How realistic are your expectations? of yourself, of your life, of your brain, or your vibration…

can you raise your iq?I wrote this article almost two years ago.

Since then I have done a lot of work in the area of intelligence. This article is a lot more mainstream (meaning: wrong) than I like it, so I am in the middle of writing yet another article.

The new article will take out the mystery, why you aren't able to accomplish what is within your power to accomplish... And what to do so you can.

By the way, the mainstream lies are in the illustrations... Can you catch them?

OK, here is the original article: This article will burst your bubble... so if you are not interested, don't read it. Just leave now, while you are ahead... Now, I said. I don't want hate mail... OK?

I had an interesting coaching session yesterday. I spoke words I thought were dangerous and inflammatory. Turned out that instead they inspired. I am still stunned...

we are building castles in the airWe are taught that we can achieve anything we set our mind to. And apart from obvious obstacles, we believe that we can. Some people are even unwilling to consider obvious obstacles. Some 25 years ago a guy with muscular dystrophy stood up in a Landmark Education seminar and declared that he is going to become an NBA 1 basketball player. He walked with a stick. Everyone could see that he was building a pie in the sky. It filled us all with doubt, and to a degree, despair.

But the obvious obstacles are that: obvious. What about the non-obvious obstacles? Do we even know about them?

If you are reading this, you probably wish to raise your vibration. You probably hope that you can get to, at least, to the second floor to view and relate to life and others from: a huge upgrade from the pedestrian level.

You have dreams of changing your occupation to something that will make you happy, rich. You compare yourself with others, and you KNOW that you can become as smart as they seem to be.

I have good news for you and I have bad news for you.

I'll start with the bad news: you don't have much to play with.

12-of-the-DNA-Differs-Amongst-Human-Races-and-Populations-2We are genetically predetermined, in your DNA. It is not just the shape or color of our eyes, the color or curliness of our hair... it is our mental capabilities, and our spiritual capabilities.

If you consider your physical being a computer, if I use the analogy of a computer, I can explain some of the distinctions that are obviously missing, or you would not be fooling yourself.

Your computer has a certain size hard drive, it has a certain size and speed processor, RAM (random access memory), an operating system (a base software that tells the computer how to work), software (stuff that tells the computer how to do certain specific thinking tasks) and input/output devices: display (monitor), printing, and keyboard, USB ports, etc.

You are a certain model by design, and by design I mean you were born into a certain ethnic group, into a certain family.

Then you get software, input, and some training through your upbringing, schooling, hobbies, extracurricular activities, etc.

computer-componentsYour computer could be put together to reach the stars, or it could be put together to serve a larger purpose of which the computer has no idea. When you look at a computer's ethnic history, observe the behavior of other computers of the same region through centuries, you can predict how the computer will behave, how far it is able to go towards the stars.

Culturally, ethnically, your relationship to life is quite determined. For example, Oriental cultures 2 favor obedience, rote memorizing, forceful practicing, absolutely and totally void of initiative, void of debate, void of coloring outside of the lines.

New software's of the Oriental person is limited in usability by the operating system that prohibits or at least discourages real thinking, creativity, questioning, and any kind of originality.

The other limiting factor of a computer is the processor coupled with RAM. It has a predictable speed, accuracy, reliability: that matches, somewhat, your IQ. Your ability to solve problems.

Another limiting factor is the input you received as a person living in society, in family: it can be called the hard data that is stored on the hard drive's system area: inviolable, cannot be erased, cannot be over-written, no matter what anybody says: it is carved in stone, so to say.

And yet another limiting factor is the base software package you use: it can be well written, without bugs, or it can be buggy and lead to faulty results: these are religion, law of attraction, Marxism, shamanism, and other believe systems.

Now, when you get any input, new information, a new software, it needs to contend with all that's already there, or not there.

Which means that, in the normal course of events, you are limited by all the above to be like your peers, to be like your hardware. Your comprehension, your willingness to change, your willingness to take risks, your willingness to challenge yourself.

But most of us, when asked what we are willing to do for what we want, we say: I am willing to do my best.

Oho, gotcha! Your best is predetermined, defined, and very very very limited. The statement: I am willing to do my best gives you away: you are NOT willing to do what it takes to go to places your predetermined predisposition won't want you to go.

fish that walkIf you were a fish, what's already there, the "reality" you live in is this: there is no water, and climbing out to the edge of the world is sure death. The edge of the world is, of course, dry land. But yet, eons ago, one fish (supposedly) got somehow crazy and decided to try it and go out on dry land. And although it traditionally meant death, he did what he needed to do to stay alive...

The brain has plasticity and is able to evolve itself, change itself, if it is challenged systematically and in a certain direction. It is painful, it is fraught with failures, it is not socially correct, your peers won't like it, and you may be punished if you live in a community where growth is strictly prohibited...

This also applies to spiritual (invisible, energetic) aspects of you too. For example, the willingness and ability to take responsibility isn't part of the original computer, but yet, some people can upgrade themselves to it by practices that allow them, like the fish, to go to a level where other people aren't considering going.

If your hardware and software configuration is unsuitable, no energetic download will add a new capacity: the energy of my activators, direct from Source, are going to be resisted, invalidated, annulled, neutralized.

So how does this neutralization work? Here are a few examples:

  1. I tell you to do something, to co-create with the energy. You ignore it, because your current configuration only recognizes receiving... giving is not allowed, not practiced, not your bag.
  2. I tell you to do something that would open up the space for a new capacity. Your computer overrides the instructions with an interpretation that comes from what it already has on the hard drive: no results.
  3. I tell you to do something that would make a difference. You don't even hear me. The instructions don't even reach the computer: they die in the trash.
  4. I tell you to do something, but you forget the instructions completely.
  5. I tell you to do something, but you argue with me... you know better.

I could continue. If you have a spouse, an employee, or a child, you probably have as many examples as I do.

So, what is there to do if you can't or won't take on being the fish that walks out to the dry land? If you are not willing to give more than your best?

My foundational tools, unless you are tooooo dense, unless your environment is toooo toxic, can take you to the vibrational level of 200 without much more than giving it your best.

200 is very comfortable. You will feel less effected by other people, sarcasm, negativity, discouragement, invalidation. You will feel better about yourself. You will find yourself doing some of the things that you need to do to have a decent life.

I worked on getting from 120 in 1985 to 170 in 2007, diligently, tirelessly, in earnest.

In 2007 I got an energetic infusion that got me to 200. It was a group thing, the rest of the group lost the vibration shortly after they got it, and some didn't even get to 200.


races-2I could have stayed there, but my desire, my commitment, my overriding aspiration to "not be anything less than magnificent" and "be the flying that the spirit is interested in" didn't let me rest on my laurels.

I still challenge myself every day. It takes creativity to challenge myself, and my current challenge is wicked... it is not about winning or losing, it is about re-training the brain, re-wiring the computer. And although the hard data cannot be changed, and although the limitations of the hardware are real, I have managed to raise my IQ 20 above my father's, who I always considered a genius, at least in his profession.

IQ is REAL intelligence, including emotional, spiritual intelligence. I am not stopping. I am starting to see clearly the next level: it is like a cataract being removed: before it lifts it gives me glimpses to what I can't see, that it goes back into place.

Until you consider your limitations to be real but not permanent, not fixed, you will never go to the next level.

And it all begins with telling the truth about where you are. We are not building castles in the clouds here...

That is for the "other gurus" not me, and not with me.

Your first job is to get to the vibrational level of 200 and then stabilize it. You won't be able to do it without regularly attending coaching sessions, that is why I have lifetime coaching included in the Foundational tools.

And if you are one in a million, then you will want to go further. Sometimes the most unlikely candidates grow wings and start to fly... or to stay with the fish analogy: grow legs and walk. Congratulations, Will.



  1. the highest level of teams in the USA in basketball
  2. I pick on this ethnic group because I now have a large amount of data about them. As soon as I have enough students in other ethnic groups, I'll be able to see the common denominator, and I'll probably publish it, so you know what you are up against. OK?

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4 thoughts on “How realistic are your expectations? of yourself, of your life, of your brain, or your vibration…”

  1. I was doing too much ‘building castle in the air’, upon hearing about the genetics stuff, I felt despair because of my limitations by birth, but without facing this, i would be living in my head imagining i’m someone extraordinary.

  2. I don’t know you, Will, but if Sophie is congratulating you, I wish you congratulations, too!

  3. I enjoyed being mentioned.Lol
    Currently surprised by the upward trend, so will keep my eyes open for what’s working and keep it working.
    It’s always been my intention to reach the top, if rarely my action however, it’s very exciting to think about adding/activating more capacities, vibration, light, taking it to the next floor, I’m buzzing at the thought of it, now.

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