Love was invented by humans… by religion to make you miserable

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is true love possible?I am sitting at my desk. Trying to work. Waves of despair, waves of grief, waves of depression wash over me.

None of it is mine.

It’s two days before Christmas, and peak time for depression, and suicides is coming.

Why are people so low around Christmas, when the holiday is supposedly about love?

Because love is a human invention.

I am no historian, but my hunch is that before religion, and without religion there would be no such “thing” as love.

spirit of christmas loveBut religion, especially Christianity preaches love. They say God is love. They say Jesus is love. They say that love solves everything.

But if you look in nature, you will see no love, you will see beauty, harmony, striving, thriving, struggle, but no love.

Love never exicted before it became a “commandment” to enslave, to entrap humans to an ongoing, never relenting sense of lack, inferiority, and pretense.

Love is not natural. Lust is. Infatuation is. Affinity is. Loyalty is. Gratitude is. But love isn’t.

If that is so, what does the Unconditional Love Activator activate? Actually, although on the surface it doesn’t sound logical, The Unconditional Love Activator releases you from the grips of the requirement of having to love, and having to have love.

The Unconditional Love Activator gives you back to you. And gives you back the power to choose.

It removes the innate have to-s, the need to-s, the shoulds… and allows you to be clear that all have to’s, all need to-s, all shoulds are societal pressure to strip you from your individuality, strip you from your right to choose your life, to deliver you to sameness, slavery, sheephood, and misery.

Society, beginning with your family, doesn’t want you to become a person. A person can’t be owned. A person can’t be enslaved. A person is free, a person is beautiful, a person is responsible.

Family, society, church, government don’t want you to be a person. They offer you false security in exchange for your freedom, for your power to think, for your individuality.

Christmas is a tough time for people that accepted the false security in hopes that they will get love, understanding, support, and a life. It is a time of reckoning: you got nothing but duties, commandments, and apprehension in exchange for your freedom.

Family, society, church, cults, government will do whatever is in their power to return you to the strait and narrow: meaning slavery. The accepted norms: spend so much money on worthless gifts at Christmas, so you won’t ever be able to pay off your credit cards… spend the holidays with “loved ones”… don’t be alone. Smile, smile, smile.

love-is-christmasSend pictures, cards, etc. to people you don’t even know: spread Christmas cheer… no cheer? Pretend, pretend, pretend.

So, what do you do to extricate yourself from the clutches of this beast?

Don’t start with extricating. Instead start growing, start expanding, start with that. Once you outgrow the cage you have been living in, you can start upgrading…

There is no escape, no matter what you do, society is already there, and you need to create a life that includes society. But instead of it being the center, your growth, your expansion, you becoming an expanding human being pushes society and its commands to the periphery of your being, so you don’t get killed, you don’t have to live in the wild, so you can have a life that is your own.

The Unconditional Love Activator is the perfect way to start that journey. And the perfect companion to the journey is the Heaven on Earth click here… all formats.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

1 thought on “Love was invented by humans… by religion to make you miserable”

  1. That is exactly my experience for the past years. Instead of feeling love and happiness, I am feeling depressed and angry a few weeks before and during Christmas. I hate this pretending of joy and love and I am unable to tell when it is real or not.

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