Why should you connect to Source?

Why should you connect to Source?

if you have ever wondered where your energy comes from, what you should do to increase your energy, increase your vitality, you have gotten many answers, most of them cost money, or a lot of energy and time compared to what you get back, in return.

just like you would not want to crank a handle all day to generate energy for your cell phone or your refrigerator, you don’t want to meditate, jump around, chant or do yoga all day. After all there is more to life than just having to generate the energy for the next moment.

But most of us need to do all that voodoo just to get through the day.

Here is a better way: there is a universal power source, called The Source. Connecting to it a few times a day gives you so much energy, that you will have energy to spare, and it takes no time. I do it every time I go to the bathroom: I just connect, and have more energy than I had when I was a toddler. Imagine that.

My mood is better. It is as if someone has washed the windows of my life and it’s brighter, sunnier, happier.

I need less sleep. I go to bed and I am not tired. I wake up and I am not tired. And just that you appreciate what that means: for the past 40 years I woke up tired every morning, even on vacation.

I suddenly found the energy I needed to clean up my spare room that I have been using as a junk room for 10 years.

I finally found the time and energy to go to a specialty chiropractor to see if their special equipment would be the secret weapon against my chronic hip pain that no chiropractor has been able to remedy. In fact, I am writing this on the train on the scenic route of Upstate NY.

My relationships are now nurturing. I have gotten rid of (has taken a lot of courage) of the takers in my life, and now I have people who want to have a give and take relationship.

My concentration has improved. I am not jumping up from my computer every 10-15 minutes to obey my restlessness: I hang in there until the work is done.

My dyslexia has improved. My ADD 99% disappeared. My mood is a 99% cheerful and peaceful with bouts of belly laughing that I don’t even notice: other people say they want to laugh like me.

So what is the secret? The Secret is called connecting to Source.

You’ll experience the brightness of your being within days.

Another benefit I see people are getting is getting clearer on their value and their ability to provide value.

One of the biggest plagues of our time is people experiencing a sense of displacement. Not being at the right place. Not knowing what they should do with their life.

Fulfillment and satisfaction is only possible if you feel that you have given your best for what and where you were supposed to.

A friend of mine teaches how to live on purpose, but finds that people lack the energy it takes to feel good enough about themselves, about what they know, to actually find the purpose in their lives.

When you look in the mirror and you know who you are, what you are doing, and know that that’s what you are supposed to do, life is satisfying. You like who you are. You like your life. And anything that might happen in the world doesn’t concern you. Floods? Fine. We’ll handle it. Earthquake? No problem. Gas prices too high? No problem. We make enough money to not have to worry. It’s raining on Sunday? so what? There is so much you can do in rainy weather.

It’s like the difference between driving an economy car with no suspension and driving a mercedes benz… where the loudest noise at 75 miles an hour is the electric clock.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

3 thoughts on “Why should you connect to Source?”

  1. Sophie, my desired state of being and having is that “Mercedez Benz” state. Looking forward to the 27 th. Blessings!

  2. I also notice myself “not”worrying. That is an unusual state for me. I find myself having more space in my head for “real” stuff, not “what if” stuff.

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