What is responsible for the increased rates of pancreas and ovarian issues that I see?

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That’s a great question, if I can answer it… right?

If… I said. Not ‘when’.

From business point of view, ask any hospital, it is good news. You have trouble… I make money. But that is not how it is for me.

So the purpose of the question, from my personal point of view, is to see if it is preventable… the trouble.

As my usual method, this will be meandering… if you don’t want to follow, I sympathize with you.

OK, before I continue, I want to explain something:

Most people think that what prevents them from capitalizing on their knowledge in this world is that they don’t know how to teach what they know.

This is, obviously not your concern if you don’t know anything… but if you do… then this may be a turning point for you.

I talk about this in my Sunday call from yesterday… but I’ll try to say it differently here:

Teaching is a conceited way of being. I have listened in Kabbalists, I have listened in to incredibly knowledgeable people, and whenever they wanted to teach, they went wooden. Their words came out oily, too smooth, not colored with discovery, or any kind of struggle to express.

I used to say, while I was in Landmark Education, that the only person can teach anything is the person who is struggling with it.

I once had a seminar leader who later also lead the Communication Course. Smooth as silk… None of what he said landed for me. People loved him. LOVED him.

If and when I watched him in his life, he NEVER actually lived what he taught… it was all mind-stuff.

And this is what happens: when you speak from the mind, you are

and no one is able to hear you.

Now, for the sake of some people who want to write a thesis or a book: same thing in writing.

The more research you do, the more you are trying to gather knowledge, the lousier your stuff will be for the purposes of learning.

Just the opposite of what you thought it would be, right?

So, given that, I have a deep commitment to not say anything from the mind, ever. I can and have been keeping this 91%… And trust me, it would be so much easier to repeat stuff my mind says I know… But ‘truth repeated is a lie, even if you repeat yourself’.

So, this explains my methodology that I will employ in this article. Meandering, going from unknown to unknown to unknown.

The way you cross a creek that has rocks in it… you go from rock to rock… the rocks are my questions I examine and muscle-test while connecting to Source.

OK, let’s start.

Meandering, remember?

Does the pandemic have anything to do with it? Yes.

Is the aspect of being restricted? No

Lack of meaningful social interaction? Yes. To what degree does this play a role? 91%

Does eating have anything to do with it? No.

Is it important to find out what the 9% is? no

OK, so it is lack of meaningful social interaction. Is it because people have not meaningful interactions, like social site? yes

Is it because people are feeling lonely? yes

Lonely is not the same as solitude, is it? no, it isn’t.

Was this global epidemic engineered somehow? yes

Was/is this epidemic loneliness the goal? yes

Let me explain where this question came from. Yesterday I read an article on Aeon.com https://aeon.co/essays/for-hannah-arendt-totalitarianism-is-rooted-in-loneliness

The article talked to me, even though I myself am not lonely. But some of the people I talk to regularly are. Not that they are isolated, but that they feel alone. No meaningful conversations.

Although I doubt that they had many meaningful conversations before the pandemic, but the division between people wasn’t as big as it is now… about mostly political issues, like wearing masks, the whole pandemic, and, of course the election in the United States. And it is not so much that there is no opportunity for meaningful conversations! It is more like there is no inner need for meaningful conversations, because the overwhelming sense of “I am right and everybody is an enemy!”

I had a conversation with my next door neighbors… it was unsatisfying. No connection.

But I am not lonely. So what is the difference?

I am not hundred percent sure…

One of the reasons, maybe, because I am thoughtful… I keep my mind empty and think deeply about things. I don’t discuss most of it: there is no one to discuss it with, so I talk to Source, or just to myself.

I read about three hours a day… and think about everything I read.

Let me ask Source: is this why I am not lonely? yes, says Source.

Almost any and every conversation leaves me with emptiness… except my conversations with my students. With them we are united in some purpose… and all the conversations are meaningful.

So what can you do to get out of this manufactures loneliness trap?

Casual conversations won’t help… in fact they will only deepen your sense of loneliness.

You could join me on my Office Hours and see if we can have some ideas for you, or if joining my tribe will ease your loneliness… or make it deeper… it could.

I’ll have an office hour today at 4 pm NY time… and for a while twice a week, Mondays at 4 pm, and Thursdays at 1 pm.

The link is https://www.yourvibration.com/openmic

One registration registers you into all the calls… and you come when you can or when you feel like it.

Please don’t be late and expect to participate much… or feel part of the call. The call, the intimacy is built from the first moment… and if you miss out, you won’t feel part of it. Guaranteed. You’ll feel like an outsider.

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