Do you have to go down with the ship? the economy, war?

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going down with the shipDo you have to go down with the ship?

In 1987 I did the More Money Workshop… I have fond memories of that

Back in 1987 I was working as an architect in the luxury architecture field. We were building or remodeling Caribbean villas for rich people. Nice when you can have it… lol.

I myself was dirt poor, a recent immigrant.

But I never skimped on my education, so I enrolled in the More Money Workshop. It was two Saturdays, and in between I lost my job.

Black-Monday-1987The famous or infamous Black Monday Stock Market Crash happened..

…and with it the luxury architecture business also crashed.

I was let go.

I had no savings. I lived on beans, rice, and beef hearts… not even coffee.

My firm called me back to work for 2-3 days every month, because it was an interior design firm and I was the only architect. They needed me only 2-3 days a month.

The money I made was ALMOST enough to survive, but not quite. By the end of the sixth month I had the choice to get a haircut or eat.

Because I had done the More Money Workshop, I chose the haircut… And used this opportunity to change professions. I became first an advertising sales person, and then a publisher with my own magazine.

Big change. Would not have been possible without the More Money Workshop.

disaster, disobedience, chaos... can you still make money?Back to our days… Trump inciting civil war, dividing the country, COVID is raging…

Likely for everyone the proverbial sh!t just hit the fan? Moneywise…

You need to make more money or you are up sh!t’s creek without a paddle, like I was back in 1987.

But how to make more money? You can’t see your way through, you can’t see what you can change… YOU. ARE. STUCK.

Unfortunately everyone has a money ‘thermostat’, you too, and it prevents you from making more money… It is set wherever it’s set. Mine is set to ‘just comfortable’

The question is: Can you reset your money thermostat or is it stuck for life?

Yesterday, in my Growth course this was my private agenda to examine.

Is there a reason in the invisible dynamics that is correctable, changeable, and therefore you could be set free to make more money.

The secret is in the undertow, what I wrote about yesterday.

your money blocksUnfortunately we don’t have direct access to the undertow.

It is the fourth layer hidden under one visible and two invisible layers. Even if I told you what it is, it would make no difference, because the layers above it keep it in place, firmly. so we need to change, alter, release all the layers above the undertow.

When I look around what I see energy persons, legitimate or not, who promise to remove the BELIEF that makes you poor. But they are all wrong.

Your money thermostat setting has nothing to do with beliefs.


Yeah, your money situation is not a belief issue. Then what is it?

Hey, even if I told you, you wouldn’t know what to do with it, so I won’t tease you…

For now, please just get: it can be changed…

What will it take to change your money thermostat settings?

It will take laser sharp identification of the top three layers.

It will take creating a specialized environment where everyone is about making more money.

This is why I just created the More Money Workshop.

Why now? After all this request, this demand of me to create a money course has been made, regularly, for years…

But, hey, I am selfish.

This past week one of my accounts closed my account and my entire savings are locked up…

So I am finding myself having to re-structure, re-shuffle, re-negotiate, so I can stay afloat.

let's change your money blueprintThis is a great opportunity to both you and me.

Not pleasant, but nevertheless and opportunity.

I will need to raise my earning thermostat… and you can come with me and we can do it both for me and you.

I have already identified what my deepest level is… will tell you only if you register in the course… it is privileged information… lol.

But with all seriousness, if you are looking down the barrel of the gun of poverty, hardship, figuratively speaking, then you owe it to yourself to do something new about it, something new.

The same old will not work in this new world where things are changing dramatically, just look at the rabid violent group actions in Washington DC on Wednesday.

I think worse times are coming, and you are not prepared.

more money workshopThe More Money Workshop will prepare you.

And when you are done, you may want to stay for more… But I won’t get ahead of myself.

Before I accept anyone into the More Money Course, they need to ace… really ace the Moneyroots workshop and the distinctions in it.

Otherwise I’ll continue ‘teaching’ people who are unwilling to do the work it takes to get anywhere.

Get and master the Moneyroots

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