What Does Your Atlas Have To Do With Ascension? With Spirituality? With Connecting To Source?

what does the Atlas have to do with spirituality? Atlas 1

I have been having problems with my right leg. The pain, the frequent inability to walk, stand, or even to rest was extolling a price.

Life occurred to me this way: it would be perfect if only my leg healed.

Chiropractors didn’t have any answers.

one leg shorter than the other and the atlas Then I saw a Youtube video about upper cervical adjustment. It was about a procedure that is directed at a 2 ounce tiny bone at the base of your skull that is frequently out of alignment. Birth trauma, whiplash, fall, your mother slapping you hard you always from the same side of your face. 2

My father had it, my brothers have it, and I have it.

When I looked in the mirror, I saw that my head is slightly tilted.

This is it, I thought. But… I KNEW it was going to cost more than what I had. I KNEW I could not afford it.

Introducing the Light. Introducing the Tangerine Method.

My leg didn’t get better. But one morning I woke up and looked at the same video, googled the method, found a chiropractor 140 miles from me, called and yesterday I got my adjustment.

Did it work? It is too early to say. My head is straight. My leg hurts a lot less. But whether all the symptoms were from this tiny bone being out of whack… we’ll see. I think so, but I don’t know.

What I wanted to share here, in addition to my now disappearing misery, is the power of your mindset. And the power of your connection.

You see, before the frequent connections that replenished my empty reservoirs historically. Historically means that all my previous incarnations, and all my ancestors as in bloodline.

My mother’s side and my father’s side.

And the incarnations… the soul on those stages.

What I see here is that all of your misery is perpetuated by you.

The solution to this issue has existed for a long time. The chiropractor I saw has been using it since 1989.

a tiny click and your atlas slips back to where it was supposed to be... miraculous. Too simple? I have known about it for about a year now. I even heard about a guy who went from cripple to being able to see patients again. Now, the story came without the interpretation I give you now. But I saw that he was a cripple, about to lose his family’s home, and suddenly he was practicing chiropractic and starting to earn money.

But I wasn’t ready. I could not see that I could have that. That it was affordable (never called!) and that I could go for it.

I was locked in to the circumstances that seemed set.

It can’t be that simple. It can’t be that easy.

Really? I hear the same thing from people that get the hang of connecting.

You know what? I think that restoring the Original Design, whether it’s your connection, or the position of that bone in your neck, is supposed to be easy. It is supposed to be simple.

But as you see, both have a trick to it. Why? beats me.

One thing I can tell you: there is an eerie similarity between chiropractors and spiritual teachers.

They are both protecting of their turf. The chiropractors I go to regularly both knew that sick chiropractor, they knew that after that procedure he started to practice as if he had never been sick (he was deadly ill for 10 years!) and even to my persistent questioning they weren’t willing to admit that there was something in the world of bones they could not do.

Like the spiritual teachers I have examined claim that there is nothing in the world of connecting that they don’t know.

Healer, heal thyself.

But all these doctors, chiropractors, healers are not doing that. They don’t know how, and they don’t want to find out. Because if they did, they would not be the only game in town?

Because they live in a scarcity mindset?

Because they are threatened?

The world is designed to be abundant. When you need more, more will unfold from the invisible world.

And even if this procedure really healed my leg problems, I will still go to a regular chiropractor! For maintenance. Because Life has a way of beating up on you! You sit wrong, or you eat the wrong stuff, or you walk to far, or you lift something too heavy… I may not need my Atlas adjusted, but I need everything else a regular chiropractor can offer. 3

Though I connect to Source regularly, I will still want to learn breathing that calms me. Processes to get to issues that hold me back. Learn a great visualization meditation. Learn to command strong energies…

You see that scarcity mindset and the desire to receive for the self alone is there, in every hidden nook and cranny.

And there is no way to ferret it out and let it go without gaining energy for it from Source.

It takes a lot of energy, a lot!

And what could a spiritual teacher do if they didn’t feel protective of their turf? They could say: let me check out that Tangerine Method of connecting to Source! And experience the connection, and experience the power. And add two sentences to their own process: “OK, look up and look backwards, and put your attention on your tangerine spot… ok… you are connected,” and then continue like before.

And suddenly they would be REALLY agents of the Light. They would stop being fakes and frauds and cheats.

And people who like them would continue to like them and, gasp!, they would get the REAL results from their programs, not just the placebo, feel good parts.

God forbid! lol


  1. Atlas Vertebra1455990852204
    In anatomy, the atlas is the most superior (first) cervical vertebra of the spine.

    It is named for the Atlas of mythology, because it supports the globe of the head.

    The atlas is the topmost vertebra, and – along with the Axis – forms the joint connecting the skull and spine. The atlas and axis are specialized to allow a greater range of motion than normal vertebrae. They are responsible for the nodding and rotation movements of the head.

    The atlanto-occipital joint allows the head to nod up and down on the vertebral column. The dens acts as a pivot that allows the atlas and attached head to rotate on the axis, side to side.

    The Atlas’ chief peculiarity is that it has no body, it is ring-like, and consists of an anterior and a posterior arch and two lateral masses.

    The Atlas and Axis are important neurologically because the brain stem extends down to the Axis.

  2. there are mothers like that. Mine was an example of that
  3. Chiropractors claim that they are better than regular doctors that treat symptoms. Chiropractors are taught to say they treat the cause. But as you see, they are just like regular doctors, sometimes they treat the cause, sometimes (often) they treat the symptoms. Like in the case of a person who chronically has one leg shorter than the other. You can see that life on earth predisposes us to pretend that our solution is the whole solution. And it is NEVER true.

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3 thoughts on “What Does Your Atlas Have To Do With Ascension? With Spirituality? With Connecting To Source?”

  1. I don't know if I agree or not with you in that all misery is perpetuated by one to oneself. I don't feel I have done or said or thought anything to cause the misery I am experiencing at this time, but to be honest I am sort of confused at this time particularly after reading your thoughts on things in general I am more inclined to believe in you because a lot of what you say is what I believe things to be. If you can make sense of this, please share your thoughts on this & perhaps I will understand better what I feel or don't feel to be true.


    Sue McShan

  2. I have been getting my atlas adjusted for 13 years, and it does have benefits, for some more than others. Just recently I have met a D.C. that uses activator protocol for his adjustments and this addresses the whole structure of the body. After many years of research on this subject I believe the activator is the way to go. It is a very gentle method, and your body “tells” the Chiro where it needs adjusting.

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