Connecting To Source and Healing

how does Source Energy heal? What is healing?

Our bodies designed to be well and stay well.

Some of us were born with defective genes, where the DNA was injured either in the fetus, or in the ancestors…

What would damage the DNA? for the most part the cause of permanent damage is lack of energy to notice an aberration or repair it…

If it is not on the DNA level that we experience lack of well-being, the condition can be traced back to

Lack of building blocks or the wrong combination of blocks
Outside damage, chemical, or other injuries
Lack of energy to repair damage once it occurred
Wrong mindset: a mindset that blocks the flow of life. negative thinking: thinking that uses up life-force instead of supporting it,

As you see, in any type of dis-ease there is the element of energy. There is more to it, but the lack of energy, the lack of Life-Force is always present. The lack of sufficient energy. Often simply providing enough energy causes a spontaneous healing.

Which means, that if you want to cause any healing, you need to begin with energy infusion.

And the only inexhaustible energy source is the energy of Source… and it is yours for the asking.

When you learn how to connect to Source, and connect frequently, your energy reservoirs get refilled, 6,000 years backwards, starting at the oldest, and once that is done, you get fresh energy for your system to fight off illness conditions.

Source energy doesn’t specifically heal: it provides your system the energy to heal itself. And it often does.

If you can identify the emotional cause of the blockage, you can ask for a specific activation, ask for that cause to be healed on all levels including the history level.

Activation of innate capacities to fight the good fight are available through specific request from Source. If that specific activator has been prepared already, you can get it straight from Source. If it is a new activator, you need to ask me to prepare one for you. If you need it, probably a lot of other people need it.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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