stuck for last minute Christmas gifts? here’ s one for 99c that they will love

headerchristmas shoppingneed a last minute Christmas gift?

Have you shopped and shopped and still haven’t managed to get a gift for a loved one?

I know the feeling! I have spent hours getting gifts with a special meaning but there was always someone who either seemed to have everything or or I just couldn’t think of the right thing.

But, don’t worry! I have a solution that is good for even a difficult person to buy for

A custom domain name!

How about buying a domain for your mum so she has an email address like

or buy a domain and set it up with forwarding to a pretty picture on flickr or forward it to a song you both know?

Wait, you said for 99c .. aren’t domains more expensive?

normally, yes but if you use the coupon code 99luvlink here) you can get a domain name for just 99c

but hurry, you only have until the end of December before this coupon runs out!

Try these last minute Christmas gift ideas…

Get a domain name for your partner that shows your love and she’ll give you extra pudding! and forward to this page

set up an email for your mum that she can remember

buy one for yourself and forward it to your about page

Those were just some ideas that you can use to get a last minute Christmas gift for a loved one, or even yourself!

Just head on over to godaddy and use 99luv at the checkout to get a domain for 99c 1

And I wouldn’t love you enough if I didn’t sneak in here that you can get yourself a gift that keeps on giving, giving you peace of mind, contentment, the “famous” Heaven on Earth audio version.

Merry Christmas.


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  1. another offer: $1.99 hosting for 12 months! (plus a free domain)

    use coupon code hostoff10

    I don’t like godaddy’s hosting, this is why this offer is in the footer

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