Unwilling to commit and soul-correction… are they connected?

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unwilling to commitIn the late afternoon of April 18, 1521, in the city of Worms, Germany, Martin Luther, 37 year-old Catholic monk appeared before Charles the Fifth, the Holy Roman Emperor at the imperial assembly. Luther was called to answer certain charges and to make public confession to the ‘errors’ found within the multitude of books he had written.

The speech he delivered that day, ‘Here I Stand, I can do no other’ marked the beginning of the Reformation, a critical turning point in Christian history that decisively altered the spiritual map of the world.

It was a calling… a calling that I say is what is underneath a commitment. Many have a calling, and almost as many deny it, don’t commit to it… and suffer for it.

Commitment. Not another ‘I have to do‘ thing, not another should.

Commitment, the one that comes from within is self-expression. A calling.

So why would so many people avoid even looking what their commitment would be like? They seem unwilling to commit.

In this article am going to look deeper…into why, energetically, people are unwilling to commit.

I am especially interested in the correlation between numerology and the unwillingness to look to heed the inner commitment, and the Bach energy doing the same. On one hand shaking themselves free, on the other seemingly willingly put themselves under the yoke… the obligations.

But what is, what would come from their heart doesn’t get attended to…

The song isn’t written
The fun isn’t lighting the world up
The light is kept forever under the bushel basket…

yewStinginess? Even sharing is painful to a stingy person… I dare say that the ‘Bach Flower’ energy is Yew.

Yew is a plant, a tree, that every part of it is poisonous. Bugs don’t sit on it, birds don’t sit on it, lest they get killed… Yew is the energy of ‘desire to receive for the self alone

acacia: overly generousAnd interestingly the acacia flower is hiding the light under a bushel basket… only the sweet fragrance gives it away.

acacia shitta treeWhen back in Israel I traveled through the desert of Negev, on the way to Eilat, I fell in love with the acacia tree with the desert, feeding the bees and the goats, giving shade to travelers, surviving with only the moisture of the dew… And took the Hebrew name on as my new last name. Shitta…

In the street where I grew up, there were acacia trees. I still remember the scent that filled the air when I got off the bus saying: home.

The flowers of the acacia are almost completely hidden… but the scent gives it away. The flowers are also edible… Bees make acacia honey that is very nice indeed. The acacia is overly generous… making others feel less… a perfect match to my soulcorrection ‘Forget Thyself’…

I just muscle tested and I test ‘yes’ for the acacia… hm. Another plant I test yes to is Lily of the valley… one of my favorite scents… To my surprise they are highly poisonous… hm. lol.

I also test yes to skunks… that is not a flower, but it has a smell issue… and to everyone’s surprise and horror I love the smell of skunks…

So as you see, there is stinginess and there is stinginess.

For example, Narcissus, somewhat like Yew, has poisons in its sap… killing other flowers so it can be all about it… Another version of stingy… the greedy for attention variety. (23)

Edward Bach found 38 energies that can be used as a homeopathic energy… weakening at least the harmful energy in people. I have found some more, and I am still not done…

I am hellbent to connect the Bach Energy system with the Soul corrections…

I am working on the soulcorrections that have the number 2 in them, twenty-something, or ending in 2.

Why them? Because I find that they are the hardest to help. They are resistant, they are belligerent, standoffish, they can’t and won’t share, they are takers, they are not playing nice.

All these behaviors don’t make them happy, they make them isolated… and isolated is no fun. They are never WITH you, although they are there.

A dude I lived with for a while drank to ease the sadness. Another screws everyone who walks on two… Yet another will hide their humanity… too concerned with their security and safety. Yet another will scream ‘miiiiine!’ but secretly wants to belong.

So you see, it is not fun to be a 2… and if I can figure it out how to ease their pain, I want to.

For some reason I attract a disproportionate number of people who have a 3 in their soulcorrection. I think it is that I care, while the whole world feels like they don’t… Accurately, I might add.

How come I can care? I didn’t always, and I don’t always.

But back in 1985 sitting in a Manhattan auditorium I got the ‘bug’… The spirit bug… and I gave myself over…

The spirit wants to fly. For it to fly you need to care. About people. I also care about trees… about Life…

When I observe myself from the outside, I have seen myself turn away from things to people… I can do no other.

When you can honestly say: ‘I can do no other’ like Luther said back in 1521, when you give yourself over to it with no holds barred, then what you have to deal with is what is between you and that calling.

And because the soul’s ‘job’ is to torment you until and unless you do… you won’t have peace.

Everyone think the soul and the spirit are nice-nice… On the contrary: they are the energies that want to cause you to ascend, to become a human BEING… and, of course you misunderstand, you shrink further, you get more greedy, more stingy, smaller… to avoid the pain.

Nobody said you are very smart… and you aren’t…

I am including every new Bach Energy I can identify in the HOE, the Heaven on Earth, and if and when you are willing to remember your linchpin energy, it can ease the pain and pave the road for your ascension.

Two steps:

  • 1. get your Bach profile measured. I promise to find the Bach Energy for you even if it is not already on the list.
  • 2. If you haven’t, get the HOE audio… consume it as audio, or infuse it in liquid… water, tea, coffee, beer, your smoothie… It doesn’t need the liquid to be anything special. The energy goes between the molecules… as part of the hum, as part of the zero point field.

All remedy energies, all 192 behave that way, while the water energizer works on the molecules, in contrast.

If this didn’t make sense: don’t worry… it is not necessary to understand how it works for it to work. Do you know how your TV works? I rest my case.

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