The two legged dog and you: what’s the difference?

two-legged-dogIn a Landmark Seminar they ask: what makes you who you are today? Everybody looks at the past, and they say: the parents, life experiences, etc. Then Landmark triumphantly says: what makes you who you are today is the future you live into.

Now, it is elegant. They even have a story to illustrate it on the short term.

But what if you are a Stephen Hawkins, or just a Jew, or a puppy born without hind legs? Or what if you have been raped, abused, loved, spoiled, if you were born rich, poor?

Looking at your past, and looking at your present, we can say, with high accuracy what were your decisions about yourself and your life… because the future is defined by your reaction to what hand you were dealt.

Most humans that I know, when they decide that they are in some way defective, not smart enough, not good enough, not pretty enough, they give up. They give up on themselves, they give up on life. The future they live into is the future of someone who should be pretty, or good enough, or smart enough, but they are not.

They have this lack that should not be is in their future. They consider it a permanent stigma, and their life is over.
It is sad. Giving up is a sign of lack of energy. Lack of Life Force.

When you watch the video of the dog with the missing hind legs, you’ll see that in this regard having a mind is a horrible misfortune. The dog does not know that it is missing something. The dog doesn’t know that it’s wrong, that it should be there. It only knows that life is about running, and sniffing, and chasing.

YOU don’t seem to know that.

Being a dog is ordinary, millions of dogs in the world. But being a dog that is not like a human, that makes the best of what they have, is extraordinary. Not for the dog, for the people who look at it.

But unless you tell a human that they have to give up bemoaning their fate, moping about, complaining about, weeping about what happened decades earlier, they won’t know how to become the two legged dog, who doesn’t give a hoot, who completely doesn’t miss what YOU say is missing.

Nothing is missing. Say out loud: “Nothing is missing.” Then, for god’s sake, start doing something, start living, start rechanneling the energy you are spending on your misery, into something useful, like living.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

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  1. “The two legged dog and you: what’s the difference?”

    He is connected, I am not! :))

    Really like this article. Thank you.

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