How is the Tree-of-Knowledge alive and well today?

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Tree of Knowledge : sleepIn this article I will tell you about the health aspects of the Tree of Knowledge1
William, a rehabilitation trainer from South Africa sent me one of his clients’ DNA testing.

It would have been interesting to also get the client’s picture, so I can compare the results with muscletesting, with what Source has to say about her health… but I think that is pushing it… we’ll see if William is willing.

Hey… I just checked… and found the client’s picture… But I will muscletest her AFTER I publish this article… If you want to know what I find, email me at

When I asked, muscletest said that the truth value of the DNA test is 10%, while the truth value of my recommendations is 70%.

I don’t like 70%, too low, but I guess 70% truth value is as good as it gets… Why would it be only 70%?

I have a hunch.

What you eat, what you put in your body can create imbalances.

For example, when I eat any fruit, suddenly my body tells me I need copper, Magnesium, and Potassium. (different body parts go numb or cramp)

Why? most likely because the sugar in the fruit can’t metabolize without those minerals. Metabolize is a fancy five dollar word for something to be used or be neutralized by the body. My body can’t use sugar… so it needs to eliminate it. Your body is probably different.

What causes imbalance is personal. I would say most people are sensitive to sugar, but are you most people?

So when I muscletest you, I get the result from your body after you ate whatever you ate… And that is why the muscle testing is only 70% true TOMORROW. Today it is 95% true.

Confusing? Hell yeah, but this is the best we can do with what we have.

But I digress…

What I wanted to talk about is how we, humans, live disconnected from our innate intelligence, and yes, you have innate intelligence!

At first it is your parents and caretakers insist on giving you what they ‘know’ is good for you… and start destroying your body… It happened to me.

I threw up at least once a day for the first six years of my life…

I was skin and bones until I turned nine, then I ballooned to twice the size…

What happened?

I was introduced to the idea that whole grains are better for me than normal bread.

I bought some wheat bran rolls… and I ballooned. The hormones in the seed made me hungry, hungry all the time, and changed my hormonal balance too.

The same thing, following some kakameini, fashionable ‘scientific’ advice, has been happening ever since then. I hear some ‘scientific’ news, and I try it, and it makes me sicker, fatter, weaker.

Today’s science is at best 10% truth value when it comes to the complex science of well-being and health. And there is a lot of money, billions, trillions, in misleading the masses.

I have lived 50% of my life this way… but I am about to wake up from this expensive mass hypnosis right now.

Ready to come with me to visit the areas where I’ll turn to the Tree of Life for guidance?

1. It’s about my sleep.

I have been trying to force myself to sleep at a certain hour… and I have been pitifully failing at it. I have been having 10 hours spent in bed with the light off, and get 3-5 hours of actual sleep. Not a very economical solution.

So I said, two nights ago: why don’t I read in bed until I am tired and the kindle is about to fall out of my hand, and then turn off the light.

Two things happened: I fell asleep almost instantly after I turned the light off, both nights. And I got up at the same time both morning. When I muscletested how much sleep I got, both nights I got five hours.

So I gained two and a half hours a night by this change. I read two and a half hours after my designated sleep time…

I am going to continue this experiment. The next step is to wake up and get up after I slept the five hours… So I’ll probably get one of those sensors that sense that I am between sleep cycles, and make it wake me up then.

OK, I just downloaded this app to my iphone, and will start using it tonight. But instead of setting it when I am ready to sleep… which I bet would make me wide awake… again, I’ll set it when I go to bed to read, and will set it to 8 hours… What I hope is to get up earlier, and spend time pretending to sleep only when I actually sleep…

Now, does this mean that your sleep should only be around five hours? Probably not.

What clues me in is that between 1987 and 1990 I slept three and a half hours a night, every night, and I had energy, I had clarity, and I was happy, productive, and… thin too. I also made money. I also had friends. It was a good period for me. Or when I was in high school and university, I slept five hours, and produced good to excellent results in my studies.

The difference between high school and university was the regularity: At university I had deadlines for which I crammed… so some nights I didn’t sleep at all, others I slept in.

This style doesn’t really contribute to my health…

2. OK, eating.

I’d like to enjoy my food, and be slim or at least normal. So what I am doing is I call where I am a transition period.

Why? so that I remember that yesterday’s truth belonged to yesterday. Today is a new day, and I need to muscle test, re-calibrate, look with fresh eyes… instead of living from yesterday.

So far, and I have been doing this for about a week, I am having a better time than before, but, of course, I am a master muscle tester… I teach muscle testing in a home study course, and when you think you are good and ready, I’ll test you in a live call.

The course is version 2.0. I am planning to come out with version 3.0 soon.

3. Exercise

I have two exercise machines: a Precor stretcher exerciser, and a Pilates chair. I also live next door to a park. So I do the exercises on those two machines, 10 minutes each, and when the weather is nice, walk to the park to feel the wind on my skin, and have some sun exposure.

My office has a huge window, and I can see the sky, so I get a lot of Vitamin D that way. I haven’t tested needing to take a capsule for years.

4. Hydration

I have found that just two tall glasses (about a liter total) energized water keeps my cell hydration level at 30%, even though I drink a lot of tea. If I didn’t, my cell hydration would be 50%… I have tried. With my sedentary life style that is too much energy… lol.

Now, why did I write this article? What does this have to do with the price of tea in China? Or the Hero program I am working on. Or your vibration? Or your happiness?

The answer is simple: One of the new members in the HERO program wants to work on her health. another member, the trainer I mentioned in the beginning of the article, may want to take a new look at his clients’ health…

But most people don’t know diddly-squat about how to turn their health around… and this article, hopefully, will give some pointers to what someone can do to start, to continue, to ramp up… etc. their health.

Obviously in some areas of life you are maybe a beginner, in others a pro. And such is life… Not just in the area of health…

Now, if you would like to do this in an organized fashion, and get coaching, your best bet is to do it in the HERO program. There I can check if your steps are out of order, or if they will produce the results you want… daily, so you won’t fall off the wagon too easily…

If you fall off the wagon, and don’t post for a week: I remove you from the program… unless you are sick, or have some excuse I deem acceptable. And once you are removed, you can’t return.

And to sweeten the pie, I am planning on adding a course a month to the membership that I am working on.

At the moment I am working on the question and am starting to see answers: how come you are not happy, even though you have everything that was supposed to make you happy? The course is not ready: I am working on the outline now. It will sell to non-members for the same price members pay for membership… but for members it is FREE.

Eventually I may introduce a wrinkle: that you will need to choose a sponsor inside the program… but for now there are not enough members for that.

We live in a world of courage deficiency.

The HERO program needs courage… because it is commitment based. And people who most need the program don’t have enough courage… So the program will, probably, remain a small program, a program that will produce heroes, champions, because the system works. If it becomes popular, I’ll need to limit the size: after all I can only coach so many people daily.

OK, if you are one of those courageous people then registration is open. You can choose between two levels:

  • level 1. you get the system… but no coaching, no free courses, no weekly huddle (priceless), and if you find you have the courage, and I can see that you do, you can upgrade.
  • level 2. full membership…
  • level 3. eventually we’ll have an even higher level… but it is premature to talk about it.

Enroll in the HERO program…
if you don’t yet have your starting point measurements, I’ll measure it for you for what you paid for the trial period
  • We lose touch with our body, our soul, our self.
  • We try to live by the clock, with what others say, some rules
  • add what others push on us, and drop what others say is bad for you
  • result: weakness, fatness, stupidness, unhappiness. Extending life: but at what cost?
  • the number of people with cancer, at least in my environment, is growing.


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