How could you experience love? The warm fuzzy feeling of love…

life begins where fear ends. love begins where you endHow did you become the person you are today?

It’s Christmas, and my whole thinking is about love, and the lack of it… this article digs deep to why and how love disappeared for most of us.

According to Landmark Education, the identity that you consider yourself to be developed through three or four incidents in your life.

In each incident you experienced to be wrong, less than perfect, less than what would make you lovable, deserving, worthy.

Now, experiencing yourself less than lovable is not a big issue unless you find a way to please the people around you so you can regain your sense of being OK, lovable, deserving, etc.

We all think that what has made us who we are today are the influences, the events, etc.

But when you look at siblings, or even twins, you will find that they have slight quirks in their personality… same events, different reaction.

One may decide that the way to restore status in the world is through being cautious, the other may decide to restore status in the world by becoming a smarty pants.

But no matter what you decided, you are screwed.

Every decision was based on an untruth: that there was something wrong with you and that it needed to be fixed… at once, and once and for all.

Having these fixes, being smart, being outgoing, being artistic, etc. are going to make you limited and miserable, but that’s not the aspect I’d like to talk about today. Landmark has been teaching that since 1988… what they haven’t seen, and even I could not see until this morning, is this:

When you have something to prove, you are in the competitive state of mind. You are in survival. And you are there, it’s all about you.

Love is present when you are not there. There is no lover and loved, there is only love, a rare energy of both lover and loved disappearing.

Even if you have experienced and got benefit from the Unconditional Love Activator, if there is an I that is loved unconditionally by All-of-it, you still won’t experience love, because you are still there to be loved.

Feeling the warm and fuzzy energy of love is all-encompassing. All of life is love at that moment. You are love, and it’s glorious.

Some mothers feel it when they first look into the eyes of their newborn. Then, the moment “my child” comes as a thought, love disappears, because lover and loved re-appeared: love has to go.

Can you learn to disappear so love can be there? Yes.

So, why haven’t you? Or said in another way, why wouldn’t you?

If you think that using the word “love” creates it, they you won’t be willing…

If you think that love buys you something, then you won’t be willing… Example are the people that say good bye by saying instead “I love you” or “Love and light.” I cringe every time I hear it. It is all about them, it is all about survival.

Check your email signature or language for what has been perpetuating your inability to experience love.

If you think that you need to be loved to be whole and complete: you need the Unconditional Love Activator.

If you think that love is affection, attention, appreciation, etc. then you live in a fog, and you may need to clear that before you can go anywhere else… For you everything is the same as everything else… no distinctions, no details, nobody home.

Your relationship to love is a culturally induced false state based on misinformation.

81% of humanity is not even willing to engage in the real conversation for love: for them it is about being loved so they can have more, be more than the other, a control device… ugly.

19% of humanity is willing… but don’t know how, don’t have enough capacity to trust, to be vulnerable, to want nothing.

This 19% are the people that I have a chance to initiate them into love.

Nothing wrong if you are not in the 19%, you can still have an enjoyable life: your desire to be better, more and different than others is still going to give you pleasure.

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