Money Grubbing Gurus. Money and Vibration

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Are gurus in it for the money? Are you just a means for them to get rich?

Are the teachers that don’t make any money have a higher vibration? They are surely in it for you, right?

Where should you look when you want to decide who to follow? What should you do to actually start getting what you want and need to live a great and fulfilled life?

In this article I am going to do some musing, in the context of making money with our teachings, about gurus, about myself, about you. It is sourced, 100%. Hot out of the oven… lol

Musings about gurus and teachers… are they in it for the money? For you? For the glory? What’s in it for them?

You have read my articles about other teachers. If you haven’t, let me summarize them for you: I examined lots of modalities and the teachers that teach them.

I found that most of them don’t raise your vibration, so if you bought them to raise your vibration, they don’t. The teachers themselves have a low vibration. Why? Because they don’t connect. They may have connected at some point in the past, accidentally, but because they didn’t know what THEY did, they haven’t connected since, and they teach you what they do know, which is irrelevant: it doesn’t raise your vibration. The only way to raise your vibration is from the Creator. Up till 295 on the Scale of Consciousness, you can rise there without connecting. Further on: you need to connect yourself.

Connecting to the spirit world, to ascended masters, to go-betweens, to angels, to animal spirits, don’t connect you to Source.

I have studied only two teachers that connect, regularly, to Source. Neither of them have identified what they do, therefore they can’t teach it to you.

Question: are they in it for the money? For the glory? For something else?

Teachers that regularly connect to Source

I will first talk about the two that are actually in the position to teach you something given that they connect, regularly, to Source, Dr. Alex Loyd (The Healing Codes) and Vianna Stibal (Theta Healing).

I am hundred percent clear that neither of them is in it for the money. On the other hand, the organization of Dr. Alex may be. Enough said. Sometimes it is not the teacher but all the people that are on salary or commission that push a teacher to the path that looks money hungry. Same can be said about the teachers and practitioners of Theta Healing, that themselves don’t connect and have a low vibration.

Don’t blame the teacher and the teaching for the staff.

Sidenote: I just read an article on Theta Healing… It says that the healing it claims to perform isn’t real. I never studied Theta Healing for its physical healing claims, and it never did any physical healing for me. But if someone reads the real intent in the books, the healing, if any, is on the belief level, and that I have tested, and it works. In fact that is the foundation of what I do, so obviously I am certain that it works.

The second category of teachers is those that got stuck.

Although what they are doing registers as valuable on the muscle test (while I am connected to Source), their message is not popular enough to even consider being money hungry.

I have only one teacher in this category, Pam Ragland for her thought-shifting technique that takes many of her students to 295. Marginally I would put the Paradigm Jumping guy here, Burt Goldman, because of his tongue to the roof of your mouth technique.

The third category of teachers that have a large following, and make money.

They consider what they do as content they sell. Sometimes they sell it for as much as a million dollars a month, like Tr., or untold millions like Joe Vitale, who knows how much, like Esther Hicks, like Eckhart Tolle, like Marianne Williamson. The Kabbalah Centre… don’t get me started on that! Or Scientology? run Forest run!

And the fourth category of teachers that just repeat the party line

…love, goodness, peace, talk, talk talk, music, nice pictures, no results. No money. Oh well.

What Makes Teachers’ Money?

It seems that the two topics that make money, I mean “MONEY” are healing and wealth, money, prosperity. And the third is sex, relationships, but I haven’t studied anyone who teaches that.

Musings about myself and making money with what I teach:

Before I started this process of raising the vibration of the planet, I was a coach and a marketer.

I spent approximately 100K, maybe more, on my education as a marketer, in spite of the fact that I had two MS in architecture, and an almost complete MBA from a prestigious Hungarian university.

Why so much money? Because it is not easy to go from being a normal person to a master marketer.

What is a master marketer? Someone who can create products and information that people want and are willing to pay for. Someone who can find the people that want it and willing to pay for it in this big world. And when you, that master marketer, have found them, you can hold their attention, you can speak with them in such a way that for those people the obvious choice is to buy your product and not something else.

All that money wasted on me.

What? Yes.

A good marketer knows not to create a product that everyone needs but not many people want.

A good marketer knows that spending time educating the crowd to want what you have is a waste of time and delays making money, potentially forever.
So, as you can see, I am not doing this project as a marketer. I am doing it as a divine assignment. Luckily I can pay my bills from the money I make through other projects that don’t use a lot of my time and energy. I live modestly and transcended my personal desires for luxury for what’s possible for me through doing this “job”.

This is the most fun I have ever had, and I can’t imagine having more fun having more toys. I can’t.

Yet, I am going to make you pay for your activations. Plural. The first phase activation was completely free, from the Creator to you. It is still working deep inside people, and we won’t see the numbers consistent with what it’s capable of doing for a little while.

The second phase is voluntary.

It needs to be requested, it needs to be earned. The more you reach out to get it, the deeper it will affect you. The more you will have riding on it for you, the more you will DO.

The Pioneers and the Testers pay for what they get by having to listen to me pushing them to do their share: practice, report, experience, test. Had they paid for it a few thousand dollars, I am sure they would be more diligent in getting every drop of benefit from it for themselves and for their families.

Which means, if you pay for something then you treat it with more respect.

Can I charge you as much as would make you really do it? Obviously not, because most of you is soooo slothful that even a whip would not activate you.

But… the more I force you to connect, the more Source can fill your vessel.

Where does the light go once it hits your vessel?

Can it go straight to paying your mortgage, or make your failing business/marriage/health get better? No.

The light goes to build a foundation from which you can actually get and use what you get. 2

The light goes to your history first.

It fills the vessel of all your past incarnations, the vessel of your ancestors, so who you are today, changes on the DNA level. The scarcity, the sick thinking, the low-life stuff, the stuff that creates the foundation on which you exist needs to be first brought up to level with your current ambition of a healthy, high-minded life.

Once the history level is done, the next level is the soul level. The soul has been deprived for so long, it needs the light to strengthen it and its voice.

Only then the light will start working on Your vessel, your desire, by expanding it.

Your current level of desire is puny. It would not be able to pull a toy-cart, let alone a rocket. What you want is stuff or the elimination of stuff… puny, miserable and limited; un-befitting to represent Source’s self-expression. The light will force your vessel to grow.

So you can start to have high-minded goals and the desire to fulfill on them. Now go, start connecting. Connect often and long.

Your reservoirs are empty.

And have been, over many generations. Your life-force shriveled. Your desire mute.

What are you waiting for? One of those money-hungry gurus that promises you a shortcut? A placebo? Go. You have free choice.

If you start connecting today, and do it every day, you will have most everything you desire. Your vibration will be in the 500’s range, and you will be one of 70 thousand masters.

Coming to the event on the 27th is a good way to get a kick-start, or if you are not of facebook, go to

Note from December 28, 2011: We are not in the 4th Phase of this Ascension Project.
The first three phases were tame compared to the 4th Phase… wild.
The work is still the Grand Experiment: it is hard to see the next step until you stumbled on it. It’s perfect for me: I don’t like to plan… lol.

The perfect entry point to do this work is the Unconditional Love Activator. It may remain that forever, who knows. But for now it is definitely the big bang you want to start out with.

Please be aware, that all and any of the phases can only fulfill on their potential if you are getting them while connected. And connection, while simple, while easy, it is not intuitive. Why? Beats me… lol.

You can come and learn in a session where I personally check your connection and correct you. It also includes your first meditation. Feedback: it’s blissful. It’s a lot like a mini vacation. It’s a lot like a healing session. It’s serious business… but it’s lovely.
If you want to raise your vibration (raise your vibrational frequency) any modality under 500 is a poor choice. This includes religion, meditation, chanting, etc. Anything under 500… won’t raise your vibration, most will lower it. Under 500 everything is Tree of Knowledge: disconnected from Source and the Original Design.

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  1. I liken it to you being dehydrated. Getting a glass of water won't make a difference. But filling every cell, rehydrating every cell will... That is what the Light is doing.
  2. I liken it to you being dehydrated. Getting a glass of water won’t make a difference. But filling every cell, rehydrating every cell will… That is what the Light is doing.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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6 thoughts on “Money Grubbing Gurus. Money and Vibration”

  1. Hello Sophie, do you still agree that ThetaHealing is something that we could learn from, as in the course or has your view of Vianna changed over the years? Thanks, Elide

  2. No I can’t. 🙂 Practitioners seem to identify a lot core ‘issues’ that need uprooting and resonate with the client but much depends on how well they ask questions. I have identified some key beliefs I’ve been dragging around which would be ripe for thetahealing theoretically, but recognise much depends on how good the practitioner is. I believe that, as with most things, the concept is good but there’s only about 1% of people that can actually apply it and have it take effect.

  3. I think it is much less than 1%… especially because how Vianna teaches connecting is not what she actually does, and that process she teaches doesn’t connect anyone, can’t.

    I have tested tens of ‘teachers’ and practitioners and none of them tested as connecting or able to connect. Without connecting the whole system is a scam.

  4. Oh so she has developed something to sell that she doesn’t use? Interesting. Figures. Do you believe that these beliefs must be extracted by Source when connected to get past them?

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