware and remember this. I share with you love, peace, and all things good.

My answer:

here is the bad news, the language of your email shows that you have been brainwashed by the heart-centered, fake spirituality people, new age and such. That is a very low vibration, pretentious world view, way below the level of “human being” and maybe that is what’s keeping you under 200. At 200 one can see the pretense, the coverup, the morality, the brainlessness, the religious undertones.

Please examine your email, and pay attention to love, peace, heart… all on the top of not being that, not having access to that, neither personally, nor societally. The people that taught you that, preached you that lied also… they are unable to access that level, so it is all pretense, sounds good, but nonsense

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