You Cannot Build Your Own House By Tearing Down Your Neighbor’s. Tree Of Knowledge Or Tree Of Life?

tear down so you can build something worth building “You Cannot Build Your Own House By Tearing Down Your Neighbor’s.” Tree Of Knowledge Or Tree Of Life?

I read this sentence in an article on the Theta Healing site.

It’s an interesting sentence. It kept me looking, feeling, inquiring, and connecting to Source for a while before I got my answer.

I first considered if I am guilty of that: tearing down other teachers and their teachings in order to make room for my house, i.e. my teaching. I also looked if I am crazy, delusional, wicked, or all of the above.

Actually, I do this type of inquiry several times a week.

I believe that one of the biggest obstacles of continuously receiving access to the Tree of Life knowledge is claiming any knowledge you have as The Truth. Claiming yourself as someone who knows. Claiming that people should listen to you because you are a teacher.

I have known of this danger for quite a while, through observing teachers that were spreading misinformation, or Tree of Knowledge knowledge.

The more eloquent they are, the easier the knowledge comes out, the more convincing and certain they sound, the less they are connecting to the source of knowledge and the more they connect to their memory stores.

One of my favorite seminar leaders is clumsy, klutzy, and uncertain. Lots of students don’t like her: but she is real. She can’t just repeat something that someone else said it was true. She just can’t… so you get into the habit of looking with her, and that is invaluable. I had more breakthroughs in her classes than in the classes of her popular colleagues.

One of my favorite marketers sounds like a dork when he speaks. He is a true genius, but he won’t just run by the mouth… He looks as he speaks.

Some teachers imitate that and talk really slow, but you can see that they are not looking anywhere: they talk slow only for the effect.

The other question is: am I crazy? am I a fake? am I delusional? I ask this question at least once a day. What I teach is so far from anything out there, that I must be crazy, or everyone else is duped… unsettling thought.

So, all these questions were awakened as I was waiting for Source to talk to me.

Then came the download:

  • if you want to get fresh tea in your cup, you need to empty your cup.
  • If you want to build a house on a lot, you need to tear down the house it replaces
  • If you have a bad habit, you need to disable the bad habit first before you can permanently replace it with a new one.
  • If you are eating bad food that keeps you sluggish, fat, and stupid, adding good food on the top of it won’t do a thing. You need to get rid of the old food… and it hurts.
  • If you think you are connected all the time, then you need to first declare that you are not connected, if you ever want to connect.
  • If you think you are God, then you are out of luck… is God miserable? Maybe you are not God. Get rid of this notion and start doing what you are supposed to do to keep your end of the bargain with God, as soul who is part of the Vessel. The confusion is costing you all you ever wanted.
  • Preaching love on the top of pretense won’t make the world a better place

I was picked for the “job” because I have courage to be blunt and tear down what doesn’t serve you. I’ve been picked for this “job” because I don’t need money from this teaching. I’ve been picked for this “job” because I don’t care whether you like me or not. I only care whether you earn your light or not.

Wow. Talk about windicated.


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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “You Cannot Build Your Own House By Tearing Down Your Neighbor’s. Tree Of Knowledge Or Tree Of Life?”

  1. OK, this is your best yet! Thank God I now understand my clumsy speaking, I can actually celebrate that!!!! YAY!!!! thanks!

    And I love the snapshot into your writing pattern with Source. Again, as always, thanks.

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