Updated: The dilemma of a spiritual leader and an off-color joke… how do they match?

shut the fuck up!Warning, this is a two years old article, that accidentally got re-published. None of this is happening currently…

I have changed a lot since I wrote this… thank god. So, please, take it with a grain of salt… this is ancient history. Although it is true that most people can’t get what there is to get on the level that they are, and that they will not be helped by anything I do, the solution, from my personal point of view, is not to exclude them, but to provide them with a vehicle that they can get at least to the second floor. Vibration 200 is the second floor, and the view is very different from there. The feeling is very different there.

And anyone with desire to rise there can get there using the Foundational Tools… so no, I haven’t abandoned people on the street level, I have, since I first wrote this article, created tools that work, energetically, from a bottle, from an audio, and work well.

Whether someone is interested in staying in the game of climbing the Tree of Life… is now a second, a new choice.

And I have successfully created a new context for myself, that is a lot more respectful of people… and I am very proud of that. The context expressed in this article is not very respectful… but it is all in phases. I was there then… and I have moved on.

pizza-like-limp-dick There are some dramatic changes over here. Confusing, distressing, definitely caught my attention, lol.

It began with an interaction with a published author two days ago. He sent me a note about Story Water… I wrote an answer (I answer every email) checked him out, his site, his amazon book listings, and that was it.

Next day, yesterday, he sent me a request to measure his vibration. I measured, and sent it back… the two numbers were strikingly different. He remarked on that, and then did something uncharacteristic: considered that the numbers were true.

I suggested a phone conversation. The conversation was the highlight of the year (not kidding) and I discovered, on the call, that I am not allowed to measure his vibration. WTF… right? lol

Later I tried to measure the vibration of something else… same thing. No permission. I am not allowed.

Now, this is becoming serious!

I went to bed, maybe if I get rested… this morning: same thing.

Why? Why am I not allowed to check people’s vibration?

I went up and “talked to” Source. The answer will surprise you:

The answer is 3-fold:

  • 1. People are asking about their vibration from their lower self, from their pride. I am not allowed to cater to that.
  • 2. I have been answering and measuring from “I am the big kahuna” lol
  • 3. I have more important things to attend to: my job is to cause the next evolution of humanity, not do piece work that fans my ego.

Wow, right? So for a while this service is definitely closed, and it may never open again.

I remember how it began: a huge influx of people with 150/160 vibration. I remember the disgust I felt. I remember not wanting them. I felt violated.

This brings to mind a Hungarian joke, the joke that made me lose a joke-contest some 45 year ago… lol.

I was tied with this woman. We were both on stage, and it was her turn to tell a joke. She asked me: if you were offered two baskets to choose from: one had a basketful of erect dicks, the other a basketful of limp dicks 1 … what would you choose?

I hesitated for a moment, and chose the erect ones… And I lost.

Why am I sharing this joke, off-color, crude, and seems to fit poorly in this conversation?

Well, let’s see what is the connection?

My job is to take humanity to the next evolutionary stage. If you have read my pedestrian article, you know that each stage takes you to a higher view of life, where you can see more and see more clearly. Much like moving up one floor higher. The apartment doesn’t change. The world doesn’t change. Your view changes. Dramatically.

The Kabbalists call this “clinging to the Tree of Life” or “climbing the Tree of Life”… really apt metaphor: from a higher branch you see different stuff, no matter where you look.

And what gives you your attitude in life is what you see, and what you say about it.

Landmark Education says: you are in a perfect dance with the occurring world… and occurring includes your vantage point. Your vantage point is crucial to what you will say about it.

he hits me cuz he loves me: the pedestrian view of life Imagine, it’s dark, and you hear someone’s steps behind you. Cold fear grabs your heart… you think of the money you just got out of the ATM, your children that will be orphans…

Now, look at the person walking in the street. You are in your apartment’s window on the second floor. Are you afraid? No. Why? Nothing changed. The person is walking in the street… Ah, but you are not on the same level… you are not in danger.

Truth be told, you probably weren’t in danger in the first scenario either, you just didn’t know it. Your vantage point made you vulnerable. Right?

When you move to the next evolutionary stage, your view and your experience of life changes just as dramatically as the above story.

Now, let’s look at this from another point of view: mine.

Who do you think, is easier to move up? The pedestrian level to the second floor, or someone on the fourth floor to the fifth?

If you guessed the fourth floor person, you guessed right.

And there is the connection to the off-color joke.

The limp ones are the pedestrian: it takes a lot of work to make them even respond… lol. Whereas the second group is on high alert and very responsive.

jarrat hewett How do I know? Jarrad Hewett, (vibration 110, truth value: 1%) the author I had a 90 minute long conversation with (87… I lied) yesterday, lives on the fourth floor. I had the same conversation with him as I had earlier that day with my core group that lives on the first floor.

He soaked it up, he saw it, he danced with it, he is ready to move to the fifth floor.

My core group isn’t… after five months and a few hundred hours of instruction.

The main question still remains: am I to teach and guide the people who are higher up and hope that the pedestrians pick up, or am I supposed to hope that I can cause some quickening in the pedestrian group: seven billion people vs. a few thousand…

Will the few thousand cause a tipping point and take the pedestrian group to the second floor through osmosis, entrainment, or some other magical way?

That is the dilemma. I chose one way 45 years ago. Shall I choose the other way this time?

Comment below with your personal suggestion.

Oh, by the way, if you got to the end of this article, you are probably not a pedestrian… the real pedestrians have been mortified by the language, and offended by the question itself. Yaay for you… Now, click comment and let me have it, ok?

Update: Jarrad Hewett’s vibration is 170 as of today, December 10, 2013.

Update: Jarrad hewett’s vibration is 110. And the truth value of what he teaches and his best-selling books: 1%. What does this say about the people who flock to him? ugh.

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  1. definition: Limp-dick is slang for a weak, ineffectual, irresolute person., but in this joke I mean it literally

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

13 thoughts on “Updated: The dilemma of a spiritual leader and an off-color joke… how do they match?”

  1. After reading this wonderful article, my only question is this: how did you lose to such a lame joke???? (-;

  2. All the articles this week have been very interesting. This particular one, in addition of being interesting, it has pizzzazz!!! Loved it, and the jokes are a great way to explain the information it contains.

  3. Teach those who are willing to learn. The movement is an upward one. Choose your own willingness to engage with whoever shows up. Those not ready, willing, or able will depart. Some not fast enough, I know.

    If there were a bunch of teachers like you to handle all the beginners, you would be free to teach only master classes. Alas, there is only one you, for now.

    Making a should out of it is going to make you into a martyr or a hero. Forget it. Do the thought experiment. Tomorrow, be a master teacher with three levels of secretaries and personal assistants. Enjoy being unreachable except by the already initiated, or the elite.

    You know, the work may get done either way. Choose what turns you on.

  4. holy crap… I clicked the wrong button, a two year old article gets republished, and I haven’t even read it… did I say elitist things there? darn. I may have to read it again. I’ll get back to you.

  5. Well, well. You are asking for it, huh. I would love to be able to say: “No, Sophie, we pedestrians need you more.” But the truth is probably more along the lines of- Since when does a pedestrian know what’s best. I realize that there is no one doing what you are, and you focusing on the 4th floor folks doesn’t seem to serve us pedestrians, initially, but I’d rather you do what you must to see your job through. Is there a way to split the work between the two? Either way thank you for helping me

  6. Sophie, I love you, you are wonderful, and still very human. I hope you get from this how much we appreciate you and all you do.

  7. it is not easy to get that when the feeling I get that I am being made wrong for the truth or my feeling of the moment… But you knew that. And I am surprising myself: I thought I did not care if I was loved or not, or if I was appreciated or not, but it seems that I do… which means that human being still have a desire to be liked… lol

  8. Sophie, it seems like you missed the point of your own article by posting your updated vibrational take.

    This quote alone from the comments section should show you that you’re working from ego and not pure Source Connection, “it is not easy to get that when the feeling I get that I am being made wrong for the truth or my feeling of the moment… I thought I did not care if I was loved or not, or if I was appreciated or not, but it seems that I do… which means that human being still have a desire to be liked…” I would add to that “the desire to be right” as I see you’ve added a slew of new teachers to your list since originally publishing this article.

    I came across this site as I was searching for information on another healer. You have SEO links with names in them to get traffic when people search for them. For me, that reiterates the ego as you are wanting to be the Source of information/judgment and are distracting arbitrarily from the light and truth being sought.

    You assigned Deepak Chopra a level of 400, then of 200. I saw where you changed your number on others as well. This alone should give you pause to your methodology. Consciousness does not rise and fall but illusion and mood do. While I believe it is possible to be weighed down with events in the 3D, those events do not reflect who we truly are.

    You also ranked the truth of several teachers Below that of what they teach. You cannot squeeze apple juice from an orange. The vibration must match on some level – even if it is non physical, which again goes to the methodology by which you “test” (I’m referring not to muscle testing but to the prism/prison of beliefs and structures with which you view the world, Source, others, etc., as well as what your definition of vibrations are and what, in any given moment, you are actually testing).

    Using your own allegory, if you’re on the street or first floor, you will see something happening on the fifth floor differently than someone on the sixth or thirteenth. Therefore, you will “test” differently.

    You’re doing a disservice by putting these numbers out as “truth.” They are your truth, and they are created from within a box of your own choosing.

    My guess is that you still don’t have permission to test vibrations – possibly because of the conditions you stated by your own hand in the above article, and because if we allow for a fixed number, we limit expansion. If you test daily, what are you testing, mood? That doesn’t do anyone any sum of goodness. It’s just judgment.

  9. I guess, no matter who you are, no matter anything, you always think yourself smarter, as smart, or just a little less smart than anyone you encounter.

    Your comment, although I appreciate the thought that went into it, has lot so statements that you consider accurate but they aren’t. When you go to your mind for information, which is not what I do, they you sound like you…

    But anyway, thank you for your contribution.

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