What makes you a human being is human being qualities… They are called intrinsic values.

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Intrinsic means that whether you see it or not, they are there. Every human has them, overtly or covertly, expressed or not expressed, it is part of the human DNA.

When I talk about the Original Design, that is what I am talking about. Examining the DNA, it is the same, essentially, for all humans. And the DNA of all humans have 160 intrinsic values, capacities to be in a certain way, activated or not.

For example: generous. It is a state of being. It is wanting something for others what you want for yourself. Generosity is the opposite of the standard human attitude: It is and either or world. It is either you or me. Dog eat dog. Competition, comparing.

This is why Soul corrections whose main characteristic is comparison and competing, are doing so pitifully in the validation challenge: it this challenge the main job is to be generous.

But in the either you-or-me-world being generous means you allow another to be more than you, and that means, inside that worldview, death, or it means that you have none. You gave yours.

In reality this kind of giving, generously, the receiver gets more than the giver: they get the good feelings AND THE LIGHT that comes with it. But when you are stuck in either/or, you are stingy, and that makes you cold inside, and tight fisted on the outside.

99.3% of humanity is tight-fisted to one degree or another. One of the things they are unwilling to give is acknowledging the intrinsic qualities, the intrinsic nature of the other… thus denying their own.

How do you acknowledge the intrinsic nature of the other? By seeing their human being qualities.

When one of my coaches says: ‘she is a good customer. I want to acknowledge good behavior…’ i.e. the customer buys everything the marketer puts out… my coach acknowledges the usefulness value to him or this customer… but see no person there. He is one of the 99.3%

My other coach (I am coached by a tag-team of coaches, lol) sees intrinsic values… although he doesn’t see any in me. I irk him. His about-me score is 70%… and yet he can see intrinsic values… but not everywhere.

In the Validation Challenge, the challenge is to become someone who sees human values, who sees them and thus attempts to activate his own DNA, the ability to be that what he sees.

There are 15 people participating in the challenge. Two sees some intrinsic values in me, occasionally, when they are useful for them. The third sees three values of the 160, but he himself isn’t willing, hasn’t been willing to emulate. He is unconscious of himself seeing intrinsic values: the distinction is not clear to him yet… because those intrinsic values are also USEFUL for him… and that is what he expects, that is what he sees.

So we can safely say that the best of humanity can’t tell the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic values.

Intrinsic values have no usefulness.

But if you are about yourself, and what you get, usefulness is where you look, usefulness is what you see. Only.

People pay for your usefulness value, but what you get for it has no intrinsic value. No love, no respect, no caring, nothing that warms you. And even when you are loved, you are not warmed, because the only thing that warms you up is what you can reflect: you loving.

99.3% of humanity is unable to recognize love, caring, tenderness, generosity, bravery, and other intrinsic values, because they have nothing where it would reflect… where it would activate what’s in you.

You don’t see the world and others as they are, you see them as YOU are… no love, no courage, no caring, no generosity…

But, I say, if you look, you’ll find… and if you allow yourself to see the magnanimity of others, that pokes your box, that pokes your inactive DNA capacities, and they can open.

I suggested my assistant to accept his parents invitation for a birthday dinner, to be generous. To echo their generosity.

We shall see if he can open his heart…

Opening your heart, for some of you, is like prying a seashell open… you protect it like opening it would kill you.

I learned recognizing intrinsic values from novels. I know when they land, when I actually echo them, I get all warm inside. Maybe this is why I like to read so much.

I choose authors, and yes, I muscletest before I choose them, the authors that see intrinsic values.

I didn’t always do this, and two authors I still read who do not see intrinsic values, and yet I can see them. Neal Stephenson writes about people who do have intrinsic values, but he doesn’t fully ‘echo’ with them… but I do. but he can see it.

Michael Connelly doesn’t and I don’t… except maybe one of his book, Chasing the Dime.

But authors I have picked within the last few years, my own self-awareness awakening…

Why in novels? How many people do you think I know who belong to the 0.7 of humanity?

Yesterday I was lucky. Someone pointed me to an interview of Tom Bilyeu talking to Matthew McConaughey, the actor, who published his 15 years worth of journaling in a book that is a runaway bestseller.

And despite of it being a bestseller, it is probably good, if the interview is any indication. The interview was good, and the actor proves to be one inside the 0.7% of humanity. Remarkable.

One of my students practices on book characters. Let’s see if you can see intrinsic values in Matthew whatshisname’s interview… please don’t as me to pronounce his name… lol.

I am also uploading it to the mobile app, so you don’t have to sit in front of your computer for two hours… I put it inside the free stuff folder.

If you want to get access to my mobile app… tons of good stuff there, text your email address to +1 315-509-2888

If you like the assignment, it may tell you that participating in the Validation Challenge may be a good fit for you.

I don’t charge for the challenge, but I ask you to pay for the capacity activation. What capacity? To really see intrinsic value, the capacity ‘seeing value’ needs to be activated.

It cost $45… Meaning that the challenge will cost you $1.50 a day. You need to pay for the privilege every 30 days. If it is OK with you that you can’t see human beings, neither in others nor in yourself, don’t sign up. It may sour your existence for a while.

Join the Validation challenge: become a person
If you haven’t, you may also have to get your Starting Point Measurements to participate.

In the Validation challenge I measure two telling measures every day about you and document it on a spreadsheet. And if and when your capacity turns off, I re-activate it, so you can start seeing value again.

I also send you a daily report. If you don’t open your email, and don’t click over to the spreadsheet for 3 days in a row, I’ll ask you to leave. That indicates to me that you are not participating.

If you are crafty…

…if you are from a crafty culture… and keep the spreadsheet open in your browser… you are trying to be special, different, and I’ll pull you out for that reason.

You know who you are.

PS: I just looked at the book on Amazon, and as is my habit, I read the bad reviews. After that I muscle tested and MM (hey, aint’ I witty?) his narcissistic score is 10%, his integrity is 10%, truth value of the book: 30%. Is it poorly written? yes. So don’t buy the book. Watch the video instead. Either on my site or on my mobile app, or find it on youtube.

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