New Age Myth Busting: Abundance, Manifesting, and other positive stuff

tikkunNew Age teachers say that we live in a world of abundance. Law of Attraction people say the same.

Now, it may be true, to some degree, but it is not necessarily a good thing for a normal human 1

We live in the physical world. We have physical bodies, and our survival is physical, depending on physical resources that other humans, other physical bodies are in competition for.

Now, is that a good thing? Is the sky a good thing? Is the earth a good thing? It’s a stupid question: it is neither good, nor bad, it is just what’s so.

go back to the ovenIntelligence (of any living being) is interacting with things the way they are, and then do the best you can to have more, be more, feel more, have more, live more.

The new age b.s. is teaching you to interact with things the way they should be, and those teachings render you utterly stupid, and ineffective, and miserable.

Of course, the new age people did not invent b.s., they just re-packaged it.

The “original” inventors were the priests of religions.

What did the priests do? They made you redirect your energies to hold out your hand and try to receive stuff, instead of working by the laws of the physical universe: working, creating, learning, earning, mending, etc.

Before religion the Earth was much like paradise: people were doing what they needed to do for their personal survival, their families’ survival, and the survival of the species. Then natural disasters hit: comets, volcanos, floods, earth quakes. The survivors dusted themselves off and rebuilt.

This is how humanity evolved to be the peak of “creation”.

Since the invention of religion, and especially since the invention of Christianity 2 in the West, and the religions of the East with the b.s.. of karma… All designed to reduce humanity to effect, instead of cause.

Being an effect and being a cause are both attitudes, and from those attitudes flow all your behaviors.

When you are an effect, you can be sure that you live as if the laws of physics didn’t exist, as if we weren’t physical beings. As if knowledge could descend upon you, as if dinner cooked itself, as if money came out of nothing.

trying to assimilate, trying to be like everyone else seemsOf course there are more attitudes than being a cause and being an effect, and they also effect your behavior.

But they all grouped under these two headings: some attitudes are under being a cause, and the rest under being an effect.

The religions, including New Age, The Law of Attraction propagate the attitudes that are under the heading: effect. Even when they say “take massive action” you hear “effect.”

So what about the laws of “spirit?”

The laws of spirit, i.e. human spirit, i.e. soul say something really similar to the laws of physics. The law is: you can’t have anything that you didn’t earn.

Of course the word “have” is confusing here. The word the law means “benefit from, prosper with, be happy with, etc.” unless you earned what you have.

Example is the hordes of lottery winners that end up more miserable than they were before their winnings. The recipients of inheritances that fritters away what they inherited.

And an example that is right up YOUR alley is the many people that raised their vibration to 200 with the Harmonize Your Vibration audio.

The Harmonize Your Vibration is the only avatar state audio that doesn’t need your cooperation to raise your vibration. It is like I put you in a machine that removed the crust from you, so we can now see that in fact you are a diamond. Still uncut, but diamond, nevertheless.

Once you are at 200, the work begins. You need to start using your faculties, whatever you have, attention, energy, desire, to keep growing. The moment you stop doing that, the crust starts to settle back in… there is no force that can keep you there, or raise you from there, other than your own work, your own conscious work.

Or alternatively you can keep playing the Harmonize Your Vibration audio, the HOE Long Range, drink Energized Water, and hope that life won’t throw you a curve ball.

you never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you haveBecause until you learn what is the crust that kept you below the vibration of 200, until you start using your faculties, every pebble on the road will rattle you, and lower your vibration. The death of a loved one, the misbehaving of a child, the drop in sales figures, getting laid off, being yelled at… etc. etc. etc.

This is why I priced the Path coaching program the way I did: six payments for lifetime access… because s-h-i-t happens, and you need to come to a call from time to time, to get a little knock on the head. So you can return to the state you were when you stopped generating your own transformation, stopped generating your own evolution.

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  1. 3% of humanity is a human being with all the capacities of a human beingIn my articles, starting a few weeks ago, I now distinguish between a human and a human being. Humans don’t have the DNA for the 13 capacities that came with the upgrade on September 4, while a human being does: i.e. they now CAN live in harmony with both the physical and spiritual laws, and by “can” I mean they have the ability and the desire. At this point, November 30, the number of human beings is 3% of the population of the earth, and 16% of the people that could get the capacities, could want the capacites, but still don’t have them.
  2. before Christianity was invented, Judaism was a religion with very few followers, but Christianity and Islam with its desire to convert other people, with its right religion/wrong religion wreaked real havoc, and the results we see in our attitude: hands out waiting to receive/manifest, instead of generating what we need, want, desire, i.e. do the work

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

4 thoughts on “New Age Myth Busting: Abundance, Manifesting, and other positive stuff”

  1. Sophie,

    I am actually starting to work. I am making slow and steady progress. It feels good; I am earning it.

    My own life has taught me that I have to wait 10 years to get the things that I want. My mind has another agenda and another time frame. “That’s nice,” I tell my mind, “Let’s get back to work.”

  2. …not to mention the “religion” of capitalism which feeds into the shame and fear that religions play with. How much is enough? Why is it that we are bombarded with messages telling us that we are not enough in and of ourselves unless we have more and more. An endless loop of fear, shame, guilt.

  3. Peggy, that has nothing to do with capitalism, what school did you go to to learn the definition of capitalism?

    And the endless loop of fear, shame and guilt comes from your parents and you. Yourself. Your decisions.

    Peggy, it’s time to find out what life would be like if you took responsibility for yourself… I know it’s not easy, and I know your vibration is not high enough for that: that should give you some incentives to raise it… maybe? Hopefully?

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