On Insomnia and My Sleep Rescue Sleep Remedy

I can't sleepInsomnia, 14 million pages on google… big issue. 1

My recommendations, from my personal experience:

Even though I have invented the Sleep Rescue, and I have been using it, even though I can even download the energy of Heaven on Earth directly into myself, even though I have the HOE Long Range playing in my apartment 24/7, there are times when sleeping is difficult.

  • Occasionally I have problems with falling asleep
  • Other times I have problems staying asleep, especially after the first wave of sleep that can go as short ash 30 minutes, to as long as two hours.
  • And yet other times I am sleeping, but my sleep is not restful, it is full of repetitive nightmarish dreams.

So, I have started to watch what’s going on, in the hopes that I would be able to pinpoint what I do different on those nights.

This is what I have found:

  1. The first thing I found was the most obvious: when I had tea too late in the afternoon or evening, I fell asleep, but woke up and had a difficult time falling asleep again. Alternatively I would lie awake for hours.Solutions I have tried successfully:

    I stopped drinking caffeinated beverages at the latest at 2 pm, preferable at 1 pm.

  2. This worked, except on nights when I knew that I had to get up early the next day, i.e. it was more important to fall asleep than on a normal night.My solution for that is quite advanced: I had a heart-to-heart conversation with myself, assuring myself that the alarm clock will worry about getting up, I can just leave it alone, and behave as normal: relaxed and nonchalant.

    After a few nights I managed to change my attitude: it may take you longer, I have years of experience of changing my attitude on a fly.

  3. After watching a movie or a TV program that had fast camera angle changes, it is advisable to take longer between the stimulating experience and going to bed. Reading a boring book can help, but won’t be enough.Advice: do not watch anything that you know has either in the story line or in the direction of the camera stimulating scenes. Your retina overexcites your brain, and it takes it a long time to let go.

    I, myself, have stopped watching movies like this… even if they are good movies. If you must watch them, watch them in the morning hours, or you’ll pay for your indulgence with missed sleep. Nothing short of lobotomy will help with this kind of stimulant.

  4. I have found that the nightmares are somehow related to a stimulant. This stimulant is in every food that contains flavor or color enhancers, cold cuts, smoked meats, smoked fish, sausages, hot dogs, and even prepackaged hamburger meat.This flavor or color enhancer is a stimulant, and you’ll pay dearly for eating food prepared with it. You’ll eat more, you’ll sleep less, and you may have nightmares like myself.
  5. Some people can’t sleep because they are mulling over what they have to do the next day.This is relatively easy to remedy: you need to spend time before you go to bed writing down in detail what you need to do and in what order. Who you need to talk, what you need to say.

    Make sure you tell yourself that you are emptying your mind onto the paper. You make the paper remember so you don’t have to.

    These occasions include the night before travel: lots of pieces to hold together: make sure you don’t leave things to the last minute. Take time to commit your memory to paper.

  6. Sometimes, in spite of anything, you are just not tired, although you need to sleep.

    My “trick” for these occasions is this: I will myself to keep my eyes open as if I were a night guard. Believe or not, the moment I close my eyes, the thoughts begin, the moment I try to be a night watchman, the thoughts stop, and within a few minutes I drop off to sleep.I am looking at some night lights that project stars on the ceiling to have something to look at, but I am in no hurry to buy anything: just looking at the night view of the room, trying to stay awake is enough to knock me out.

    When I was a little girl, I fell asleep while looking at the interesting characters on a curtain: castles, unicorns, deer, princess, dragon… and “watched myself to sleep”. When I was older I moved to a different room, and there I was fascinated by the shape of a water leak on the ceiling, like a cloud you could guess its shape. I was fascinated by the shadows the tree branches threw when it was full moon.

    Being fascinated gets you out of your mind and then you can go asleep, naturally, like children do

These are my observations, and with these I sleep well now, every time, without fail.

Although the Sleep Rescue is a wonderful product, it will not relieve you from the responsibility to take care of yourself. If you prefer solutions that are like lobotomy, buy those products.

The Sleep Rescue isn’t.

A students wrote just today:

Hello Sophie,

About a week ago I gave my HOE bottle (I had about half left) to my friend who had difficult time sleeping… waking up at about 3 or 4 am every night. I told him to give it a try. He started putting few drops in his water in the evening and then few drops under the tongue before bed and he said he actually been sleeping for the first time in a long time. I am going to ask him to write a review on your website too. He said he wants to buy more.

Thank you very much.

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  1. from wikipedia: Insomnia, or sleeplessness, is a sleep disorder in which there is an inability to fall asleep or to stay asleep as long as desired.[1][2] While the term is sometimes used to describe a disorder demonstrated by polysomnographic evidence of disturbed sleep, insomnia is often practically defined as a positive response to either of two questions: “Do you experience difficulty sleeping?” or “Do you have difficulty falling or staying asleep?”

    Insomnia is most often thought of as both a medical sign and a symptom that can accompany several sleep, medical, and psychiatric disorders characterized by a persistent difficulty falling asleep and/or staying asleep or sleep of poor quality. Insomnia is typically followed by functional impairment while awake. Insomnia can occur at any age, but it is particularly common in the elderly. Insomnia can be short term (up to three weeks) or long term (above 3–4 weeks), which can lead to memory problems, depression, irritability and an increased risk of heart disease and automobile related accidents.

    I need to go to sleep!Those who are having trouble sleeping sometimes turn to sleeping pills, which can help when used occasionally but may lead to substance dependence or addiction if used regularly for an extended period.

    Insomnia can be grouped into primary and secondary, or comorbid, insomnia. Primary insomnia is a sleep disorder not attributable to a medical, psychiatric, or environmental cause. It is described as a complaint of prolonged sleep onset latency, disturbance of sleep maintenance, or the experience of non-refreshing sleep. A complete diagnosis will differentiate between free-standing primary insomnia, insomnia as secondary to another condition, and primary insomnia co-morbid with one or more conditions.

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