Abundance, money, love, entertainment… Can they be yours now? Can Christie Marie Sheldon’s Unlimited Abundance take you there?

abundance as having all you needIn my previous article I write about the two dimensions a person can live, the horizontal dimension and the vertical dimension.

And in many of my articles I write that the part of you we can call Soul is actively seeking the fulfillment of its desire.

abundance as investmentsWhether you will have abundance of money, abundance of warm fuzzy relationships, AND joy, contentment will largely depend on the above factors, whether you live in accordance to the Soul’s desire, and whether you live in the horizontal or the vertical dimension most of the time. 1

The Soul is the part of you that wants to climb the tree of life 2 , or better said, wants you to climb the tree of life, to go from the physical dimension of scarcity, deals, working to make money for entertainment dimension, the world of Malchut 3 , the world of politics, the world of society, to the rarefied dimension of individual, through stages of development.

Your physical body is barely more evolved than animals’. And although your brain has the potential to do more, you use it like most people use their computers: check their email, browse, gossip, etc. Maybe you use it for gaming, but almost none of you uses it creatively, almost none of you uses it to more than 5-10% of its capacity.

Why? Our school system isn’t interested in you becoming a creative force: society is interested in followers. Independent thinking is a threat to the current structure of society.

Our school system, the division of labor relegates you to be a consumer of “knowledge” while other people, whose job it is to think, do the thinking.

Such an unnatural way of living for people with superior brain can only be managed with regular drugging: chemicals, energies, brain washing, sex, entertainment, gossip are all drugs to keep you in line. Panem and Circenses, said the Roman Emperors. Give them bread and give them circus.

The evolution of humans stopped by that smart insight.

But the Soul, like yeast in the dough, has never completely given up.

The Original Design is for human to become human being and the crowning achievement of Existence.

People that read my words, day after day, month after month, are people in whom the Soul has started to expand, in whom the Soul is more active than in most.

At first most people find my site because they feel a lack, they feel a sense of quiet desperation. That quiet desperation is what tells them that they can be more, have more… most importantly they can be themselves, somehow, more fully.

Because we are indoctrinated to feel like we are a fixed thing, by the environment that acts like a mirror, the inner being and the outer being don’t match, and we feel like a fraud. It is harder and harder to go through life playing the diverse roles we play with different people, in different parts of our lives. It’s all-consuming.

abundance as hoardingSome of us have money, but no love. Some of us have a good family but no money. Some of us has money but we want more: we are like a black hole, nothing satisfies us.

The dominant emotions are trepidation and that “want” I call greed for lack of a better word.

The greed is to fix the misery the trepidation signals… but, of course, the greed is a type of misery: it perpetuates the sense of lack, the sense that something is wrong and it needs to be fixed.

In my programs people successfully get less gripped by both the trepidation and the greed as they climb the vibrational ladder. Most stop generating and slip back: society claims them as its own… much like in the zombie movies, you get pulled down.

The apropos for this article was the fact that Christie Marie Sheldon is re-launching her famous or infamous program called Unlimited Abundance. Which means that you are going to get a lot of emails pushing it.

Christie Marie Sheldon’s vibration is 130, and her dominant emotion is greed. Even if she were a witch or a sorcerer, she can only impart energies that she can at 130: Dark Energies, zombie energies.

Don’t fall for it. It will make you more miserable than you are now.

Instead, spend your time developing yourself.

abundance as a sense of growthHow? Raise your vibration to 200, and then start working on your brain power, your earning power. You will be a lot happier, a lot more effective in generating a livelihood, without that strangulating bottomless pit feeling of greed.

How? The foundational program I offer include six months of coaching and all the energetic support you need. Depending on your current vibration, you may start with just the Heaven on Earth, (if your vibration is too low, under 170) or you start with the whole toolkit.

Once you are on the 200 vibrational level, you can start developing your brain, your perceptiveness, your Witness, ask for the Ego’s and the Soul’s support, and start acquiring the “stuff” that you need.

Coming from that want, and need, on your current level of vibration will only backfire… be good to yourself and don’t do it.

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  1. Some people think that just by connecting to Source, or knowing how to connect to Source, they fulfilled the requirement to live on the Vertical Line, but it’s not so. Other people want to connect to Source because they think it is something that will fulfill their greedy, bottomless desire, so they approach it with their hands out. Total misunderstanding, the religious interpretation of Source… and they are beggars…
  2. Climbing the tree of life means that you become a better human, eventually a human being, mastering yourself, your evil inclination, and become godlike yourself. The Tree of Life is a Kabbalistic concept: they draw the different ever higher ways of being in the form of a tree. Here is an example of that drawing: climbing the tree of life
  3. Kingdom in Hebrew, the lowest level of existence

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