My Christmas Gift to you plus some observation about women

cattyI have been watching, as usual, a TV series, always about crime and such, this one is called White Collar. The main character is a charming, charismatic, good looking, intelligent, young man.

After seeing almost three whole seasons’ worth, I looked up the cast on google. Found out that our guy is gay. I was surprised because I didn’t see any signs of gayness, which are, typically (my personal experience) being attention seeking, catty, gossipy, disloyal, etc.

Instead, our guy is quiet, reserved, loyal to the extreme, kind, and has a huge capacity to love.

He has qualities I appreciate in a person, except I have never seen them in a man. I would say, that these are the innate characteristics of a woman, except that I don’t know a woman who is loyal, who is reserved, who is kind.

Instead, women are catty, backbiting, blaming, using, martyrs, etc.

A female writer explains the why and how of female behavior here

If this is what woman means, I don’t want to be a woman.

Of course, this is not what woman means, and yet, women participate in the power struggle as if having power over another had any value, had any dignity, had any “light” in it.

In a world where women are objectified, it takes a stronger person, a stronger desire to earn your way, to become a human being, not just a woman.

It took a man to show me how to be a woman human being. I am most attracted by the loyalty bit… have never seen loyalty before, at least not consciously.

I have been wondering how to celebrate the holidays with you, instead of my usual way of enjoying that everyone is busy, so I can be by myself.

I have decided to give you a gift. When I asked some people what people, in their view, would want most for the holidays, the answers converged to “contentment” and “peace of mind”.

I decided to give you a copy of the HOE audio for $7. That is 65% off. But only till Christmas.

Your activator is delivered in a downloadable audio format and you can listen to it as often as you want…


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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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