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Course-correction is the nature of Life

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I got an interesting question this morning from a client who is trying to get healthier.

She asks: I also have another question as I really have to and want to take this food issue really seriously now.

Is there also a test you do where one can see: this is the food the body is really designed for and food which is better to avoid.

A list where I can see this is what the body really needs when its in a good condition and to keep and maintain the health with its appropriate food?

Pay attention to how many time the client uses the word “really”.

My answer was: maybe there is, but in my experience the food list changes because you under-eat and over-eat certain foods, and the body wants balance.

So, I guess, I can’t ‘prescribe’ a perfect food list for you for all times.

Now it’s hours later, and finally I ask Source for an answer… better late than never.

And to my surprise Source’s answer is the same. why?

  • I can give you a list, and you’ll pick and choose what to honor and what not to honor.
  • You may eat the same breakfast every day.
  • You may buy some food and finish it in one day, because it tastes good. I know I do.

And you cause your body to be deficient in other things.

How do I know? Because that is exactly what is happening to me.

So it is not that: Arrgh! Source ‘changed its mind’, now I can’t eat nuts… or Arrgh, Source doesn’t know what it’s talking about… lol. Or worse: Sophie’s testing doesn’t work! No. Every day is a new day, and unless you consider that yesterday’s transformation is today’s arrogance, you are sh*t out of luck.

I have clients who doggedly follow an idea, who never look around, never take stock, never ask a new question, never consider that course-correction is the nature of Life.


  • In health
  • In relationships
  • In business
  • In spiritual practice… raising your vibration, for example.

The reason I have been harping (that makes me a Harpy… lol) on the sight capacity and its million facets is because humanity stopped looking and therefore stopped seeing.

And if you look and when you look, you don’t look now not outside, where things are happening, but in your mind, where you have already figured it all out.

My reaction to that: how stupid can you get?

It turns out that you can get very very very stupid… and it is not a lack of smarts… it is the result of lack of looking outside where reality lies.

Thinking itself happens outside of the mind… Thinking is based on observations in reality.

Most of humanity never does any thinking…

I hear people say: it came to me… Yeah, thoughts come to you. You are not thinking them.

What is misleading is that intuition also SEEMS TO be coming to you.

But that is not how intuition is… People who teach intuition probably don’t know what they are talking about… much like most everything else people teach…

Intuition is SEEING. Seeing with a different pair of eyes… seeing beyond where you are.

But, of course, what is beyond where you are is not readily visible… it takes time and looking to penetrate it.

I watched a very astute TED talk this morning. 40% truth value: unusually high. Most stuff is at best, AT BEST! 10% truth value on the internet. But this talk is 40%, and worth listening to.

Now, will you hear the truth, or will you hear what you have always heard? My guess is: you’ll hear what you have always heard… But prove me wrong, please.

OK, whether you watched the talk or not… here is another little piece.

Yesterday in my Growth course we had a session where I found out two important things that will matter in how and what I try to do next:

1. You,  and 99% of humanity can’t hold onto context.

What do I mean? The context is the why of things. It is the background, or the backdrop of things. It is invisible but it determines the actions and the mood in the foreground. It gives the foreground its meaning.

Your invented purposes are mostly context… Why you want to be well. Why you want to do what you plan to do. To what end?

So, for example, people signed up to the Validation Challenge because of my promise: validation is the fastest way to raise your vibration.

So the context is what came after the word: ‘because’.

But what is happening is that the same people are now forgetting the context… and doing the doing: validating people, the way they do everything else:

  • dutifully
  • to please others
  • to prove how special they are
  • or not at all

No validation done that way (the how) will raise your vibration.

The action is: validating people: i.e. look for something to like, and tell them what you saw… is a DIRECTED looking, resulting in seeing… and consequently opening your sight. The capacity.

Seeing what you have always seen, or telling them what you think isn’t going to do it.

Disuse of any capacity results in that capacity shutting down.

And even though I turn it on every day if and when I find that your capacity turned off… unless you use it it is getting harder and harder for me to turn it on: the body says f… you! to me. Or ‘who are you kidding?!

And the second learning from yesterday’s Growth Course is:

You have, at this point, zero capacity to tune into your future self and look with its eyes.

So, to my dismay, it may to be a long process to open that capacity for you. Until then, rest assured, you’ll make decisions from the limited perspective of the human mind. Your mind. Not reality, and not intuition.

And that is the secret behind your being an underachiever.

Your brain could handle it, but you lack the capacities to give your brain useful information.

I think this is why people need a mentor or a coach if they ever want to accomplish anything.

The mentor or the coach does the looking, and they tell you what they see, and suggest that you do what they saw as effective action next.

But, of course, the mentor or the coach can be locked into a certain world view, their own, and misguide you. And most people don’t like to be told what to do… It has to be their idea or they won’t do it.

They won’t do it. Can’t do it. Why? They can’t see it…

Your actions will come from what you see.

And if you can’t see what the coach sees, you won’t do what they see there is for you to do.

There needs to be a lot of work to be done to make the client see what the coach sees, or there won’t be results.

There are seven people in the Growth course. Three see what I saw FOR THEM. Four don’t.

The three will grow from it, the four will feel resentment, or will say that I was wrong.

I have my job cut out for me.

But, you see, if and when the Sight capacity is more available, I don’t have to tell them what I see: they will see it themselves…

…thus far: no cigar.

OK, now that I have allowed you an intimate glimpse into my work with people, what can you learn from that? What can I give you that would make you more likely to succeed in life, getting what you want from life?

As you can see, the methodology based on looking at reality to see the results of your actions, the ‘turtle’ method, is valid in producing results in every area of life.

Visionaries are rare… They are less than half a percent of humanity… but even of those only the ones that can go back and forth between the vision and the reality their steps produce make it to success.

So even visionaries need to learn and master the ‘turtle’ method to succeed.

I will keep experimenting to see how to teach the method… and what capacities I need to activate to make it possible for you to be your own ‘mentor’, to be able to ask your future self for guidance.

If you are in business, would like to create a business, or almost any other project…

I’d like to invite you to small scale experimental sessions.

Will it be free? I don’t think that would be appropriate… so no. I will charge for it.

How much? How about not much… lol.

Times and days: Wednesdays at 4 pm NY time… that is 10 pm in Europe, 8 am in Australia 1 pm in Los Angeles. If there is enough interest from other areas of the world where my 4 pm is not convenient, contact me and we can talk.

I will call these webinar workshops ‘Activating future self guidance’ because ultimately that is what we are attempting to do.

You can buy one session, or more… I’ll set it up in the shopping cart so you can. As I get better, the price will go up by $10 every week.

learn to get answers from your future self
How many sessions do you need to actually learn to trust and awoke your Future Self?

Honestly, it is not knowable. It depends strongly on your starting point measurements, mostly on the gap between your real and delusional self, on your about-me score, and on the relationship between your desire and your ambition. the higher your desire, the harder it is to learn this skill.

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