Mayday, Mayday… I am attacked, screams my brain…

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I have another article I have already written this morning, but I am interrupting my regularly scheduled broadcast to deal with an emergency… did that sound like a public service announcement?

OK, this is what happened.

I get an email every time someone buys something. Which is often. But it is an interruption I like… after all money is almost always welcome.

Except when I decide to refund it… like just a few minutes ago.

I went to look at the person’s facebook profile, and to the linked pages: the person is doing personal development work with people.

Before i continue, I need to cloak and bubble myself again… something I hadn’t had to do for years now.

The energy coming from this would-be client is strong, penetrating, disturbing, brain altering dark dark dark mind-energy.

I am trained in several energy modalities, but not this one. This is so strong, it reminds me of the Chinese custom of breaking every bone in a girl’s foot and force it into some small shoe… forgot what it’s called…

So I promptly decided to not have anything to do with this person… cloaking, bubbling… and it still hurts my brain. I have tears in my eyes. Pain-tears.

Some practitioners manufacture pain for you so when it’s gone you are so grateful you even write a testimonial.

The cruel joke comes to mind where you are in hell and the punishment is that someone squeezes your balls between two rocks… it is so wonderful when he stops…

My hunch is that this is what this woman does.

It is interesting to me that one of the criteria that people have for energy practitioners, or for energy, is that they want to feel it. So this may be the motivation on transmitting dark and painful stirring energy… people can feel it. And when they feel it, they pay.

Did she put an attachment on me? No… even though it feels like she broke my skull and is sitting, like a Golem, on the part of my brain I have identified as the mind.

The energy comes from an unwholesome place, from desire.

Why is desire unwholesome? Because desire wants without giving… so it only wants to get…

Would it be useful if I created havoc in your brain so you would scramble to get the remedy? To set it straight and calm again? No, says Source.

It is forcing, it is coercing, it is like a surgery where you didn’t agree to it. Or like electroshock… electric convulsive treatment… or lobotomy. Violating the right to choose, Free Will…

Do people know that they have free will? Muscle test says they don’t…

Anyway, I wanted to work through this, so I can return to my life, unscathed…

Did I succeed? No, I didn’t. Am I making it wrong? No. But it will take some time for my out of whack body to return to balance.

I just got what she is doing… hah. Her program promises balance… so what is a better way to make people pay for it than to cause out of balance… brilliant.

OK… nothing to buy, unless you want to…

I am promoting for all who can hear my Digging Workshops… if you don’t know what they are, you may need to read more of my articles, and the one I had to hold to work through this unpleasant experience.

Get into the digging webinar
If you don’t pass my muster, I’ll refund your money. No hard feelings: you may not be ready to dig.

And if you buy, I recommend that you increase your motivation by listening in on my Instant Coherence Solution recorded workshop… you’ll know why you need to dig and what’s possible if you do it successfully.

PS: After I refunded the purchases, the would-be client sent me an email…

I’m glad you’re trusting your instinct
I am just pondering it now. Does she KNOW what she does?

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