Are you holding your breath? Republished

holding your breathI never thought much about breathing… after all: who does?

But, because of my insomnia, because of my inability to fall asleep, because of the horrible nightmares, I took a class on relaxation techniques, and it was a breathing technique.

I don’t even know if I was just making it my own and changed the instructions, but the “my version” worked fairly well for decades. I took deep breaths and combined and made continuous the the in-breath and the out-breath… After a minute or two I got so lightheaded, that I drifted of to sleep.

Worked like a knockout… literally… lol.

But since I have raised my vibration, my body is not willing to participate in anything as drastic as that…

The reason breathing came up is not insomnia, but because I just finished a private session with a client, and want to share something with you:

The guy held his breath (not completely, just enough that his breath was really shallow) for the entire length of the session: one hour.

In the conversation it became clear to me that he dislikes negative feelings, dislikes negativity, or whatever passes as negativity nowadays… “reality” would be a better way to say.

He prefers using nice words, complementing, or not saying anything. It is automatic: he never stops and looks before he speaks, it is automatic to say nice things.

He is fat. He doesn’t breathe.

His son died at age 27 of lung cancer. He was a school teacher and obviously was entrained by his father to be a “positive thinker” which, for a school teacher, is the worst thing you can do.

Children are children, and if you need to sugarcoat that, any of it, you are going to hold your breath to suppress feeling anger, anguish, fear, sadness, grief, shame, or whatever you would feel naturally.

Holding your breath and the diseases that come from that are the price you pay for not being willing to interact with reality the way reality is.

Or it’s like a movie… sad, happy, frown, smile… you can be sure that the next frame will be what the next frame is.

But holding your breath is like stopping the frame you don’t like and taking it, superimposing it on all the subsequent frames of the movie: your film burns…

Reality is like the weather: cloudy, sunny, rainy, snowy, freezing, hot, wonderful… its nature is to change. People that want to weather to be always the same are like people that want to eat fried chicken for every meal… deadly.

Now, I must admit, that releasing the feelings that have been blocked for a long time is beyond most people. It was definitely beyond me.

For decades I coped with strong feelings by immersing myself in depression… It protected me from feeling much of anything… so I survived.

But since I have created the Heaven on Earth, I can just feel the feeling, even the strongest, and once it felt, it has done its job, and it goes away, leaving well-being in its wake.

Anger was the hardest to master: but today I can express it and own it. No big deal.

Feelings are given to us for a reason. All the feelings. Good, bad, ugly, nice… all there for a reason.

Religion, positive thinking, Law of attraction, all have done a disservice by saying yes to some feelings and no to others.

Every feeling is good, regardless how it feels. Every feeling goes away fast if it is felt. Feelings are how reality communicates with us: suppressing feelings is like carving out your eyes so you don’t see ugly.

holding your breath so you don't feelSuppressing any feeling means suppressing them all… suppressing is not specific. People who suppress “bad” feelings can’t feel good ones either!

And you pay another price: you get sick. All kinds of chronic diseases come from suppressing feelings! Cancer, heart disease, infections, insomnia, rashes, psoriasis, overeating, muscle pain, joint pain, headaches, ear aches, to just mention some I have personally seen disappear as a result of restoring breath with the help of Heaven on Earth.

Try it. Free shipping till the end of the year. Order it on my site or better yet: order it from Amazon.


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