Of all the programs for transformation I have ever lead…

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break for freedomOf all the programs for transformation I have ever lead… and I am not talking about programs that were energy supported, like the 2nd phase activators, and many others that were mostly about activation

Of all the programs I have ever lead the most effective in terms of personal transformation, it was the Soaring Method

I am sharing what I learned from leading that course… quite significant.

Of course it also had an energetic component to it. My whole business is ‘energy assisted transformation‘ as a model.

The energetic component of this course, The Soaring Method was the unhooking you, un-anchor you from the doom you are circling.

What is the doom?

The doom is your personal hell.

It is the emotional extension of the first statements you made about yourself. For most people it is from when they were 3 years old.

Mine is ‘I’ll never belong. I’ll never be loved. I’ll never be chosen.’

The dynamic also has a secondary layer… ‘because I am wrong in some way’ and fixing that becomes an obsessive hellish occupation for a person anchored to their doom. And because there was never anything wrong with you, you can’t fix it.

Alternatively, some soulcorrection try to fix the big bad world that doesn’t allow them to get what they want. (example: 32 Memories has that move, fixing the big bad world) And trying to fix the world won’t work either… so you are doomed…

Whatever your doom is, it has a ‘forever’ or ‘never’ element in it.

The doom is is not wrong, it can’t be fixed,  and it is not going away. I can’t change it for you, it is what you consider the worst thing that you can end up with.

The energetic intervention here is not to disappear or change your doom, it is to unhook you from it… so you can start living in all of life, freely, instead of circling your doom trying to fix what’s wrong with you, forever.

It is your main concern, that you circle in life, it is what you are anchored to… and to become free you need to be set free.

Some people 90% globally will continue circling the doom even after I ‘pull’ their anchor to doom, … they are not willing to swim away from it and live a life that is not defined by the doom.

Obviously the proportions among my participating students is different. A whole 62% of the participants in the live Soaring Method were able to swim away from their doom. The results or the course  for them was and is phenomenal.

The other 38%: not so much.

So what did, what does the program do? It allows you to change your WHO at will… it is a magician’s move…

Let me explain the two major elements of life. The first is the who, the second is the what. Does, has, causes, etc.

Most every program tries to change the what… because it’s visible. The who is invisible… hidden.

It is the who that sees, reacts, fixes, does, causes, has the what.

All the things that you do, you have won’t effect the who. But even a slight shift in the who effects the what significantly. It effects of what you’ll see, what you’ll do, how you’ll you do it, what results you’ll produce, and what you’ll have as a results of all your doing.

Whether you can shift your who or not, I measure in the Starting Point Measurements, measure #37. Can you let go of self-concern?

As long as I was anchored to that doom ‘I’ll never be loved, etc’ I always tried to be useful, nice, helpful, etc. in a way that was counter-productive… It made me end up feeling more than ever that I am not loved. That I give and I don’t get. That it is hopeless.

But since I pulled that darn anchor to my doom, I’ve been experiencing no concern for the doom… I am finally free, and people either love me or not, I don’t concern myself with that. And for the first time in my life I am building relationships where I am not needy… What a freedom!

I watch another person whose doom is that she will always be less… She had her anchor pulled, but she chooses to define herself by her doom, and her life is a series of drama where she is always treated as less, she is always proven to be less, not to belong, not appreciated.

So if you look, the anchor to your doom makes you needy…

…and if you are not willing to give up your self-concern, then you remain needy, even after I pull the anchor.

Did the anchor re-hook these people? No… the anchor is gone, I just tested. It is the ego that doesn’t want to let go…

So, what made this program more effective than others?

It is the methodology I didn’t invent; I actually learned it. The methodology works directly on the who. The who you are. And as I said: if you manage to change the who, even if temporarily, your what can change dramatically.

One of the students, at the moment, is teetering between remaining free or going back to the prison of the doom… His doom is ‘I’ll never be OK the way I am‘ a typical doom for soulcorrection 31 Finish what you start.

As long as he circles that drain, his concern is becoming OK, or avoiding the ‘never’.

You either put your efforts into swimming and doing what yours to do in life, or you put your efforts into avoiding not being OK…

Unfortunately for the 31 this is difficult… difficult to do what is theirs to do… I’ll make sure he reads this article, so he can choose again.

We’ll have our last session of the course this coming Saturday… If you are attracted to the concept of being able to alter your who… and become free, you may want to take out 30 minutes of your busy schedule and come and visit the session… I haven’t prepared the participants for this, I just got this brainstorm… so I am taking a risk… but I’ll let you in for 30 minutes, starting at 2:15 pm, New York time. That is 11:15 on the West Coast, and 8:15 pm in Europe proper.

You can be on the call for 30 minutes, no sales pitch. I am going to ask people about their experience… and hopefully they’ll share exactly what you need to hear to see if the course is a good match for you.

So just so that you know what it’ll entail: If you buy the course it will have

  • 1. one live session for the purposes of establishing the first alternate ‘who’…
  • 2. an anchor pulling one-on-one session… I need to connect to you, and to make sure you know what anchor, what doom you are disconnecting from: I need to have a conversation with you.
  • 3. and the rest the course will be delivered with the recordings of the course that is ending in two days.

So what should you do if your Starting Point Measurements says you are not able to let go of your self-concern and allow yourself to swim away from your doom, even after I pull your anchor?

I am sorry to break it to you, but your life will probably continue circling the drain… and I can’t help you. Bummer, eh?

Although you may surprise me: there were two participants who tested ‘not able‘ before the course, and test ‘able to give up self-concern‘ now… and that is PROBABLY due to the gentle methodology of the course.

Check out The Soaring Method
On the sales page you can sign up to come to be a ‘guest’ for 30 minute this coming Saturday.

If you can’t make it to the webinar live, I’ll cut out the segment and post it so you can watch it/listen to it.

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