The “thing” that other teachers, religions, gurus call Ego, what do we call it in the Original Design system?

dark-side-2What is the “thing” that other teachers, religions, gurus call Ego, in the Original Design system?

I just had a flash of insight: one of my students who has been suffering with digestive issues forever stopped coming to coaching calls. It began with me directing her to a different type of eating, the type of eating that has made the most difference for me: being a Separator or Alternating according to the Human Design Institute.

I felt hurt, I felt bruised, I felt betrayed. I looked and I felt that my pride was hurt. Or, using the terminology of “other” teachers, my “ego” was hurt.

But we use Ego, in “my” system for the force, the energy, the team-mate that is part of the team that you are, that is your friend if and when you keep up the communication with it. So it doesn’t get bruised, or hurt…

That’s when the insight came: what other people call ego is the “desire for the self alone,” the evil inclination, the energy that we call Dark Side.

The problem calling that “ego” is that it sounds like it is part of you, that it is an aspect of you. It isn’t. And neither it is part of your lower self… if you look at the animal kingdom, you will find perfect balance: every animal cares more about themselves, their survival, their species’ survival more than about anything else.

But that doesn’t mean stepping on toes, killing to forward one’s own agenda, doesn’t mean badmouthing, tearing down, etc. another animal or species: that’ is not how the world works, except for humans.

You see, animals are guided by the guidance system that grew with their species, age old, and independent of the mind, the newest addition to the possible aspects of a living being. Which means: animals are intelligent, humans aren’t.

What makes a human not intelligent is the mind that is out of touch with what’s important, out of touch with what’s so, out of touch with the fact that you can’t hurt another being without hurting yourself, somewhere down the line.

not intelligent, ruled by the mind and dark sideGreed, envy, hurt pride are all mind-phenomenon, and are Dark Side. Here is a hint: if it feels like something is done to you, there is a strong “I” as the source of annoyance or suffering, or gloating, that is another clue that the Dark Side, desire for the self alone, is using you.

It takes skill and humility to tell the truth, but every time you are right and someone else is wrong, you can suspect that you are engaging the Dark Side.

The other day I asked a friend if he thought I should complain to my landlord that the downstairs neighbors have a dog, that is against their lease. He advised talking to the neighbors instead. I didn’t want to do that, but that tipped me off, so I asked myself: does the dog bother me? And the answer was NO. It didn’t bother me at all. It was Dark Side that was bothered, because someone managed to get something I didn’t have… funny, isn’t it?

When I saw that I could let go. And I could let go feeling hurt about my student studying up on Human Design… if we are a good fit, she will be back. If she won’t be, that only means she found what she needed elsewhere, no problem.

Confusing two totally different and independent things is counter productive: it will keep you confused and ineffective in your journey to raise your vibration.

Learn the different aspects of a human being, ego, soul, mind, etc. and start having some clarity.

The rarest commodity in this day and age is clarity.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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